Friday, January 26, 2024

7th birthday of Youtuber masudbcl youtube channel.


I am with youtube from the first day of their journey of 2006. At that time I made my first youtube channel. There only one video was available. Later I got an assignment and created 11 more youtube channels for the client. There all of the sign in form was available like open Id, login with wordpress, login with blogger, Gmail, yahoo, Windows, Live, Bing, Hotmail, Outlook, Mail and some more. By using all of those facilities I made 11+ youtube accounts and provided to the client. After that I made a new account on 2011 time by the same name and got hacked with 1 videos public. Later from 2011 time I was doing full time freelancer works and felt a necessity to show my creativity to create a new youtube account at 2017. Today is the 7th birthday of my Youtube channel: masudbcl 

I have received a notification from Youtube yesterday night and its showing still now. in this 7 years of journey I have received 90% real viewers for my youtube channel. I didn't looked for the large number of fake views. Because I know buying views or bought views will not give you a real feelings about you tubing. If you make video and upload video and get minimum 1 real views, than your video upload is successful. After one all of are numbers also. The more views you generate, the more revenue you will generate: that is the condition of Youtube Partnership program. 

Now a day, to create a youtube channel is totally free with your Gmail account. You can highlight or focus your youtube channel by uploading regular content. You can upload your content to increase your sales for the online products or you can do affiliate marketing or you can take the youtube partnership program facilities. Now a day after 18 years of Youtube journey - I feel necessity some more monetization program with Youtube. In this world there have huge and huge monetization structures are available. All of the monetization's program can get engage with the youtube video streaming and can serve their ads. It can be local policy or it can be an international brand also. You can serve your ads locally or for any specific channel or for the worldwide. 

By this time I have generated 400k+ views. My first achievement is: to get chance with a youtube playlist named: mix. My Youtube partnership program payment prooves are available with Youtube Mix playlist. My second achievement is: 200k views 1000$ as a 55% withdrawn and spent. My third achievement is my keyword  masudbcl score on Vidiq is: 69.I will be happy if you visit all of my payment prooves related videos to know details about how youtube payment system world. Still now Youtube does not have personal payment button where worldwide every incorporation website have personal payment button to pay their users.

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