Tuesday, July 31, 2018

I have verified my marketplace physical address. Feeling happy.

I have been working with SEOClerk marketplace for the last few years. I have been thinking to verify my house physical address for long term though the buyer of SEOClerk will see an address verified badge beside my profile username. Some times ago I got that verification. Now a days SEOClerk is very much strong marketplace on this world. SEOClerk is the only 5 tier marketplace in this world. You can earn by huge and huge way and you can get 5 marketplace registration at the same time by doing the one time registration. 

Check the procedure to verify your SEOClerk address verification method.

You can verify your physical address also by sending any verifiable documents from Bangladesh Like Electricity/Gas/Water bill  or by any other documents which can be verifiable by your National ID card or by your Machine readable Passport.

Friday, July 27, 2018

How do you withdraw money from Postloop?

Postloop is one of the world biggest and largest content writing and content writing exchange service in this world.I have been working on here or the last 1 year for writing to one site and have been withdrawn several payments -several times. You can start work on here freely also. Just click on the banner- Join free and reply me for the next necessary procedures by Skype: masudbcl

Here is the step by step instruction about o withdraw money. After 48 hours I shall add one more picture on here about my payment proof. Basically they do not show the payment statistics every time except after withdraw the payment. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

I am a buyer also now on SEOClerk. The world largest SEO marketplace.

As a freelancer- every one first demand is to earn work by continuous apply. Now a day there have only some few marketplace where you will get unlimited bid works. SEOCLerks is one of them and by joining free with SEOCLerk you can get 5 free registration with 5 marketplaces. You can earn here by several ways- minimum 5 ways- As a seller, As a buyer, As an affiliate marketer, As a bidder and As an exchange of services. 

For my work purpose I do buy online services from SEOCLerk some time. Today I have received my 4th recommendation as a buyer. I am feeling happy and for that reason I have been sharing the notification with you all. 

You can check the screenshots and visit my profile. Reply me for any SEO purpose. 
Skype: masudbcl

Monday, July 16, 2018

One free sign up. You will become member of 5 marketplace. The world best SEO marketplace.

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World Cup 2018.

Congrats to Croatia for doing a very best world cup overall up to final. I was Croatia supporter at final. On this world cup Croatia played very much well. 

You can check all matches result on here. 

For the total world cup time I have watched the play by internet and by FTP server or by several apps. Moreover the best highlights are on FIFA TV Channel.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Kingdomlikes- One of the most important social media marketing exchange platform of this world. You will get minimum 6+ major social media exchange platform and this is the beautiful way to increase social media signal for any platform. 

Friday, July 13, 2018

Some credentials of masudbcl

I am not looking for job to any Organization/corporation/company/Government/ Non Government/ NGO or any other things except full tile freelancing and outsourcing work at marketplace. I am a full time freelancer and outsourcing worker at marketplace. You do not need to become a bachelor degree owners or Masters degree owner or Honors degree owners in this world to become a freelancer and outsourcing worker at marketplace. Check my outsourcing and freelancing profile. Click on centurion

1) At first I am a full time freelancer and outsourcing worker at marketplace. I have been working as a full time freelancer and outsourcing worker of marketplace from 2011 to still now. I enjoy the outsourcing work and about my country I was the first time outsourcing worker from 2003. I have a previous O desk account by the username: masudbcl and my that account got hacked by Bangladeshi hackers. I had an account on E lance also and there my username also: masudbcl. Now a day- Odesk+Elance. I was happy about this website to do huge work but I made a little bit late to start the work in here and I had been trying to become habituated on here. 

You can check my full life time internet works by making a search on internet by the keyword: masudbcl

2) I have been working with another SEO marketplace for the last few years. There my earning level is already 4000$+. I have been working as a community answer person also and I am able to provide 5$ bonus to any buyer who join under my referral link. Here are the screenshots:

Personal website:

3) I have 3 personal website.

a) Application programming Interface based social media marketing e commerce shop for worldwide visitors which are not freelancer or outsourcing worker or which are not related on this industry.

b)  Amazon affiliate store for smart phone device and many other devices. 

c) The running website.

