Saturday, November 4, 2023

How much youtube pays for one view? Youtube is not paying for views based. See prooves.


I am with Youtube from 2006. At the first time Youtube was opened for huge email server. Now Youtube is only restricted with Gmail. If you do not have Gmail account: than you do not have Youtube account. I am working with the youtube monetization program from 2011 when it comes first. I saw it is possible to earn from Youtube easily by serving video ads and by serving impression. The program name is Youtube Monetization Program. You can see all of my payment prooves related video on to my youtube channel: masudbcl. 

When I was engaged first with Youtube Monetization Program: I was using a broadband WIFI internet connectivity named Banglalion. After that I was using regular broadband internet connection. If you see the top images you can see that Google search engine is saying: Youtube is paying $0.018 cents for one legal view on Youtube channel videos. If you have youtube channel and upload videos you can understand what is the views? In Basic sense if any visitors or viewer stay with Youtube video for minimum 30 seconds: than Youtube will count that as a view. But the strange issue is that: Youtube is not paying for the view based from 2006 to 2011 to still now. 

If you check this picture: you will find that there have transaction revenue is $0.00. It means Youtube is not paying any money. Youtube Monetization Program is paying by entering Youtube Inside and by using Google Adsense. Google Adsense have connectivity with Youtube Monetization program or Youtube Partnership Program and Google Adsense collects the ICTR (Impression Click Through Rate) and EMP (Estimated Monetization Playback) payments to the worldwide youtubers. But worldwide Youtubers have right to get the payment for every view which Google search result is showing at the top image. 

On this term I am doing You tubing or Youtube Monetization Program related works for the last 02 years. I know every section of Youtube Studio analytics section. I am not finding any records where Youtube is paying for the views. Some times peoples are saying RPM based but also I am not watching Youtube is mentioning that RPM is giving payment for every view. Like: I have 200k views for the last 02 years. For 200k views I got 1000$+ as a 55% and after paying 3 kinds of Tax cut. All of these payments I have received EMP (Estimated Monetization Playback) based option. I didn't received any payment for the impression and for the views on to my account. Youtube monetization program pays to this world by Adsense to the youtubers bank account and the payment method name is: Inward customer transfer. 

So what is necessary for getting pay from Youtube views? 
Answer: The answer is personal payment tab for Youtube which will show in the analytics section or Youtube can show it personally. Every Inc. have payment button or Tab. Where is the Youtube Payment tab for Youtube? If youtube does not pay to the worldwide youtubers for every views; that it is a dishonest program which have not possibility to stay long time in this world. Ultimately it will be avoid by every video bloggers or by vloggers at the future time or if any new video vlogging program comes: than most of the youtubers will go for that video platform. At the same time there have big money earning opportunity for the worldwide investors to create a new video platform where every one will get pay honestly and accurately. 

Maximum youtubers are saying Youtube Monetization program or Youtube programs are not 100% honest program. Because none of the youtubers in this world are happy with this youtube earning system. So the world have a necessity for making a new video blogging platform as like as Youtube. Alternatively there have some programs like: Dailymotion, Vimeo or vevo or some more. But they are not going to the popular section; I mean a large number of peoples are not using that. If Youtube monetization program and youtube views payment comes as a 100% honest with all of the previous payment upon view based than youtube can stay. Otherwise I believe it will go to the future time private program.

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