Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Youtuber masudbcl youtube channel 100k views done after monetization.

I have received 100k views after monetization approval. I got monetization approval January 6, 2021. 

Download the image by right click.  I got this 100k views around the whole year. I have bought 30,000 views. So you can deduct that 30k views from the total 100k views. For 100k views the balance is showing $336.82 as a 55%. 

Now lets deduct the paid views: because youtube does not run the ads with the paid views. For the security purpose I have erased the data range but you can calculate by watching the views numbers. 100k views - 30k views= 70k views. 

For 70k views I have received $336.82 as a 55%. Now Youtube taken 45% : $275.58. I have received the payment from youtube at 2 times. First: 30,000 views 87$ + Adsense 21$= 108$ got paid. Second 22000 views 134$ got paid. There I got invisible cut is 20$ in a month. So the total amount is: $336.82+ $275.58 + $20 = $632.4. 

Now Lets calculate the per 1000 views. Total revenue/Total Earning is the result for per 1000 views. 

Total revenue : $632.4
Total views 70k
$632.4/70k = $9.03 for per 1000 views. 
So You can say I am getting 9$ for every 1000 views. 

You can regular visit my youtube channel and this blog page where I update the status regular. Hope my youtube channel related statistical analysis will help you a lot. 

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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

How much money do youtubers make ?


First you can save the image by click right click on the image. Here you are watching 183 views $2.56 as a 55%. Youtube taken 45% from this 183 views. Some time ago the views were 160. The views of 23 : earning money will be show day after tomorrow. But also I am calculating with the the 183 views. 

183 views 2.56$ as a 55%. 
183 views 45% 2.09$.
So the total revenue is: 2.56$ + 2.09$ = 4.65$ 
4.65 $ = 465 cents. 
Cents/views = Per views earning
465 cents / 183 views = 2.54 cents 

Its means I am getting 2.54 cents or $0.0254  for per view.
You can earn also huge from youtube monetization program. To create a youtube channel is totally free. Just select a good category and important keywords based video upload decision. You should need to become good keyword researcher to get benefit from youtube. 

I did 10% seo for my youtube channel: masudbcl. I have a plan to do regular seo for my youtube channel: masudbcl. Day by day I shall update you about Youtube Channel & video seo. You can stay with my blog and with my youtube account : masudbcl 

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Thursday, November 25, 2021

Youtube Video on Google search | SERP 1st pages | Youtube Video Rank |

On my SEO life ( I am doing white hat seo: full time freelancer) for the last 10 years : I got another success. I made a SERP position about one of my youtube video. The keywords is: Youtube Payment Proof. The result is showing 153, 000, 000. Out of this 15 crore of result link or result pages: my youtube video is showing on the first pages. You can check  by click on the image. 

Today is 25th November, 2021. Google search engine always changes the result by their topology. So the result can be change later or any time. For that reason you can download the images and can check the images and the result is showing in position. 

The video which is showing the result : that is a Bangla video. But also I have the same topics english video. I am providing those videos on the down. You can check one by one and can get the details about Youtube Payment Proof.

See the related english video on down. 

Youtube Payment Proof related video tutorial playlist.

Also see the images about Youtube Video Rank : Google Searches 1st pages images. 

And check the Youtube Video Rank: Google searches Image section.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

How much money do youtubers make?

Youtube Payment for the last 28 days.

12.9k views = $66.99 as a 55%. 

Download the down image and than analyse.

I have already received 2 payments from youtube monetization program. Currently waiting for the 3rd payment. Youtube Monetization Program pays their creators by 55-45% ratio based. The top pictures you are watching that is 55% earning for my youtube channel: masudbcl for the last 28 days. 

At the top image: you are watching 12.9k views = $66.99.
Lets calculate the total revenue in here. 
Out of 12.9 k views you can deduct the 1200 views. Because those are paid views. Youtube advertisers do not run ads with the paid views. I often bought some little views from social media panel. So here the accurate views are: 
12900- 1200= 11700 views.
The revenue as a 55% is: $66.99
The revenue as a 45% (Which youtube taken) $54.81
Than the total revenue is: $66.99 + $54.81= $121.8

Now again come to the first image statistics. 
Now you can say for 11700 views= $121.8
Youtube views can be count popularly as a k. 
K= Kilo= 1000. 
Than 11700 views= 11.7K
The total revenue / The total views (K)= Per K views
$121.8/11.7k = $10.41
So you can say I am getting $10.41 for per k views or for per 1000 views from Youtube

For getting regular updates: keep your eyes on my youtube channel : masudbcl. I do update the latest techniques. tips and tricks which I am earning by my works with my youtube channel as a video. You can also watch the all payment proof videos : Earn from Youtube 

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Thursday, November 18, 2021

How much youtube pays for 1000 views?


Right click within the image and download or save first.

I am sharing my regular earning experience so that you can easily understand youtube payment system. Today I am sharing for the last 2 days earning. If you download the top image than you will easily understand the estimates but the payment which you are watching that is showing earning as a 55%. 

Previously I was getting 11$ for per 1000 views as a full. You know youtube collect payments by the ratio of 55%-45%. So today I have received 1365 views : 5.64$ as a 55%. Lets count for the rest of the 45% : 4.62$. Than the total earning is: 5.64$ + 4.62$ = $10.26. 

I have received 2 payments from Youtube Monetization Program. One is: 30000 views 87$ + Adsense 21$= 108$ got paid. Second is: 22000 views 134$ and got paid. Waiting for the third payment. Youtube earning system is very much beautiful earning system for any one around the world who have a good phone and good broadband internet connection. 

Youtube payment system process by Adsense Inc. Adsense collect revenue from youtube and pay it directly to any one bank account. There have no cost to open a free gmail account, to open a free youtube account and to get a free monetizer approval. But for getting approval you will be need 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers with your youtube channel. I have youtube payment proof related youtube video tutorial playlist. You can check all on my youtube channel: masudbcl

Freelancer/Blogger/Youtuber: masudbcl
Search Youtube: masudbcl & subscribe & press the bell icon.

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Youtuber masudbcl youtube channel 100k views done after monetization.

I have received 100k views after monetization approval. I got monetization approval January 6, 2021.  Download the image by right click.  I ...