Sunday, January 28, 2024

Some bad things about Google adsense earning system.

I know adsense from 2006 (was engaged with prelaunch programs of California from 2000). As a word, from the first day of their journey start. I have earning records with my first adsense account: (no access now)  or (got hacked with youtube, odesk, elance and some more accounts) or (have access. For the first time it was possible to create adsense account with other email service providers). My first earning was 200$+ but I didn't received that payment. Adsense had shown an error. After balance add: they said content is duplicate or some more causes and they had cancelled the payment. I got astonished by watching their behavior. if content is duplicate than how monetization was working for the full month and had served the ads and collected the payments. I got first hurt from Adsense or online earning system. Later I had left the adsense earning platform. Went to freelancer and outsourcing related works and was engaged for long time. 

Today: 2024 and I am earning from Adsense now a day from text monetization and video monetization with youtube. That things are still available. I often see some times balance get decrease (some small amount) from adsense content monetization or from youtube monetization program. The most embarrassing things are: Youtube monetization program payment shows after 02 days. I feel insecurity over here. How is it possible and why the balance get add after 02 days to the youtube monetization program studio analytics program. Youtube does not have personal payment button. They take the ads from Google Ads and serve the ads within youtube videos and send the payment for every ad views to the Google adsense department. Google adsense shows the per day earning after every 36-48 hours later. Still now not know that why this 36-48 hours are necessary to reflect the balances. As much as I remember, at 2011 - on youtube partnership program the balance add instant. 

Now a day Adsense cut the small balances some times without any prior notification. When a person earn from online, that earning is their heart. When Adsense decrease the balance without any prior notification, than peoples get hurt. Adsense have 3 types of monetization programs: 

  • Text monetization. Like websites.
  • Video Monetization. Like: Youtube.
  • App monetization like Admob. 
I do not have any experience about Admob but I feel harassments when I see the youtube monetization program balances add after 36-48 hours. For the last few months, I saw every month first day or second day adsense cut some balances like 1 to 2$ without any prior notification. There have no notification at the time of cut. Adsense always cut the 32% from the text monetization earning. After adding balance or after day change : there have no way to deduct the balances. I didn't saw it previously but for the last few months I am watching this. 

I have already received 9th payment from Youtube Monetization Program and Text monetization system. You can see the full details from the down below youtube payment proof related video tutorials. 

I am using internet from 1995. Its almost 30 years. From my experience I can say that: Adsense statistical analysis team or adsense payment group: there have some trouble. Like they are not perfect literate or educated or they are not permanent citizen (valid voter number based citizen for any country). I think there have some uneducated team is working between the system or within the system several divisions where they are not perfect educated from any university graduation. I am saying this by watching the working system for the last 4/5 years. Previously the system was hassle free and now the system is engaged with harassments.  After getting add balances with the monetization account balance: if decrease that is a kind of payment harassments. Ad serve may be accurate but revenue collection may have some trouble. I will be happy if @google recheck all of the departments of adsense and adwords are accurate or honest or perfect educated (After verification of their certificates or papers) and their citizenship (they have any country valid voter numbers or they are from any valid country). In case of Bangladesh the valid voter number database is available with PERP & FINIDC department of United Nations. 

In case of any kind of balance or revenue cut : Google adsense should need to show the notifications message every time.

Friday, January 26, 2024

7th birthday of Youtuber masudbcl youtube channel.


I am with youtube from the first day of their journey of 2006. At that time I made my first youtube channel. There only one video was available. Later I got an assignment and created 11 more youtube channels for the client. There all of the sign in form was available like open Id, login with wordpress, login with blogger, Gmail, yahoo, Windows, Live, Bing, Hotmail, Outlook, Mail and some more. By using all of those facilities I made 11+ youtube accounts and provided to the client. After that I made a new account on 2011 time by the same name and got hacked with 1 videos public. Later from 2011 time I was doing full time freelancer works and felt a necessity to show my creativity to create a new youtube account at 2017. Today is the 7th birthday of my Youtube channel: masudbcl 

I have received a notification from Youtube yesterday night and its showing still now. in this 7 years of journey I have received 90% real viewers for my youtube channel. I didn't looked for the large number of fake views. Because I know buying views or bought views will not give you a real feelings about you tubing. If you make video and upload video and get minimum 1 real views, than your video upload is successful. After one all of are numbers also. The more views you generate, the more revenue you will generate: that is the condition of Youtube Partnership program. 

Now a day, to create a youtube channel is totally free with your Gmail account. You can highlight or focus your youtube channel by uploading regular content. You can upload your content to increase your sales for the online products or you can do affiliate marketing or you can take the youtube partnership program facilities. Now a day after 18 years of Youtube journey - I feel necessity some more monetization program with Youtube. In this world there have huge and huge monetization structures are available. All of the monetization's program can get engage with the youtube video streaming and can serve their ads. It can be local policy or it can be an international brand also. You can serve your ads locally or for any specific channel or for the worldwide. 

