Wednesday, November 29, 2023

What is Youtube Video ads? Ask by Youtuber masudbcl.

Youtube Video Ads : At the time of youtube video play time or before the video play time or middle of the video play time or finish of the video play time or down to the video or top right side of the video webpage : Youtube Video Ads get show every time to every youtube viewers. 

Within the video: there have 2 kind of video ads. When one video ads come within the running video by breaking the screen that it can be call video ads also. Basically Youtube have 2 kinds of ads: one is Skip Ads and another is non skip ads. 

Youtube Video Ads : Skip Ads are the functional video ads which can come at any time on the video play time. Before start the video, in the middle of the video and at the last of the video. Skip ads can be any time length based like advertisers set the video ads time. It can be 30 seconds or 1 minute or 5 minutes or 10 minutes or more+. After 05 seconds of video ads play: you will get skip ads button. When you press the skip ads button: than it will be shown as an Estimated Monetization Playback to Youtube Studio Analytics program. 

Non Skip Ads are those video ads which can not be skip at the time of video play. If you do not pause the video: you must should need to watch the non skip video ads and the main video will start play after finish of the non skip video ads. Non skip video ads are very much popular because it makes force to the viewers to watch the video ads must. Because if you do not finish the video ads than the paused video will not be start automatically. 

Several types of video ads:
  • In stream skip ads.
  • In stream non skip video ads.
  • In feed video ads.
  • Bumper ads.
  • Out stream ads.
  • Masthead ads.

In stream Youtube Video Ads: In stream ads are designed to people to click through the ads. Within Youtube Video watch page: down to the video or top right side of the video page. Any kind of video ads within the video page which are clickable through ads or call to action based: that is called in stream ads. After click you will be redirect to the new website page must. There if you spend some time by visiting some more pages:  than you will be count as an ad viewer. 

Several kinds of Youtube Video Ads will give you revenue. Now a day Youtube run video ads with every video. If you are not a monetizer than not a problem. When Youtube Ads get any new advertiser and Youtube Ads have some urgency to run the ads: than Youtube Video Ads will apply the personal algorithm and will run the ads with top qualified videos. There Youtube videos are monetizable or not: that is not a problem for Youtube. If you browse Youtube videos on any category: you see the videos 

Sunday, November 26, 2023

Youtube introduced a new section For You showing masudbcl youtube channel.


Youtube introduced a new section For You. If you do not have huge videos: this section will not show on your @youtube channel. This For You section is only for you & for your youtube channel viewers. Youtube personally will recommend fresh content based on viewer interest based. This section will stay at the top of your youtube channel. This For You section will give you a new shape to your audience when they come to your channel home page. This For You section will also introduce viewers interest for your youtube channel. You can choose what types of content to show from the last 12 months.

See top image. My youtube channel: masudbcl is showing the For You section. This For You section will not be available for every channel Home Page. If you want to check your youtube channel For You Section, simply Log In to your Youtube Channel.

  • After Login Come Youtube Studio Analytics section.
  • See Left Side Customization> Layout Section.
  • See Recommended for you: For You Section.
  • See the down image also.
  • You can On/Off this section for your Youtube Channel.

After this: Check More Settings section. See top image to check more settings. After click you will find a new dialogue box. There you can mention what kind of videos you can show to For You section. You will find 3 kinds of contents to show: 
  • Shorts 
  • Video
  • Livestreams
See down. You will find 2 more options. This section name is Recency. One is: 
  • All Content. (recommended) 
  • Recent contents only.
I suggest for every Youtuber to use the All content Recommended section. 

Turn For You section on/off. 
  • Sign in to Youtube Studio or Open the Youtube Studio App.
  • On the Youtube Studio, from the left section, select customization > Layout.  On the Youtube Studio App, At the top right , tap your profile picture > Edit Channel.
  • Under 'Recommendation for viewers' switch the "For You" section on/off.
  • Click Publish.

This section is available only for my youtube channel viewers. If you do not have real viewers on your youtube channel: this section will not show. Keep an eye to my blog for the next time update of For You related news. Also subscribe my youtube channel and press the bell icon. I have one more youtube channel: masudbcl pigeon loft or @whitepigeons. There the For You section is showing also. 

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Youtube Advertising details by Youtuber masudbcl.


Youtube Advertising is a new revolution or era for the video ads. You can give youtube video ads by 2 platforms: one is Google Ads website and another is Youtube ads website. Both website will divert you on a same website dashboard. I though Youtube Ads website will divert you to Google ads dashboard. Hope one day Youtube ads network will show a specific and only Youtube ads dashboard for the more specification of the video ads. You will not get any affiliate money for diverting new video ads publishers to these ads dashboard. Previously (Long time ago at 2006-2011) time there were the programs available about affiliate clicks payment as far as I remember. 

