Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Freelancers & marketplace website clients needs valid voter verification.


Now a day, freelancers and marketplace websites and marketplace website clients are available around the worldwide. There have a valid identity system. I have been watching freelancers marketplace website from 2002. At that time there had a program named pre launch where we all see the latest updates about the internet world. There had a chance to become a participate also. 

This is very much easy to create duplicate national Id card for every country by the several program. But this is not easy for any one to create or use the duplicate voter database or voter number. Because there have hard legal action if any body try to make duplicate voter number to any where. I believe worldwide marketplace have valid national id card database access for every country. But they do not have valid and automatic voter database verification system. In this way every freelancer marketplace website can avoid the fraud and scam buyers which are not valid and verified voter for any country.

Like you have a freelancer marketplace website. There by using duplicate national id card number: a person have valid client or valid buyer profile. He is regularly uploading money to the marketplace website and he is regularly withdrawing money from marketplace website. But the person does not have valid voter number means the person is not valid human for this world or the person is a criminal or murderer where he had lost his country voter number. So when he is exchanging money within marketplace website that will be count as a money laundering for the website owner in this world.

To avoid the court case you should need to ask for the valid voter verification system where the worldwide every country voter database is available with PERP & FINIDC department of UNDP UN. If you collect that database and run that database system with your marketplace websites than you can get proof how much peoples are valid and how much peoples are non valid. Non valid peoples can do any thing bad on marketplace websites. Like: money laundering. A person does not have the authority to transfer money from one place to another place. Freelancer marketplace website takes 10% services charges. He hired some pre planned freelancers on marketplace and safely transacting money from client profile to the freelancers profiles around the nationwide and in this way he had skipped the airports and transacted the money for the 10% cost. 

It can be count as an international crime for any marketplace authority if he dealings with the non valid peoples. I see huge numbers of peoples are saying they are freelancers and they are earning very much good from the marketplace website but none of them have valid voter number for their country voter database. Its horrible. So valid voter verification system should be necessary for every freelancers and for every marketplace websites owners and for every marketplace website clients profiles.  I also think huge peoples are using the freelancers marketplace websites for the safest money transaction route from one country to another country. Because there have not huge verification system.

Some times marketplace websites is doing the verification from the local authority of every country. That local authority have valid voter number or not - that should need to check first also. After that form verification and valid database add.

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