Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Terabox free 1TB (1024 GB) cloud storage for your computer or mobile.

 Do you need large number of space or cloud storage for your mobile or desktop. Terabox is providing 1024 GB free storage for every one free. You can download it from online free and can install it on to your device. If you give the permission it will automatically backup your photos, videos and audio files. If you do not give the permission than it will take the manual backup after your selection. Terabox is an online cloud storage that offers a secure and reliable way to store your everyday files. You can share your files easily online. 

In this world there have huge cloud storage online is available for the online users. See the top image. They are offering to download it from Google play store, Apple App store, Windows store, Android Store, Microsoft, Max and Linux store also. I am using this for the last 30 days and I got some Chinese ads are available or your country ads will be available when you use. You have to avoid those ads by skip ads and you can use the premium versions also. 

Terabox have a facility about Locked Box where your photos or file will stay in private.

Automatic backup for your audio, image and video files. You can download the app to your desktop, laptop, pad and mobile phone. It will also help you to speed up.

Built in video player for all of the worldwide devices. 

2 TB space for the premium users. 20GB file upload facility.

Terabox can help you on these 4 ways:
  • Share files.
  • Remote upload.
  • File preview.
  • Photo Management.
So you can download free cloud storage from my referral link. 

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