Friday, July 5, 2024

How to find out #youtube video audience. Identify youtube #video geography.

How much youtube pay for every 1000 views?



Uploading one youtube video for your youtube channel is very much necessary and mandatory issue. You can promote your products, affiliate links, sales link with your video easily. See the top image. I made a video with a topic: WordPress mobile friendly plugin and youtube placed my video on popular category. 

The main satisfaction for a youtuber is to get youtuber video on to search results. One of my video is this one which is satisfactory enough. See the statistics: 79% search results for my video. I feel impressive. Because this is the main satisfaction as a youtuber to place a video on to the youtube search engine.

Now lets go for the views and revenue statistics. The video has bene published 4 years ago. Within 4 years I got 48.4k views only. But all of the views are organic. You know youtube pay as a 55%-45% ratio based. Youtube always cut 45% from the youtuber earning. So here the earning is: 

Total views: 48.6K
Total revenue: $211.21 as a 55% (After the Tax cut) 

So Lets calculate how much youtube cut from my earnings: 
$211.21 x 45 / 55= $172.80
So the total earnings are:
$211.21 + $172.80 = $384.01 

So now calculate How much I am getting pay for every 1000 views.

Total revenue($)/ Total views(k)
$384.01 / 48.6k = $7.90 

After pay the vat and tax how much it could be? 
Lets think : 60$ is worldwide VAT and Tax cut. 
Than the total amount is: $384 + 60 = $444

Again: Total revenue ($) / Total views (k) 
$444/48.6= $9.13

So you can say I got paid $9+ for every 1000 views.