Finally I have been passing very much poor life from my small child hood. Always I feel the demand of money. For that reason I had been tried with O desk and Elance but there I got hacked with the Bangladeshi hackers and I had been started with SEOClerks. 

4) I have 06 programming language experience and I have associate degree certificate from: Aptech Worldwide Corporation- 1900 S. Northfolk Street, Suite 240, San Mateo, CA 94403, USA about Information System Management. Additionally I have some online short course certificate from- 9000 Shields Avenue, Oklahoma City , OK- 73160, USA. Kindly check the all attachments down below. 

Aptech Worldwide Corporation: 
Certificate Name: Certificate of Proficiency In Information System Management  . Serial: 006434   Ver: 1.1/Apr.2005  Date of Issue: 01-Dec-2005    . [CTR 0426]
Performance Statement: Semister: 1 [eACCP] Sr. No. 10402   Date of Issue: 01-Dec-2005.      [PES0297]

Certificate Name: Diploma In Information System Management. Sr. No. 006437 Ver: 1.1/Apr.2005  Date of Issue: 01-Dec-2005 .   [CTR 0426]
Performance Statement: Semester: II [eACCP] Sr. No. 10405  Ver: 1.1/Apr.2005  Date of Issue: 01-Dec-2005 . [PES0297]

About another online short course certificate:
Certificate name: Online Silver certificate. Basic Computer Education. SL: 52437
Online Silver Certificate: Internet Engineering SL: IE52369
Online Silver Certificate: HTML   SL: H52340 

I do not want to do any job in this world except marketplace and outsourcing world and E-commerce platform. I am a full time freelancer for the last 7 years. I have working experience with O desk and Elance previously. Now trying to establish a personal business with Freelancing and outsourcing marketplace and E-commerce. 

Except English learning/speaking/hearing/understanding- there is not enough higher education is necessary for doing freelancing and outsourcing work at marketplace. 

So have a great freelancing wishes for every one. 

Thursday, July 12, 2018

My post loop account details.

Postloop is one of the most popular day by day content exchange site. Here have huge forum and blogs are available to write and to get pay. I have already received some payment and I write for one site. You can start writing for 20 sites at a time if you are qualify. 

If you join under my referral link than I will show you the next steps to start earning from this world day by day popular website. 

Here is the referral link: Click on Centurion or Postloop

My SEO Marketplace recommendation.

I have been working with SEO marketplace for the last 7 years. I had lost huge of my marketplace profile by the attack of hackers. This is one of my profile where I have some good recommendation and positive ratings. Like to do work for long term. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Social Media Promotion

Application programming interface based social media marketing worldwide. All real. No fake. No bot. No software. All major social media platform exchange.


Sunday, July 8, 2018

Earn regular point and bonus from world best social media exchange platform- addmefast

Addmefast is the world best and world largest social media exchange platform. Here you can earn credit for 10+ social media platform and at the same time you can sell the 10+ social media platform signal world wide which all will be real. No fake. No bot. No software. All real social media profile based social media signal. There if you are a regular worker than you can get regular 500 bonus point. On this video you can see how I have increased the credit point and how did I got the credit bonus? Joining is totally free. You can start selling social media signal for your community/city/state or for your country or for worldwide. On any marketplace you can provide an offer for selling social media signal.  

Join free from this link:
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Saturday, July 7, 2018

How do earn point on Like4Like - World best Social Media Exchange policy

Like4like is one of the world largest and fastest growing social media exchange community. There are crore of peoples are regular getting benefit and marketing their products/songs/profiles in this world by this social media exchange. Check the video where I have been done some works after getting registration and you can easily understand how do you will increase your credit point to earn social signal. 

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