Friday, April 19, 2024

Google adsense invited me to join a webinar at 2074.

@Google adsense is a world renowned publisher program. Its one of the best text monetization program. Every country have adsense publishers. Peoples always love to do work with Google adsense. So there have no chances for google to do any mistake. Do you believe that Google is inviting you to join a webinar at 2074. 

Some peoples think Google can not do any mistake. But in real life Google can do the mistakes also. Because the webinar has bene called for the 2024 but they are showing on email : 2074.


Do you believe google or Gmail made this mistake. May be Google made some outsourcing which had made this mistake. Do you think Google made the outsourcing for their adsense payment tab. If they made it by outsourcing: it will be very much bad thinks. Because any incorporations payment should need to control by the incorporations admin.

Just ad idea: Just think an outsourcing company is controlling the payment tab. Every payment tab have some specialty. Like if you delete the users earning by your own hand: than the cycle payment tab or button will not find the regular earnings accurately on to your adsense payment tab. Than if any team regularly deleting the user earnings by saying that this is their system: than what will happen in case of monthly payment and deleted or erased balances

Deleted balances or erased balances are must recorded with the main server payment tab. Secondly there have one more calculation: how much advertisers paid for the ads on the websites and there have also record how much adsense had collected for serving those ads. So there have records on Google payment sheet, Google Advertisers records and Google Adsense payment tab. 

So now think: a outsourcing company is always deleting or erasing the adsense users earning. After ads click: the balance add take minimum 15 minutes. But at the first time of adsense: it was instant. Maximum time every bloggers or publishers feels confusion: what was the advertisers payment for that ad show. Google ads does not show that but for the Adsense publishers google can show that to every publishers. 

The deleted or erased balances are called infraction balances. There have no other way to pay the infracted balances by Google ads money or by bitcoin or any system which Google prefer. I was saying an example. If it is: it should need to solve. Bloggers or publishers have right to see: how much advertisers are paying for every ad show on to the blog or website.

A balance within a text box or square box made with some things. Front is the value. Inner is the ASCII code. If you are not human and if you touch that number like $0.25 or $0.85 than the balances will go for the infraction. The background code of ASCII will be remove from the payment system and those numbers will not come to the payment module. So the user will not get the payment accurately and honestly. So I believe this mistake is not counted. It should need to punish. If Google want to outsource anything: Google should need to do that within Christians human community only like within the full America  North + south or within the full Europe only.

So do not outsource the payment tab from USA inside incorporations to any city or country of the world. Because if you have large number of infracted balances: than users are not able to take those directly by the payment tab. Without payment tab it is not possible to pay anyone from USA inside to outside. So there have huge chances : the adsense users  [ if they loss any money] they can do court cases against Google or Adsense or Payment tab from their own cities and countries. If it is happen Google should need to pay the money separately in case of infraction balances. If not than there have no problem. But remember one thing: mistakes are not counted on the elite classes of internet. 

Monday, April 8, 2024

Where is the Youtube video ads value for the monetizer?


Its confirm and over confirm that: @Youtube Monetization Program is not paying the ad views based or skip ads based. Previously it has been described the name was: EMP. Estimated Monetization Playback. But now its 100% confirm is that: Youtubers are not getting pay by full ad views based or by skip ads based. If any youtube video watchers watch the full video ads than youtuber will not get pay any money: its a long time issue. For that reason worldwide youtubers arranged a new program: Skip Ads+ 30 seconds= EMP (Estimated Monetization Playback). But now a day for the last few months that EMP is not showing on the youtube studio analytics section. 

See the first picture. There you will find the proof is the Youtube is only paying the RPM based. Previously I saw the monetization tab changed the name to Earn program. Under Earn program now RPM is working only. RPM= Revenue Per Mille. Lets calculate the first image: 

Total revenue= $0.73
Total views= 387
Total RPM= $1.88

By the myth of RPM: 1000 views are called RPM (Revenue Per Mille) based. So here one youtube channel RPM is: $1.88. So lets calculate what is the RPM for the 387 views. 

So it will be: $1.88 x 387 views/ 1000 (RPM) 
727.56 / 1000= $0.727= $0.73

By the running terms and conditions: Youtube pays 55% to the youtubers and Youtube cuts 45%. So what is the RPM in here:
 $1.88 x 45 / 55 = $1.53 + $1.88= $3.41 

So it will be $3.41 x 387 views /1000 (RPM)= $1.32*

Now a day: Youtube Monetization program is called Youtube Earn Program. So what is the necessity of Youtube video ads and Google Ads: Youtube video ads. Because Youtubers are not getting pay for the Youtube video ads serve. Youtube Monetized channels are serving ads by the condition of 55%-45% ratio based. But where is that ad value if the top RPM calculation is ok. Do you think Youtube is thief or the monetization program is thief. May be this program is stealing the money of the youtubers because they are not showing the youtube monetization EMP (Estimated Monetization playback) tab or button or section where previously EMP stats were described. If you show the EMP you should need to pay the youtubers. So if you do not show the EMP than you are not paying those balances. But there have a contract or agreement with Youtube & Youtubers about the ad server and ad serve value get pay. 