By this time I have generated 400k+ views. My first achievement is: to get chance with a youtube playlist named: mix. My Youtube partnership program payment prooves are available with Youtube Mix playlist. My second achievement is: 200k views 1000$ as a 55% withdrawn and spent. My third achievement is my keyword  masudbcl score on Vidiq is: 69.I will be happy if you visit all of my payment prooves related videos to know details about how youtube payment system world. Still now Youtube does not have personal payment button where worldwide every incorporation website have personal payment button to pay their users.

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Peculiar experience about youtube community guideline warning.


I am with Youtube from the first day of their journey like from 2006 (channel name: hasanptc. Email: My first youtube channel name was hasanptc. Second youtube channel name was masudbcl. Second Youtube channel email address got hacked : I lost that youtube channel at 2011. After 6 years of break I made another new youtube channel by the same name: masudbcl. At 2011 time my youtube channel username and at 2017 my youtube channel username is same. How is it possible I do not have any idea? Any online large database system: you can not use one database for the second time. Like: from now on I am not able to create the masudbcl username on Facebook and Gmail. But there both of the username was mine. 

At 2011 time I have lost this blogspot access also. This blogspot name is : I made it with Gmail for the first time at 2006. At that time I made huge post with this blogger blog. The theme and topics was: Want punishment liberation war criminals of Bangladesh. By the same topic there had a facebook group also. Later the group name was changed : Want punishment liberation war criminals of Bangladesh and the world. Later I got a notification virtually from some one good or God to claim my blogspot address again. I made a re claim about my blog address with my second Gmail address: Now think that I made one blogspot 2006 with the email address: After some days I got lost the blog access control details. At 2011 time I had lost the Gmail to the hackers and also lost my odesk, elance and blogger blog accounts. After 07 years later I got a chance to claim the same blog with another Gmail account: Can you give an idea how is it possible? That 2017 time blogspot is this one which you are reading. At the time of reclaim I didn't got all of my previous posts. Can you think Gmail is the main hacker for Blogger blog and for the youtube also? 

See the top 3 images. Youtube community guideline strikes or Youtube community warnings will be expire within 90 days. You should need to take a training and the warnings will be remove from your youtube studio analytics dashboard within 90 days. But I am showing you the proof now where you will see my community guideline warnings has bene expired after 03 years. Not within 03 months. 03 years. So what do you think? The completely illiterates and uneducated groups are controlling youtube or the under class peoples are controlling where they do not have any quality? How this is possible to get a warning remove after 03 years. Appeals submitted Oct 17,2020. Training notification got: oct 25, 2023. Within these 03 years of time: training notification didn't came. 

I have shared Addmefast social media exchange website referral link. Peoples collect the watch time from addmefast social media exchange website and they collect the views also which are granted by Youtube Inc. So their referral links are also allowed because youtube studio traffic analysis system shows the statistics of Youtube views traffic sources. So if you take views from addmefast: Youtube will show you the traffic statistics that you are collecting views from Addmefast social media exchange website. Just think that youtube studio analytics program traffic sources are showing the views are legit and showing the traffic stats about but a peculiar, horrible and terrible community is saying the addmefast referral link share is a community guideline warning. So do you think they are human? Is it ok to make any kind of deals from the western countries with this non humanoids figure. In this world there have huge and large number of poor and good students which have a clear sense about the online world and which can do work accurately by a minimum salary based. 

I am working with freelancer and outsourcing website from 2002 to still now. 2002 to 2011 as a part time and from 2011 to still now as a full time. Every time I get payment on USA night time 00.00 time which is Bangladeshi time day time 13.00 time. Any kind of California based websites and updates are on going at the USA 00.00 time and Bangladesh time 13.00 PM time. But this time I had observed that the community guideline warning got removed after finish of the training at the last time of the day of 23rd January like 00.00 hours of 24th January starts. It prooves that this hacker group which are making this kind of trouble is following the local GMT time. Its not following the USA standard time zone. Now the question is: How Google Inc. or Youtube Inc. employed this kind of uneducated and illiterates peoples where there have large numbers of English TOS is available. Where the peoples are PhD types are necessary there I believe any educated peoples are not working on this community guideline warning zone. 

