Thursday, October 20, 2022

I had earnt 4.71$ as a 55% but after Tax cut it is $0.83 on my pet related youtube channel : masudbcl pigeon loft.

On a month: Youtube paid me $0.83 after earning 5$ as a 55%. That month name is september. Is there any special kind of bill for pet related channel from USA. After submitting E tin youtube is promised that will cut maximum 10%+10%+10% on 3 categories from the total earning. So here is my total earnings are: 4.71$ x 45 / 55= $3.85 + 5$= $8.85. I got paid only $0.83.

See the nearly other months of earning where no body will believe the $0.83 stats easily. If any one watch your video from VPN than that balance will be decrease within 48 hours. This views are not that type. These are all real and organic views. 

Lets see the video proof. 

The bad things of Youtube monetization program is that they are not mentioning clearly in which trade they are cutting the TAx and how much is that. I am not getting that USA Tax cuts sheet accurately. Only getting the amounts which are not believable. No other program cust Tax from their creators as like as Youtube - Adsense. 

To avoid large number of Tax cut I have a suggestions for youtube monetization program. If you use Adsense for payment than you need to pay may be these kind of tax. But if you create amd launch Youtube payment tab and Youtube Payment Processor than these kinds of tax cut will be few. I feel necessity about Youtube personal payment Tab. Hope youtube will make it soon. 

See my main channel : masudbcl earning screenshots and earning prooves. Search Youtube: masudbcl or masudbcl pigeon loft. 

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