* So if youtube pays the only RPM based than the statistics should be change. Because RPM is a kind of Youtube inside program. So there should need to be not have huge Vat or Tax from USA govt. If EMP said good bye to Youtube, than Youtube can pay the youtubers by 90%-10% based easily with RPM zone. Youtube can arrange a new payment tab also which will show to the YouTube Studio Analytics program. From there Youtube can pay worldwide youtubers by Paypal, Bitcoin or by Payoneer also. 

Saturday, April 6, 2024

The ever saw Youtube People & Blog category lowest RPM rate.


I have been watching the lowest category of RPM (revenue per mille) rate on Youtube from 2006 to still now. I do not know how is it possible. After start of the youtube: I saw 3 programs: 

  • Youtube Affiliate Program
  • Youtube Partnership Program
  • Youtube Monetization Program
None of the program gives such as this bad rate. 

Here you see the RPM rate is showing 3.50$. Estimated CPM 6.50$. But on the top picture they are showing only $0.19. How is it possible? How this kind of RPM is possible on Youtube Monetization programs? 

Basically I feel doubt about who controls the youtube monetization program? Now a day: Youtube Monetization program is showing the Earn name on the left side of Youtube studio analytics program. Youtube Monetization program is a 3rd party program of Youtube Inc. But by watching their activities: I can say they are not valid citizen of this world (Means they do not have nay country valid voter number ) or some times I feel they are directly connected with devil and they are running the devils program on here. Because none of the statistics are accurate and honest. Statistics are always getting change like some one changing the statistics from person to person or from Youtuber to youtuber. Some times they say in advance: What will happen what on youtubers account and how? The persons which are saying they are not human. They are not from the God's world. Youtube is an incorporation. An incorporation are basically Angel property or God's property some times. If the monetizer programmers are hacker or devil follower: than they are trying to hurt the Angel or God's program in this world.

@youtube should need to give a personal eye about this program because its the matter of youtube reputation. Always one fix rate is necessary. Beside this: I believe a program got hacked. Youtube can solve that. At first Youtube should need to identify who had claimed first the Youtube Affiliate program. That email can be change by the hackers. Because the Admin will always record the first email which claimed the Youtube Affiliate program. If somebody changed that email address: than the admin should need to verify by the comparison of the two email address. I believe a good person claimed the Youtube Affiliate Program but after that a hacker team is running the Youtube partnership program and Youtube Monetization program (Where I believe these 2 programs owners or programmers does not have valid voter number or valid citizenship of any country. I can say they are not human). If any body changed that claimed email address: than why change and for which purpose change? After that if Youtube finds that hackers changed the email address of affiliate program  (Because Youtube Affiliate program was the first program). 

An incorporation can not do work with the hackers or the persons which are not valid, which does not have valid citizenship of any country. If you find any guilty than return the claiming slot from internet (Network+ Operating System+ Internet connection+ Browser records) to the first time claimer of Youtube Affiliate Program because it is definitely sure the claim button comes from God. Example: The first email was mobile number verified. That verified phone number have a SSN (Social security number). That SSN are using with another mobile phone number because the first mobile phone number can be off by using the false govt. order. That SSN based email addresses are using for some more email addresses. Identify there the main youtube account. As far as I know: the main claimer of Youtube affiliate program will not be agree to do work with the species must and the God who is owner of the Youtube Affiliate program are giving must the bad wishes to the hackers. 

Youtube Ads and @Google Ads both run the video ads on Youtube. But now a day, this is very much clear that video ads value are not getting count because EMP (Estimated Monetization playback) is not showing on the Youtube studio analytics program inside. So why Youtube Ads and Google Ads are serving and where the ads values are going? Because now a day monetization based youtube channels are getting pay only by RPM based. So who is the main hacker for Youtube ads industry? 

I am definitely sure the claimer of Youtube Affiliate program does not give any permission or authority to run the Youtube partnership program and Youtube monetization program. So it can be court case at the future time. Because the network+ browser+ software+ operating system+ Youtube login record and Youtube connected email and with that email connected mobile phone number based history and record can make the court case of USA supreme court or US federal at the future time because if the hackers use the same slot[its hackers called the radius and they do not run the updates also. I believe the admin can set up an AI to run all of the updates with the other side like as soon as the update touch the network point or station it will start updates automatically or if the network station get stop it will be must update on the background] to run YPP or YMP or now earn program without the YAP permission: than that is an international crime and it can be dangerous dammarane for Youtube Inc.

