Monday, June 27, 2022

#Youtuber masudbcl Youtube channel: masudbcl passed the 300k views.


Today I have passed 300k views for my youtube channel. I have started this youtube channel: masudbcl at January 2017. I have started to uploadd videos regular on Janury 2020. Got youtube monetization approval at january 06 2021. From January 06 2021 : my total views are: 204.8k. 

Youtube have huge alogorithm and statistical analysis. Views are the only one statistical analysis where youtube updates it instantly. Rest of the statistics sspecially payment statistics get upate fter every 48 hours. Some timess 72 and some times up to 96 hours for one day statistics. 

Some times I do not believe that youtube gives the payment update after every 48 hour: I mean after every 2 days later. I think there have some more problem where Youtube Inc. is not alert about the updates worker team. Like: I want to say Youtube Inc. should need to check every employee of them: they have valid voter Id (I mean they are any country voter or valid citizen). If nay body does not have valid voter Id than those persosn are not valid citizen. None of the program from USA makes this types of delay about any program or website payment. 

I have been using Elance, Odesk, Fiverr, Peopleperhour, Freelancer, seoclerks and many other online earning marketplace website for the last 20 years. I didnt saw such as this performence where they makes a dangerous delay of 48 hours to show the one day payment. Like today pyment will be available after 48 hours : day after tomorrow at 6 AM (GMT+6:00) time zone. All of the websites which pays worldwide show the balance instantly and pay by the range of maximum 24 hours. Like from seoclerks : If I complete an order: the balance will be show within California 12 AM time: Bangladesh 1 PM time [GMT+6 time zone]. So I want youtube will update the payment sttaus instantly. Like some one watching my video and he gets a video ads and watch completely: that balance will be add to the youtube payment taab instantly. Recently youtube announced that they are making a new tab Payment which will be available at any time to youtube studio analytics program. I thought this analytics will be available with the youtube content (Newly changed) Tab.

Recently Oxford Uk approve dthe profession of youtuber. Now as a youtuber : We want youtube will show the earning statistics instantly. 

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Note: Hope if Youtube Inc. verify every employee of theri system  than I am definitely sure they will find some people which does not have valid voter Id number of any country. Youtube is a large number of audience based country. So here payment should need to add to the youtube studio analytics dashboard instantly. They can pay monthly once but they need to add the earning revenue instantly. At the same time @Youtube should need to show the balance which they are cutting as a 45% for getting the more audience and more business.

Monday, June 20, 2022

How much youtube USA pays for every 1000 views? I am getting 34$ for every 1000 views.


Download the image first and see details.

See how much I have received from USA for the last 17 months. I got monetization approval 6th anuary 2021. Now June 2022.

Now see:
Total revenue: $236.16
Total views: 12526

I have received 236.16$ as a 55%.
Youtube taken 45% from here.
236.16$ x 45 /55 = 193.22$
So total revenue from USA: 236.16$ 193.22$= 429.38$

Than lets see how much I am getting for per 1000 views from Youtube USA?
Total revenue / Totoal view s(k)
429.38$ / 12.5k = 34.35$

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See the full payment proof relted video tutorils on my youtube chnanel : masudbcl 

Monday, June 6, 2022

How much youtube pay for 1000 views in usa? Youtuber masudbcl receiving 30$+ for 1000 every views from USA.


How much does youtube pay per 1000 views?

How much youtube pay for 1000 views in usa?

How much youtube pay for 1 view? 

You will find all of these questions answer on my youtube channel: masudbcl . I have Youtube Payment related video tutorial playlist. You can check all of the youtube videos together in a playlist. I have shared all of my youtube payment proof together. If you want to earn from home or work from home or earn from youtube or earn from video : than this youtube video tutorial playlist will help you a lot. 

Youtube earning : I am earning from youtube for the last 1 year. I got youtube monetization approval from 6th January 2021. But I have received my first payment on August 2021. Up to today I have received 6th payment from youtube monetization program. You can see the details of my 6th payment on this video. 

How much youtube pay for 1000 views in usa?

Youtube Payment differs from country to country.  Its fully depends on advertisers spend ratio in a country which you can say CPM. See down the image how much youtube paid me May 2022 from USA? My category is People & Blogs.


See the stats after download the image. 

From USA: Total views 2211

Total revenue as a55% : $37.54 

As a 45% youtube taken $30.71

So the total revenue for 2271 views: $37.54+  $30.71 = $68.25

Now the calculation is: How much I got paid from USA for every 1000 views? 

Total views= 2211/1000= 2.21k 

Total revenue = $68.25 

Total revenue/ Total views= $30.88

                              How much youtube pay for 1 view?