As far as I know when anybody have violations: than the youtube channel will not get any large amount of dollars and the channel videos or SEO will not work properly. All community guideline warning takes 90 days. In my case it takes 1095 days. How is it possible? Why Google Inc. and Youtube Inc. did this kind of behavior with me. I made an appeal and I shall take necessary actions at the future time with this appeal about that: what kind of authorities USA govt assigned who does not know the difference between 03 months and 03 years. Who will give me the Demurrage  for this 03 years- Google or Youtube. I have lost minimum billions of dollars earning scope. Youtube Ads industry or Youtube partnership program is a multi billion dollar earning scope. Obviously I shall look for the demurrages for these time period.  1 billion dollars for every year. 3 years of delay should need to pay me 3 billions of dollars to my youtube studio analytics program dashboard with a payment tab from Google Inc. and Youtube Inc. Also requesting Google Inc. and Youtube Inc. to remove the uneducated and illiterates group from any kind of works which are related of Google TOS and Youtube TOS. Separately looking for email address like: so that Gmail or Google can not access Youtube inside. Youtube Ads serve the ads within Youtube inside and Youtube inc should need to add separate Payment tab. By applying these 3 techniques Youtube can stay distance from Google. 

After 03 years of time: yesterday night 00.00 time when California time is day time 12.00 PM: than the warning got removed. But it was necessary to get remove within the zero seconds time of California as they said the warning will be remove on 23rd January. 23rd January means 00.00 time. It does not mean the mid day of the 23rd January for the USA and 00.00 at 24th January for Bangladesh time. So overall its a peculiar types of experiences from Google and Youtube combindly. Youtube Inc should be more and more honest: should be 100% honest when they are coming to the worldwide because this is the world largest video streaming platform. I believe the persons which are controlling these off topics or community sections: they are not valid citizens of any country and they do not have valid voter number for their origin. USA, Silicon Valley and Google Inc. or Youtube Inc. can takes any decision by their own authority but  the worldwide incorporations and corporation and companies and organizations have some basic decoration: that you need minimum valid citizens which have sixth sense and which have the valid voter number. In this world only human have valid voters numbers and all of the real voter numbers are available with the PERP & FINIDC division, UNDP UN. 

I do not support and like any kind of surrogates, species, test tubes or for any peoples which are not human to work for any California, USA incorporations (like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Gmail, Google, Amazon etc.). None (surrogates, species, test tubes or for any peoples which are not human ) of them are my assigned or by my supported on any way. I didn't taken any decision to give them employment with the worldwide best incorporations. They will never become useful because they are not God's world born. They are not the God generations. They are only beautiful within the worldwide streets and streets related works. I am definitely sure: they do not know the meaning of Millions, Billions and Kilos. I mean 1 Million value and 1 Billion value and 1 dollar value: they can not differentiate. 

Note: Community guideline warning needs to wait simply 90 days only. Community guideline strike needs training and sane days. I got Community guideline warning and received the training notification after 33 months and warning got removed after 36 months. Remember: after 36 months. 

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Terabox free 1TB (1024 GB) cloud storage for your computer or mobile.

 Do you need large number of space or cloud storage for your mobile or desktop. Terabox is providing 1024 GB free storage for every one free. You can download it from online free and can install it on to your device. If you give the permission it will automatically backup your photos, videos and audio files. If you do not give the permission than it will take the manual backup after your selection. Terabox is an online cloud storage that offers a secure and reliable way to store your everyday files. You can share your files easily online. 

In this world there have huge cloud storage online is available for the online users. See the top image. They are offering to download it from Google play store, Apple App store, Windows store, Android Store, Microsoft, Max and Linux store also. I am using this for the last 30 days and I got some Chinese ads are available or your country ads will be available when you use. You have to avoid those ads by skip ads and you can use the premium versions also. 

Terabox have a facility about Locked Box where your photos or file will stay in private.

Automatic backup for your audio, image and video files. You can download the app to your desktop, laptop, pad and mobile phone. It will also help you to speed up.

Built in video player for all of the worldwide devices. 

2 TB space for the premium users. 20GB file upload facility.

Terabox can help you on these 4 ways:
  • Share files.
  • Remote upload.
  • File preview.
  • Photo Management.
So you can download free cloud storage from my referral link. 

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Google search impact for masudbcl blogspot website.


Google search impact refers to the users or browsers or searchers which had searched the website masudbcl and got the website on google search engine result pages and clicked the result link. The total click number is 300 for the month of December. 

Google search impact also refers to the impression numbers and click through rate also. You will get such as this results also for your blog or website when you set up your website analytics property with Google analytics and when your sites are discoverable by the Google search console.

When you makes any change of your website or blogs, than you should need to go to the Google Search console and should need to check that your website is available on Google search engines or not. If not than you should need to request for the site index or page index. 

Click test live URL first.

URL is available on Google. If not than see the request indexing section.

So create your account free with Google search console and submit your links regular. 

Sunday, January 7, 2024

Google AdSense CPC Rates By Country 2024.