As far as I know: the hackers changed the Gmail address first. Secondly they had stopped the cell phone number which had used to verify the mobile phone number. Thirdly the person who had claimed the YAP= Youtube Affiliate Program taken a new cell phone number. That cell phone number has been used to reopen another youtube account by the same username. Later: the hackers changed the first voter id card number which was for 13 digits. By changed the claimer got new 10 digit SSN. The previous SSN was 13 digits. Than the claimer got asked again to verify the second mobile phone number with the second SSN. Now the claimer made the second Gmail account with second SSN and with the second mobile phone number but didn't got the control of the first program YAP= Youtube Affiliate program. By my sense the 2nd and 3rd programs are fake program or trouble society programs which are not human, which does not have valid voter number and for these peoples Youtube Inc. admin is not giving us the Youtube Payment button.

At the time of YAP= Youtube Affiliate program there had only one category: people & blogs. I believe the rest of the categories are the hackers category which had not been designated at the time of Youtube prelaunch of 2004/2005/2006 time zone. The hackers always need an access. Without someone access to any system : it can not possible to get hack. So its I believe: here to change the program YPP and YMP both are getting an access from USA inside or from the DOS inside. If you stop the access from windows or from software or from network or from Youtube website: than it will be good for this world otherwise it can make the court case for the hackers at the future time on USA supreme court or in US Federal court.

I am with Youtube from the first date of their launch. I was present also the prelaunch programming time. I can say one talk easily: If YAP get ok than Youtube Payment tab or button will come . Otherwise there have no chance to get pay directly from Youtube Payment button to the worldwide personal back accounts. 

Valid voter number should be necessary for any kind of hackers or any kind of programmers and any kind of admin in this world of internet. Internet for human only. If monetization program works for the @Facebook video streaming platform also: Facebook should need to know first which valid person made this program (they have valid voter number or not. They are valid citizen of any country or not). If any hackers program is Monetization program with Ads funnel (Every body knows Ads funnel program is very much dangerous SEO based program to collect video ads from the worldwide) and if it is connected with facebook now: that Facebook should need to face the same courts at the future time and they should need to pay the dangerous dammarane also. 

Monday, April 1, 2024

Where is Youtube EMP and Ad rates?


Where is Youtube previous EMP? EMP= Estimated Monetization Playback. If you search on Google: it will inform you to check Ad Rates button from Youtube Studio Analytics Program. I have searched my Youtube Studio Analytics Program. Can you please check where is the EMP button on Youtube Studio Analytics. For the last few months : like a year Youtube left side Monetization button is not showing. But on Facebook monetization is working heavily. You see the Earn button on left side. What do you think? Monetization left Youtube and Youtube is going to only RPM based. Than what is the necessity of video ads? 

On this search result: Google is saying to check the Ad rates. But I am not finding the Ad Rates section. EMP was a main earning source from Youtube. Google or Youtube didn't gave any announcement. Monetization got the ads from the worldwide Ads Funnel. It has been successfully claimed on Youtube video streaming platform. You can not move the tab from Youtube to another social media without the claimer permission. I believe no body likes the without EMP youtube earning now. Its a kind of very much low earning on youtube is showing. Do you think Youtube pays the full ad views now? 

Here Ad Type is available but Ad rates are not available. Youtube should need to inform about any kind of change. I didn't saw any video or updates about Youtube is saying the Monetization Tab name will be change to Earn tab. As far as I know: the worldwide ads funnel always will search the monetization tab on the social media platform to serve the ads. By not finding it on Youtube: do you think the video ads are going to the facebook video streaming platform like I see some times huge video ads on facebook videos.

If you are a third party, agent for video ads: you can collect ads from the companies, organization by not saying the video streaming platform name. You can say the video ads serve only. Like: I went to you and you gave me a video to run it to the video streaming platform. Now Facebook have video streaming platform also. So I gave the ads to the ads funnel and its went to the monetization section. Now a day facebook is showing the monetization. Monetization tab is not showing on Youtube studio analytics program. By not finding the ads with Youtube: the EMP is not showing - is it? Do you think @youtube is cheating with us? Lets Ask to @Google also: where is the Monetization tab of Youtube or why it is not showing on Youtube. Who was the monetization button claimer on Youtube? How this tab moved from one video streaming platform to another video streaming platform? 

Is there any way to move Ads funnel from Facebook to Youtube: because Ads Funnel (video ads) has bene fully designed for the Youtube video streaming platform only. After having 30,000+ subscribers or followers: I didn't got any monetization invitation on facebook. I am using facebook from the first day. If it is happened: it will be a crime because there should be the permission necessary of monetization claimer. 

Hope you can search and investigate about the issue. Is there any update videos about Youtube EMP and RPM matter? Did you ever looked. I didn't saw. Youtube Monetization Program is a third party for Youtube who came as a monetizer tab and gave the EMP program. By using EMP I had earn 10 times from Youtube monetization program. I want it back to Youtube and show the EMP button again.