Thursday, October 20, 2022

I had earnt 4.71$ as a 55% but after Tax cut it is $0.83 on my pet related youtube channel : masudbcl pigeon loft.

On a month: Youtube paid me $0.83 after earning 5$ as a 55%. That month name is september. Is there any special kind of bill for pet related channel from USA. After submitting E tin youtube is promised that will cut maximum 10%+10%+10% on 3 categories from the total earning. So here is my total earnings are: 4.71$ x 45 / 55= $3.85 + 5$= $8.85. I got paid only $0.83.

See the nearly other months of earning where no body will believe the $0.83 stats easily. If any one watch your video from VPN than that balance will be decrease within 48 hours. This views are not that type. These are all real and organic views. 

Lets see the video proof. 

The bad things of Youtube monetization program is that they are not mentioning clearly in which trade they are cutting the TAx and how much is that. I am not getting that USA Tax cuts sheet accurately. Only getting the amounts which are not believable. No other program cust Tax from their creators as like as Youtube - Adsense. 

To avoid large number of Tax cut I have a suggestions for youtube monetization program. If you use Adsense for payment than you need to pay may be these kind of tax. But if you create amd launch Youtube payment tab and Youtube Payment Processor than these kinds of tax cut will be few. I feel necessity about Youtube personal payment Tab. Hope youtube will make it soon. 

See my main channel : masudbcl earning screenshots and earning prooves. Search Youtube: masudbcl or masudbcl pigeon loft. 

Sunday, October 16, 2022

Tiktok is allowing 10 minutes of videos to upload. What do you think about tiktok monetization?


@masudbcl 200k views= 2000$ #youtuber ♬ original sound - Youtuber masudbcl

200k views= 2000$ #youtuber masudbcl youtube monetization program earning proof. Search Youtube: masudbcl & see the payment proof related videos.

♬ original sound - Youtuber masudbcl - Youtuber masudbcl

Tiktok is a world largest micro video streaming platform now. Here peoples are spending huge times now a day but they are not getting their video monetization facilities. In this internet world Time= money. peoples time have a value. So here peoples are investing time but they are not getting any financial benefit directly from tiktok administration. I feel the necessity of tiktok monetization because tiktok has opened the 10 minutes video upload facility. In this world tiktokers will be eligibel to earn money from the monetization program. In this world rest of the video stremaing pltforms have monetization facilities. Than why not with tiktok?  

Peoples will not like tiktok because of their time pass without profit at the future time. Youtube has been announced the shorts monetization. shorts videos are below 59 seconds videos. So Tiktok should need to start their monetization because everybody needs the money and if anybody get money by tiktok monetization program (if comes) than this platform will be popular day by day. if not available than the future time in case of shorts video youtube will control because youtube will pay money for shorts monetization. if tiktok thinks about Tiktok monetization than the conditions should need to be very much relax because video seo will do works to generate views. Like 100 followers or 100 watch hours. This kind of easy condition. Not with any hard conditions. Than maximum tiktokers will not be able to apply. Like zero invest any body will get the tiktok monetization approval if tiktok starts the monetization program. 

Saturday, October 15, 2022

Instagram does not have personal monetization and payment tab.

Instagram is one of the world largest picture and small video based network. Its getting popular day by day. Now a day peoples are eligible to do instagram monetization also but this program is not getting popular for not having instagram personal monetization and payment tab. because no body likes to get monetize from other network. Instagram have ads network. Instagram should need to have personal monetization tab and personal payment tab also. Instagram can collect ads to show with each one profile so that when peoples arh instagarm: they can earn some good money from every one profile. 

Currently Instagram is showing ads between the images as an user policy. but there user have a right to get some because Instagram is showing the ads with user profile. It should need to start from zero followers or zero following because instagram image seo can route or feature any image any time. So there should be no condition or no hard condition for getting monetization. unique picture and Unique high CPC keywords can be the only policy. Instagram ads network can be collect with every USA ads network for promoting large number of ads. 


Saturday, October 8, 2022

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Cruelty of youtube monetization program tax cut. I have earnt 98.34$ : got paid only 31.97$.


Unexpected Tax cut from Youtube inc. I have earnt total  98.34 $ : 55$ as a 55%. But got paid only 31.97$. 
See the total earnings screenshot from my 2 channels. 

First channel: masudbcl earnings from september. Earnings are : $49.38 as a 55%. So how much youtube cuts from here. $49.38 x 45 / 55= $40.400. So the total earnings are: $49.38 + $40.40 = $89.78

Second channel: masudbcl pigeon loft. Earnings are: $4.71 as a 55%. So how much youtube cuts from here: $4.71 x 45 / 55= $3.85. So the total earnings are: $4.71 + $3.85 = $8.56

You know youtube pays as a 55%-45% ratio based. Youtube cut 45% from youtube creators earning which are very much high price based cut from any kind of website earnings in this world. Previously there had CPC company which cuts 50% up to like Max bounty. 

The total earnings from 2 channel is: $89.78 + $8.56 = $98.34. 
Now see the totp image: I got only 31.97 from my 98.34 dollar earning. 
Youtube cut 45% from their creators earning. So here the 45% is: $40.40 + $3.85= $44.25
So the earning as a 55%= $98.34- $44.25= $54.09 

I have submitted my E tin number on Google adsense payment section. There have clearly mention : youtube will cut maximum 10$ for each Tax cut category in 3 stages for every 100$. So for here 2 cuts  are showing because one cut show on the final payment from adsense to private bank accounts. 

