Monday, April 29, 2024

Google new ads structure is paying for ad impressions only.


Google had announced few months ago: their Google ads structures are going to change. The expected date was: April14-24 2024. Now its working fine. Yesterday I got the first proof. Previously got some proves also but yesterday was day changing proof about balance ad. By the announcement of Google Blog post: Google Ads are not paying anyone now in this world for the ads click only. Previously some few page visits and ads click was counted. But now a day : Google ads are paying only by Page views and Impressions based. Basically it is only ad impression based. 

The payment structure is same. 68%-32%. Do you know how the ad impression count. There have several ways: 

  • Stay on a website or homepage minimum 1 minute.
  • Scroll full top to bottom and see the banner ads. 
  • Come from organic search of Google. 

Organic search: When someone comes from google search engine search result pages to your website that is called organic search. For coming to this blog or website: always go to google search engine and type masudbcl. Press enter. Search for the blog address: and than press hit or touch that result of google search engine result pages. After that visit my blog or website for some times. Also see the right side achieve section for going to time to time new posts. After that visit some posts and pages and stay some few minutes and scroll top to bottom of the pages. In this way you are an organic searcher or organic viewers or organic visitor. Organic search based organic visitors views and ad impressions are counted every time. 

See the top image. There as a 68% I got paid $.83 for 1.1k impressions. Basically Google ads pay 1$ for every 1000 ad impressions. Previously I did not received any ad impression value but yesterday for the first day: I have received the ad impression value. The more you views the posts or pages: the more ad impression will generate. If you visit 5 blog posts of my blog and if every blog post have 5 banner ad : than the total impressions will be 50 x 5= 250. But the conditions are on top listed: Full visit, Stay 1 minute or half minute to the blog posts, scroll top to bottom and come from organic search. So how much I got paid as a 100% or how much Google ads cut from my earnings. 

$.83 x 38 / 100= $.3154= $0.32 +  $0$.83= $1.1454= $1.15

That means for 1.1 banner ad impressions I got paid $1.15 amount. So If I am able to generate huge and huge banner ad impressions than my earnings will be increase also. Google have several types of ads on a blog post or website pages. The main sign is: You will see a cross button and an exclamatory sign within the ad and within the website. This cross sign means this is the google ads. 

So I believe this ads structure change is tremendous. In this internet world: everybody is not human. Behind of the internet there have God. Here God is everything about views and impressions count. So this is very much happiest matter that: If you are not a human than your views or impressions will not be count because there have some algorithm before getting the ads impression or views count. You should need to become human or living being or Gods generation or Gods society person must. So I am feeling happy and I am requesting all of my friends, fans, colleagues and buyers, seller, freelancers, marketplace & outsourcing workers will check my articles regular for a few minute everyday.

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