There have several types of Youtube video ads formations are available. Some days ago Google Blog published a news: that is called Google Ads structure is going to change and Google ads will not pay to the publishers for the ads click any more. Though you are using Google ads and Youtube ads website for publishing video ads: at the same time you are giving the website ads link also down of the video and top right side of the video. I think this will get effect also. Because Google ads are saying they will pay the publishers only the ads impression. Click the below image and read the full blog posts. 

So if Youtube change the ads structure than every thing will be change. Youtube Monetization program will pay you only for 2 things: Youtube Video EMP (Estimated Monetization Playback) or skip ads and for the impressions which youtube call : ICTR (Impression click through analysis). See the down image and real the full details about Youtube video Ads: ABCD: Attention, Branding, Connection and Direction. 

Now at this time you can see several types of video ads on youtube videos: 

See the details about Youtube Video ads on the list below or click on the image to see details. 

In case of Youtube ads and Google ads: in both websites advertisers are always trying to get good numbers of sales. When an advertisers places a video ads: his goal is to collect sign ups, leads, download, app install or sales must. If advertiser does not get important numbers of sales than ultimately they will move to the another ads stream. Because advertisers always need sign up or leads. Google ads and Youtube advertisings are billions dollar of industry. But if advertisers does not get the expectation: than they will must move to another ads network. From that points of view: Google ads takes a historical decision about to pay the impressions only. Lets see what youtube does. If youtube advertising structure does not get change than well. if change than may be Ads impression will be count to the Youtube studio analytics program or dashboard and Youtubers will get important revenue. 

Friday, November 17, 2023

Youtube Creator Studio dashboard homepage details by youtuber masudbcl.

Youtube creator studio is a home page for the youtube creators. If you open a youtube account with Gmail: than you will get the creator studio section with your youtube account. It stays on top right side of every youtube account inside. If you are not logged in with Gmail, than you will not find that function of Youtube Creator Studio. If you are logged in than see top right side. You will find your youtube channel picture or logo over there. If not than set up a picture or logo on your Gmail account. When you are a professional youtuber, than you will upload the custom logo and banner from your youtube channel. You can take the help of youtube professional logo and banner maker from several marketplace websites. After click on top right side: you will see the Youtube Studio program. 

The most beautiful things on Youtube Creator Studio is this is a total home page for the youtube creators. When you create an unique video and upload it to the youtube by top right side create section. If you have any ready video than see on top right side create button. There you will find also a plus button with video camera.

You will see 5 sections. 
  • Upload videos: Create new video and upload it to the youtube. 
  • Go Live: If you have good number of active subscribers you can go to live. Press live and lots of peoples will join you. 
  • Create Post: For community section you can create seo algorithm based post.
  • New Playlist: If you want to create a new playlist from your videos. 
  • New podcast: Some months ago youtube newly added this video podcast section. Podcast is a previous version of youtube and very much popular for the Europe and American vloggers. 

When you are youtube studio analytics homepage: than you can see details of your youtube channel within the home page. You will see some parts of youtube studio section:

  • Channel Violation: If your channel have any warning or community strike than you can see that. 

  • Latest video performance : The latest video which you had uploaded : that performances you will see in this box. You will see the lines: Ranking by views, Total views, Impression click Through Rate and average view duration.

  • Go to video analytics: The most important and very much beautiful things of youtube creator studio. The analytics and the details will come later with another blog post. You will find 5 sections under analytics tab: Overview, Content, Audience, Revenue, Research. 
  • See Comments Section:  You will see the latest comments or the youtube studio analytics comment section on here.

  • Published Videos: You will see latest 4 videos analytics by signal on here. You will find the video tab from here. 

  • Latest Post: You will see the latest community post. Also you can see the community post Like, Comments. You will find the community tab.

  • Channel Analytics: You will see current subscribers, Summary of Last 28 days (views, Watch Time hours, Estimated revenue section, Top Videos, Go To Channel Analytics.
  • Latest Comment: You can see the latest comment on to the dashboard. If you click view more than you will find more.       
  • Recent Subscribers: You can see some latest subscribers for the last 90 days. If you click See All than you can see all of your subscribers list.   
  • News: Youtube always publish the latest news about several sections. You will find them over there by click watch now. 

  • Ideas for you: Some times Youtube personally suggest you some things to grow up your channel. Those things you will find in here. A good creator must check the news and Ideas for you section.  

  • Creator Inside: Another box you will find creator inside which will always provide you new new video. If you watch those regular and activate the functions with your videos or channel: than your channel will be grow up. 

  • What's new in Studio: Finally you will see this section. Here you will find the all latest news for your youtube channel and youtuber career. 

There have huge and huge factors are available on Youtube Studio Analytics section. This article is about only home page. Keep any eye at the future time to my blog. I shall published some more articles. I have youtube channel related huge videos on my youtube channel: masudbcl. You can subscribe and press the bell icon so that you can not miss any videos from my youtube channel at the future time.