On this image you are clearly watching that I will get cut 10% maximum on each category. My total earnings are 98$+. So the Tax cut will be maximum 19$ but I got cut : $54.09 - $31.97 = $22.12 

So I personally suggest the peoples not to do youtubing : I mean not to work with youtube monetization program. This is very much dangeorus cruel program. I got hired with an international marketplace for long time work like for 15 years. But the works didnt got started yet now. Waiting for the works to start and before that I am passing time with youtube monetization program and watching their cruelty. Where the rest of the programs (USA/American incorporations) pay as a 80%-90% than here this monetization program is showing their poorness by cutting 45% from the creators earning. Youtube is not a begger company. Youtube is the world larhgest video streaming website. Youtube monetization program is a kind of begger by sharing revenue 55%-45%. This kind of program didnt got observed by me from my internet 27 years of work. See all of my payment proof related videos on my youtube channel : masudbcl.

I personally suggest Youtube should need to create an unique payment tab to pay their creators worldwide for their views, for their ad impression, for their ad views and for their CPM programs. payment with adsense is a dangerous cruelty. Youtube is a sepaarte incorporation. They should need to have personal payment processor. For avoiding vat tax they should need to pay the creators from their own payment processors. Like by Paypal or by bitcoin. If youtube monetization program use digital currency than these kind of tax cuts will not be necessary because when you try to pay some one by Inwrd or outward by bank payment system thna USA govt can cut the taxes. But this is a kind of cruel is that I am not in USA but USA govt is cutting tax from my earnings even though when I didnt earnt 100$. Its a kind of poorness show from USA for this world. Hope USA govt will add Payment Tab for Youtube studio analytics program and will pay their creqators by digital currency to avoid the vat tax cut. 

When I am earning from Youtube Monetization program: I get the knowledge about USA Tax cut cruelty. USA govt is showing a begger mentality by cutting Tax from the outside of USA youtube creators earning. This should need to be relax is that outside of USA creators will not pay any kind of Tax from their earnings. The Youtube inc. should need to pay the full vat or Tax from their % earnings of youtube creators. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Adsense for Youtube Tab. Youtube inc. should need to pay more to their creators.

Adsense is showing a new tab on top left side: named Adsense for Youtube. from now on youtube statistics is showing on anew tab on Adsense home page. I have already received 8th payment from youtube monetization program. The 7th payment was showing on Adsense homepage as a 145$+. The 8th payment is showing 130$ on a new tab: Adsense for youtab tab.

Basically I have a personal opinion about youtube payment system in this world. Youtube monetization program pays to their creators worldwide by Adsense inc. Youtube Inc. is a separate incorporation. Every incorporation website of USA have personal payment system. So I believe Youtube inc. should need to develop a personal payment system which will show to their studio analytics program. Any youtube creator will be able to withdraw any amount of money from their earnings at any time. The payment which are coming from Youtube to Adsense to Youtube creators personal bank account: that is only 40%. Is it not a cruel program in this world that I am earning 100$ and I am getting pay only 40-45$. 

Youtube pays their creators as a 55%-45%. if I earn 100$ Youtube will cut 45$. No other program in this world cut as like as this. Its a horrible and terrible matter that you are cutting balance from the person's earning. Rest of the incorporation programs are taking only 10-20%. Like:

seoclerks take 20%.
freelancer take 10%.
fiverr take 10%. 

So I suggest youtube to take 10-20% from the creators earning. Otherwise youtube monetization program will be down by day at the future time. Now a day Youtube show ads with every video. So they are not depneds on Youtube monetization programs or to their creators. Because if advertiser set up any ad : youtube have rights to show the ads instantly without paying the youtube creators with every video (As we are watching video ads with all videos).. So I believe youtube can pay to their creators some more like 80%. 

Now a day Youtube monetization program is getting paid by Adsense to bank accounts. Youtube can pay to the digital currency like paypal, payoneer, bitcoin, neteller, web money, perfect money etc to their creators in case of more payments if possible. Its all my idea and suggestions: its not youtube announcement. I am just trying to say that we have rights to get more from youtube monetization program. Another idea is: Like: if anybody want to get pay from Youtube adsense payment system: than the creators will get pay 55%-45%. But if any creators wnats to get pay digitally than the creators can get pay 80% because digital currency system is very much easy as slike as other incorporation websites are paying.

Note: This article of 80% payment is my personal suggestion based. I suggest it to the |Youtube inc. After getting 55% we pay the 3 kinds of tax also. so the payment is only like 35-40$ for every 100$ earning. is it not cruel? I believe worldwide youtubers will become agree with me as 80%-20% by digital currency based (At least minimum with bitcoin).  Youtube inc. can say that for this website payment theyr are paying huge to the banks but they can avoid these all extra charges by paying with digital currency to their creators from youtube payment tab to the creators digital currency account. It can save the youtube monetization program in this world. No body likes this 55%-45% payment ratio where 3 types of tax cuts are available with 55%. every body will be like 90-%-10% or 80%-20% based payment with digital currency from youtube monetization program.