Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Youtube Advertising details by Youtuber masudbcl.


Youtube Advertising is a new revolution or era for the video ads. You can give youtube video ads by 2 platforms: one is Google Ads website and another is Youtube ads website. Both website will divert you on a same website dashboard. I though Youtube Ads website will divert you to Google ads dashboard. Hope one day Youtube ads network will show a specific and only Youtube ads dashboard for the more specification of the video ads. You will not get any affiliate money for diverting new video ads publishers to these ads dashboard. Previously (Long time ago at 2006-2011) time there were the programs available about affiliate clicks payment as far as I remember. 

There have several types of Youtube video ads formations are available. Some days ago Google Blog published a news: that is called Google Ads structure is going to change and Google ads will not pay to the publishers for the ads click any more. Though you are using Google ads and Youtube ads website for publishing video ads: at the same time you are giving the website ads link also down of the video and top right side of the video. I think this will get effect also. Because Google ads are saying they will pay the publishers only the ads impression. Click the below image and read the full blog posts. 

So if Youtube change the ads structure than every thing will be change. Youtube Monetization program will pay you only for 2 things: Youtube Video EMP (Estimated Monetization Playback) or skip ads and for the impressions which youtube call : ICTR (Impression click through analysis). See the down image and real the full details about Youtube video Ads: ABCD: Attention, Branding, Connection and Direction. 

Now at this time you can see several types of video ads on youtube videos: 

See the details about Youtube Video ads on the list below or click on the image to see details. 

In case of Youtube ads and Google ads: in both websites advertisers are always trying to get good numbers of sales. When an advertisers places a video ads: his goal is to collect sign ups, leads, download, app install or sales must. If advertiser does not get important numbers of sales than ultimately they will move to the another ads stream. Because advertisers always need sign up or leads. Google ads and Youtube advertisings are billions dollar of industry. But if advertisers does not get the expectation: than they will must move to another ads network. From that points of view: Google ads takes a historical decision about to pay the impressions only. Lets see what youtube does. If youtube advertising structure does not get change than well. if change than may be Ads impression will be count to the Youtube studio analytics program or dashboard and Youtubers will get important revenue. 

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