Adsense is the world largest content monetization program. Its getting operated by Google from 2003 to still now. Adsense have a CPC rate which vary country to country. When any visitors are coming from separate countries to your blog, they are watching your ads and giving you impressions. If any one feel the interest than they are clicking the adsense ads also. So adsense ads cpc have a rate. 

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Friday, January 5, 2024

Only organic views does not generate Youtube ads and Youtube video ads.

Only organic views will serve the Youtube Ads or Youtube Video ads, its not true. Youtube show ads by keywords, category and by the words or speech which has been sounded within the video inside. Organic views can serve more ads, its true. But its not the only condition for getting rich ad. 

Lets check the organic views definition from Google support section. Google does not mention it any where that only organic views will serve the Youtube Video Ads for the youtube videos. Google clearly mentioned that when a user watch the youtube videos without any paid promotion that is called organic views. Organic views can be from Youtube Search based. If any views comes from Youtube Search bar and can find the specific video by the specific keywords based, that is called Youtube organic views. Any kind of paid promotions are not Youtube Organic views. Like Google ads, Youtube Ads, Third party views and some more sources of video ads promotions can not be say organic views. 

Youtube views can be external views, suggested views, Explore views, Recommended views, Youtube Search page views, Subscription based views and from other youtube channels views. Any form of search in Youtube Search engine bar views can be call Youtube organic views. Perhaps this is the best views to get rank on youtube if anybody find you on Youtube search result pages. Every website search bar have a personal database. Youtube also have personal database and when anyone searches with some keywords and gets the correct and right views that is called Youtube organic views. 

Youtube serve 2 kinds of ads. One is Google ads which come to Youtube video pages. When you upload a video on youtube , you will get a subdomain from Youtube with your channel link for the uploaded video. There video top right side and video down side ads are called Google ads where within video ads are called Youtube video ads. Youtube video ads can be come for any types of views which are acceptable by Youtube Studio Analytics. Google ads can be serve for any page where the page or sub pages are connected with Google ads serve section. So here GA mentioned that organic views can come with paid views. You can purchase the paid views from Youtube Ads and from Google Ads. So paid views campaign can give you organic views based ads serve. But any form of paid campaign for youtube videos are not good to get in rank. For having paid promotion your video can generate large number of views but after that campaign finish youtube video will not serve the ads for the audience. Paid views can not make you rank. Only organic search based videos with important keywords based can give you rank on youtube search engine result pages. 

By the search engine algorithm, if search engine deliver any traffic or views that is called organic traffic or organic views. Youtube have a search bar. So youtube have a personal video database. If you search masudbcl on youtube search bar that will be an organic traffic for my youtube channel on YTA- Youtube Analytics. If you enter the channel than you will be count as an organic channel views. If you watch any video for minimum 10 seconds, than you will be count as an organic views also. If you do not search my channel username on the youtube search bar and if you search any keywords, where you will find my videos that will be an organic views for my youtube video after watching 10/11 seconds minimum because you had come to the video by an organic search. 

In case of Google search when you search keyword masudbcl, than you will find a website result or search engine result pages. There you will find my website named: masudbcl. When you enter my website than you are an organic traffic. When you stay with my website for more than 30 seconds in a page , than you are an organic views. Organic views always increase the website position or youtube video position on search engine result page. organic keyword based search also increases your rank or positions on SERP. 


Monday, January 1, 2024

Happy New Year 2024 by masudbcl.


Happy new year greetings and wishes to all of my friends, colleagues, clients, buyers and sellers in the freelancing, outsourcing and marketplace world. The previous year was not very much important achievement for me. SEOclerks marketplace highest level affiliate seller rank is the best achievement for me in the last year. In this 2024 I love to get more and more achievements for my personal life and working life. 

Previous year worst experience is always electric hackers group attack. Bangladesh and the world have very much dangerous hackers group: their names are electric hacker group. They know how to control the electronics devices and makes the electric fluctuation where devices do not perform accurately. My house near have the power house of mymensingh Bangladesh. As far as I know this power house is very much old. Here several electric department software's are working. Their teams are working. Some of those teams are hacker: its I believe. Because I always feel trouble with my laptop/computer devices to start and to run. May be those hackers teams are from Dhaka or outside of Bangladesh also. I believe this power house does not accurately and honestly. For that reason I do not feel comfort every time.

On this 2024, I want to get all of my pending achievements. I wish I will be success to my future time pending works. I have a wish to go outside or travel nationwide and 2024 can be start of that. Last year huge promisers has broken the promises. An important person on this bangla world: didn't kept his one promises. He was promised within 10 years (2013-2023) of mass people revolution: I would get a things but 10 years has been passed and dint received that achievement. 

Google is wishing to every Google user a Happy New Year. 

But also happy new year wishes to everyone of this world. 
Hope new year will be a happier life for you all.
God Bless You all.