Friday, January 5, 2024

Only organic views does not generate Youtube ads and Youtube video ads.

Only organic views will serve the Youtube Ads or Youtube Video ads, its not true. Youtube show ads by keywords, category and by the words or speech which has been sounded within the video inside. Organic views can serve more ads, its true. But its not the only condition for getting rich ad. 

Lets check the organic views definition from Google support section. Google does not mention it any where that only organic views will serve the Youtube Video Ads for the youtube videos. Google clearly mentioned that when a user watch the youtube videos without any paid promotion that is called organic views. Organic views can be from Youtube Search based. If any views comes from Youtube Search bar and can find the specific video by the specific keywords based, that is called Youtube organic views. Any kind of paid promotions are not Youtube Organic views. Like Google ads, Youtube Ads, Third party views and some more sources of video ads promotions can not be say organic views. 

Youtube views can be external views, suggested views, Explore views, Recommended views, Youtube Search page views, Subscription based views and from other youtube channels views. Any form of search in Youtube Search engine bar views can be call Youtube organic views. Perhaps this is the best views to get rank on youtube if anybody find you on Youtube search result pages. Every website search bar have a personal database. Youtube also have personal database and when anyone searches with some keywords and gets the correct and right views that is called Youtube organic views. 

Youtube serve 2 kinds of ads. One is Google ads which come to Youtube video pages. When you upload a video on youtube , you will get a subdomain from Youtube with your channel link for the uploaded video. There video top right side and video down side ads are called Google ads where within video ads are called Youtube video ads. Youtube video ads can be come for any types of views which are acceptable by Youtube Studio Analytics. Google ads can be serve for any page where the page or sub pages are connected with Google ads serve section. So here GA mentioned that organic views can come with paid views. You can purchase the paid views from Youtube Ads and from Google Ads. So paid views campaign can give you organic views based ads serve. But any form of paid campaign for youtube videos are not good to get in rank. For having paid promotion your video can generate large number of views but after that campaign finish youtube video will not serve the ads for the audience. Paid views can not make you rank. Only organic search based videos with important keywords based can give you rank on youtube search engine result pages. 

By the search engine algorithm, if search engine deliver any traffic or views that is called organic traffic or organic views. Youtube have a search bar. So youtube have a personal video database. If you search masudbcl on youtube search bar that will be an organic traffic for my youtube channel on YTA- Youtube Analytics. If you enter the channel than you will be count as an organic channel views. If you watch any video for minimum 10 seconds, than you will be count as an organic views also. If you do not search my channel username on the youtube search bar and if you search any keywords, where you will find my videos that will be an organic views for my youtube video after watching 10/11 seconds minimum because you had come to the video by an organic search. 

In case of Google search when you search keyword masudbcl, than you will find a website result or search engine result pages. There you will find my website named: masudbcl. When you enter my website than you are an organic traffic. When you stay with my website for more than 30 seconds in a page , than you are an organic views. Organic views always increase the website position or youtube video position on search engine result page. organic keyword based search also increases your rank or positions on SERP. 


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