Monday, November 13, 2023

#seo 06. Learn SEO with masudbcl Bangla Tutorial. Domain research with keywords.

Learn seo with masudbcl is a youtube video tutorial playlist. This playlist is a bangla video tutorial playlist. But you will find huge and huge seo related videos on this youtube channel. The chnanel name is: masudbcl. 

Youtuber masudbcl is an experience about white hat seo for the last 10 years. The main experience about bad link remove from the google or many other search engines. If you have any kind of bad links (like blog links or images or newspaper links) on ay search engine than you can contact. 

To remove any kind of bad links will take time to reflect on to your SERP. SERP= Search Engine Result Pages. Beside this if you want to learn seo: than you can check the top video and you will get the masudbcl youtube channel.  

Thursday, November 9, 2023

Youtube ads and Google ads are not serving location based ads on Youtube videos.


Youtube is changing the video ad serve policy. See details: Youtube Advertising formats. See on top picture. If you go to youtube studio analytics program and select a content from the content tab: than you will find the edit section from top. Select: Edit. Select Ad settings. You will not find the previous format about Location ads. Now they are showing on a new format. 

Same situation on to the default upload section. There you will see the change also. The new video ad serving policy is saying that: Below 10 minutes videos will not serve the skip ads videos. On youtube: 10 minutes + videos are counted as a long form video. Below long form video (short form video) you will not find the skip ads section. But 8 minutes+ videos can show skip ads at the mid roll videos. 

Every Youtube channel is showing this notification at the top. You have to click and read the details about youtube advertising and change your video ad settings. 

Saturday, November 4, 2023

How much youtube pays for one view? Youtube is not paying for views based. See prooves.


I am with Youtube from 2006. At the first time Youtube was opened for huge email server. Now Youtube is only restricted with Gmail. If you do not have Gmail account: than you do not have Youtube account. I am working with the youtube monetization program from 2011 when it comes first. I saw it is possible to earn from Youtube easily by serving video ads and by serving impression. The program name is Youtube Monetization Program. You can see all of my payment prooves related video on to my youtube channel: masudbcl. 

When I was engaged first with Youtube Monetization Program: I was using a broadband WIFI internet connectivity named Banglalion. After that I was using regular broadband internet connection. If you see the top images you can see that Google search engine is saying: Youtube is paying $0.018 cents for one legal view on Youtube channel videos. If you have youtube channel and upload videos you can understand what is the views? In Basic sense if any visitors or viewer stay with Youtube video for minimum 30 seconds: than Youtube will count that as a view. But the strange issue is that: Youtube is not paying for the view based from 2006 to 2011 to still now. 

If you check this picture: you will find that there have transaction revenue is $0.00. It means Youtube is not paying any money. Youtube Monetization Program is paying by entering Youtube Inside and by using Google Adsense. Google Adsense have connectivity with Youtube Monetization program or Youtube Partnership Program and Google Adsense collects the ICTR (Impression Click Through Rate) and EMP (Estimated Monetization Playback) payments to the worldwide youtubers. But worldwide Youtubers have right to get the payment for every view which Google search result is showing at the top image. 

On this term I am doing You tubing or Youtube Monetization Program related works for the last 02 years. I know every section of Youtube Studio analytics section. I am not finding any records where Youtube is paying for the views. Some times peoples are saying RPM based but also I am not watching Youtube is mentioning that RPM is giving payment for every view. Like: I have 200k views for the last 02 years. For 200k views I got 1000$+ as a 55% and after paying 3 kinds of Tax cut. All of these payments I have received EMP (Estimated Monetization Playback) based option. I didn't received any payment for the impression and for the views on to my account. Youtube monetization program pays to this world by Adsense to the youtubers bank account and the payment method name is: Inward customer transfer. 

So what is necessary for getting pay from Youtube views? 
Answer: The answer is personal payment tab for Youtube which will show in the analytics section or Youtube can show it personally. Every Inc. have payment button or Tab. Where is the Youtube Payment tab for Youtube? If youtube does not pay to the worldwide youtubers for every views; that it is a dishonest program which have not possibility to stay long time in this world. Ultimately it will be avoid by every video bloggers or by vloggers at the future time or if any new video vlogging program comes: than most of the youtubers will go for that video platform. At the same time there have big money earning opportunity for the worldwide investors to create a new video platform where every one will get pay honestly and accurately. 

Maximum youtubers are saying Youtube Monetization program or Youtube programs are not 100% honest program. Because none of the youtubers in this world are happy with this youtube earning system. So the world have a necessity for making a new video blogging platform as like as Youtube. Alternatively there have some programs like: Dailymotion, Vimeo or vevo or some more. But they are not going to the popular section; I mean a large number of peoples are not using that. If Youtube monetization program and youtube views payment comes as a 100% honest with all of the previous payment upon view based than youtube can stay. Otherwise I believe it will go to the future time private program.