Friday, May 27, 2022

366 views 14.95$ | How much youtube pays for per one view?


366 views= 8.22$ as a 55%. 
Youtube Monetization Program pays their creators as a 55%-45% ratio. Lets see: from this day earning how much youtube taken as a 45%? 

8.22$ x 45% / 55% = 6.72$ 
What is the total revenue for the 366 views?
8.22 $ + 6.72 $ = 14.945$ 

Than how much I am getting for per one view? 
14.94$ x 100 cents= 1494 cents / 366 views= 4.08 cents. 

I am working with my seventh youtube payment. See all of my payment proof together in a youtube payment proof video tutorial playlist from my youtube channel : masudbcl 

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Saturday, May 14, 2022

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If you have 100% unique article on your website or blog, than you are quite agree with search engine rank. Because search engine only rank the unique content based articles and websites. There have 3 ways to collect articles for your website:

1) To hire a professional article writer.
2) To take help of an article rewriter tool.
3) Copy paste the article which are not suggested.

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

10$ save by submitting Bangladeshi ETin number to Adsense payment system. 6th #youtubepayment.


Some days ago I had full filled the E Tin certificate number of Bangladesh Government for giving it to the Google Adsense Payment section. I heard that they will cut maximum 10% from the world cut of youtube monetization traffic. Previously they were cutting 24%. I gave 24$ charges 3 times. See my all youtube payment proof related video tutorial playlist in here: 

Previously I didn't submitted any E Tin information. Last month I have submitted that information after getting it from Bangladesh govt. 

Though my channel is few audience based like only 3000 subscribers and 1m impression based and monthly earnings are 100$ based : the deduction charges are high. But in case of high amount earn: they will or they can cut up to 10%. Still now USA traffic dedcution is in hand. May be they will cut it at the time of bank payment. 


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Also check the last month youtube monetization payment stats. Here you can dedcut 3000 views because those are from social media panel. So far you can say: 14.4k-3k= 11.4k views = $104.97 as a 55%. 

Note: [I have a second youtube channel : masudbcl pigeon loft  and there I have the earnings of 5.27$. Additionally I have received 14$ also from adsense tect monetization. So last month total earnings for me is: 104.97$ + 5.27$ = 110.24$. But those 2 balance is not showing yet now within the balance sheet. Like: Total balance is: $110.24+ 14$= $114.24 - (6.08$ +$8.09)= $110.07 but its showing $107.18. Lets see. ]

Saturday, May 7, 2022

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If you are eligible to do good keyword research about #youtubevideo : than you will must get huge number of views from this world. If you get good number of views, than you are guaranteed to generate huge number of #revenues. Youtube pays 55%-45% to their video content creators. If you have 4000 watch hours for the last 365 days, than you are eligible to apply for the youtube monetiztaion program. A godo keyword research will give you huge views on your channel and on your youtube videos.