Sunday, January 28, 2024

Some bad things about Google adsense earning system.

I know adsense from 2006 (was engaged with prelaunch programs of California from 2000). As a word, from the first day of their journey start. I have earning records with my first adsense account: (no access now)  or (got hacked with youtube, odesk, elance and some more accounts) or (have access. For the first time it was possible to create adsense account with other email service providers). My first earning was 200$+ but I didn't received that payment. Adsense had shown an error. After balance add: they said content is duplicate or some more causes and they had cancelled the payment. I got astonished by watching their behavior. if content is duplicate than how monetization was working for the full month and had served the ads and collected the payments. I got first hurt from Adsense or online earning system. Later I had left the adsense earning platform. Went to freelancer and outsourcing related works and was engaged for long time. 

Today: 2024 and I am earning from Adsense now a day from text monetization and video monetization with youtube. That things are still available. I often see some times balance get decrease (some small amount) from adsense content monetization or from youtube monetization program. The most embarrassing things are: Youtube monetization program payment shows after 02 days. I feel insecurity over here. How is it possible and why the balance get add after 02 days to the youtube monetization program studio analytics program. Youtube does not have personal payment button. They take the ads from Google Ads and serve the ads within youtube videos and send the payment for every ad views to the Google adsense department. Google adsense shows the per day earning after every 36-48 hours later. Still now not know that why this 36-48 hours are necessary to reflect the balances. As much as I remember, at 2011 - on youtube partnership program the balance add instant. 

Now a day Adsense cut the small balances some times without any prior notification. When a person earn from online, that earning is their heart. When Adsense decrease the balance without any prior notification, than peoples get hurt. Adsense have 3 types of monetization programs: 

  • Text monetization. Like websites.
  • Video Monetization. Like: Youtube.
  • App monetization like Admob. 
I do not have any experience about Admob but I feel harassments when I see the youtube monetization program balances add after 36-48 hours. For the last few months, I saw every month first day or second day adsense cut some balances like 1 to 2$ without any prior notification. There have no notification at the time of cut. Adsense always cut the 32% from the text monetization earning. After adding balance or after day change : there have no way to deduct the balances. I didn't saw it previously but for the last few months I am watching this. 

I have already received 9th payment from Youtube Monetization Program and Text monetization system. You can see the full details from the down below youtube payment proof related video tutorials. 

I am using internet from 1995. Its almost 30 years. From my experience I can say that: Adsense statistical analysis team or adsense payment group: there have some trouble. Like they are not perfect literate or educated or they are not permanent citizen (valid voter number based citizen for any country). I think there have some uneducated team is working between the system or within the system several divisions where they are not perfect educated from any university graduation. I am saying this by watching the working system for the last 4/5 years. Previously the system was hassle free and now the system is engaged with harassments.  After getting add balances with the monetization account balance: if decrease that is a kind of payment harassments. Ad serve may be accurate but revenue collection may have some trouble. I will be happy if @google recheck all of the departments of adsense and adwords are accurate or honest or perfect educated (After verification of their certificates or papers) and their citizenship (they have any country valid voter numbers or they are from any valid country). In case of Bangladesh the valid voter number database is available with PERP & FINIDC department of United Nations. 

In case of any kind of balance or revenue cut : Google adsense should need to show the notifications message every time.

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