Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Buy 4000 watch hours for Youtube Monetization Program from Youtuber masudbcl.

Before going to Youtube channel monetization services: You should need to know some basic qualifications about to get the monetization approval. Like:

  •  Your channel does not have any copyright strike. 
  • Your channel should need to have 4000 watch hours.
  • Your channel should need to have 1000 subscribers. 
  • You do not have any duplicate content. 
  • Your channel videos used music videos are not duplicate or copyright claim free. 

The more old youtube channel you have, the more flexibility you will get. Its my experience. You can buy 4000 watch hours from any one but you should need to know how the 4000 watch hours are coming. Like: You have bought 4000 watch hours by watching anyone PPC ad, but after some days those 4000 watch hours got vanished. Than your monetization will be disabled. without any prior notification. Now a day people buy or purchase 4000 watch hours from RDM software but maximum time Youtube will disable your channel after few months and those RDM software based watch hours will not be count. 

Which are the basic ways for getting 4000 watch hours without purchase?

  • Maximum time you will create the videos by trending topics based. On youtube left side you will find the trending section. If you are a good analyzer about the trending topics, than you will get huge number of views and watch hours easily. See Your youtube channel homepage left side: Explore section. There you will find the trending section. 
  • If you have large number of audience (Like facebook friends, Instagram followers or Facebook pages or any other social media platforms) there you can share your youtube channel and videos. In this way you can get 4000 watch hours within a day or a week or a month. The condition is within a year. 
  • If you know how to generate good and quality traffic for a blog post than you can divert your traffic from your blog post to the Youtube channel. In this way you can get huge number of views and huge number of watch hours.
  • Do not buy fake views and fake watch hours from any one which does not have practical experience about the 4000 watch hours.

From my personal experience, If you buy fake watch hours from any unknown sources, than you will get trouble in case of monetization program at the future time. Your channel can be disable at any time without showing any prior notification: because the watch hours came from unknown and unauthorized services. You need to buy the 4000 watch hours from those youtubers which are already earning from youtube monetization programs. If you buy the monetization watch hours from the persons which are not youtuber, they will never understand anyone feelings about you tubing. I saw huge youtube channel which get disable at the middle of time for buying watch hours from RDM software's or from unknown sources. 


Watch the top video tutorial playlist and get full details about youtube monetization program payment prooves. I had also bought 4000 watch hours before start from Youtube approved API services. So if you need 4000 watch hours as like as me: you can contact with me by email: 

Thursday, December 21, 2023

bluehost wordpress hosting details by masudbcl.


Anybody can make any blog or website by any free hosting or paid hosting services. bluehost wordpress hosting is very much popular for the wordpress blog or website. offers or provide the free blog for any one. You will get a subdomain based wordpress hosting. See this address: This is a free wordpress blog which we call it subdomain based website. But if you buy any template or if you set up domain with the wordpress template than you should need to purchase a hosting from outside for your blog or website. From that points of view: bluehost wordpress hosting is very much popular in this world. I had personally used that services and didn't got any trouble for a single second.

At first you need to purchase the domain from any domain renowned services. From my personal experience I can say that: bluehost wordpress hosting is the fastest wordpress hosting services. They are very much good speed based hosting. I am using broadband internet from 1995 on Bangladesh (Near to India) and I got something special at the time of Bluehost Wordpress Hosting. For buying this service simply you can visit their website : Fastest Wordpress Hosting.

Bluehost Wordpress Hosting website have 3 special services: 
  • Website & Online Store.
  • Wordpress Hosting.
  • Woo commerce.
Bluehost Wordpress Hosting personally designed for these services for the worldwide wordpress users. bluehost wordpress is a special package and special structure for the wordpress hosting needed users.  

For creating any website with wordpress, you can take the help of wordpress designer or wordpress developer. You can take the help of famous and renowned marketplaces website and you can hire the wordpress designer freelancer or wordpress developer freelancer. You can take the help of the world largest white hat seo marketplace freelancers: SEOclerks. You can hire wordpress designer or developer from any marketplace website but you should need to know there have SEO matter. If SEO does not work with your new website, than your website will never come to the first position of Google or many other search engine result pages. If designer or developer use duplicate template than your website will not come to the SERP result pages. 

Saturday, December 16, 2023

In Smart Technology peoples are not using RJ45 cable direct with CPU.


Did you ever got hacked for using this rj45 cable? Do you know you can convert your rj45 broadband cable connection to a router Wi-Fi network easily. In Bangladesh this is large number based system. Here peoples help peoples by distributing the broadband router modem password to each other. Like on my residential building I use one cable connection to a big router. From there 3 floors there have 3 more modems and all over 20 persons we are using same broadband connections by mobile and laptop devices. By Wi Fi router network you can not use Wi Fi to your CPU without adding a Wi Fi connecting device. By my experience there have 100% chance to get hack when you are using rj45 plug in. This plug in have copper connection and the Cat4 and Cat 5 have copper connections also. So hackers can get easy access with your CPU if you have rj45 plugin based broadband internet connection.

Instead of rj45 cable connection you should need to use this router modem. On Technology world : Every house or every internet connection comes from Local ISP. ISP means: Internet Service Provider.  Every ISP are listed with the government. Every government is connected with the silicon valley authority and there have some right degree and angles for the authorized ISP around the worldwide. If any ISP is bad position based than there have easy hacker access. If any ISP share broadband illegally without informing the government: than there have huge possibilities about hack. If any ISP are nationwide that is not a legal ISP. There degree and angles based broadband transmission are not authorized. An ISP can not become worldwide. A silicon valley is not an ISP. A silicon valley is an ISP for the inter continental zone - continental country based but its not an ISP for worldwide peoples. So if you take broadband cable connection from Silicon Valley illegally: You will not find the right degree and angles based broadband supply to your PC or CPU. On your connection: if you take it to the house or building than your full house or building will stay online. Every mobile and laptop connection have Wi Fi device connectivity. You can get easy connection share to each other because at 20 MBPS speed minimum you are not using the full speed or broadband but you are paying for the full. So the Technology Network Hackers will make a gambling with you. They will collect your rest of the broadband bandwidth and will sell it to another locations where right degree and angle based broadband connection will not be available. 

To avoid hackers with your cable rj45 from your router: you can use switch with the router. Now a day for the fiber optic cable connection to increase the speed there have a new device available named onu. This onu is the first who is taking Fiber optic broadband connection from the ISP. After onu its coming to the main router modem. From router modem its going to the switch and from switch its going to the another flats router modem where all total 20 persons and 40 devices are using together one broadband internet connection. Speed: 20mbps.

On a smart technology world: there have no problem if you use your broadband Wi Fi Modem password for using with the surrounded peoples. In this way surrounded poor peoples will be happy and will pray for you. Every business locations, office and Cafe and Bar is connected now open Wi Fi policy. When anyone is coming there are getting the signal about the Wi Fi connection name. After getting the connection name: peoples are enjoying the free internet services with the Wi Fi connectivity. If you have strong password and if you are careful about the safe browsing than you are 100% safe. There have no way to hack you when you are using Wi Fi. 

In this Wi Fi share way you can build strong community in your area. Peoples will get knowledge that your house or building or business locations have free Wi Fi facilities. People will say your name or brand easily and you will get a popularity. On Bangladesh and India: I see here people keep the Wi Fi modem passwords are open. Like: username: admin and Password: admin. But I believe this is not safe. You can make your Wi Fi connection pass wordless for every one but You can not keep your admin password open. Here in Bangladesh and India: every middle class family have one Wi Fi router with broadband internet connection and maximum times their mentalities are open for all policy. In this way small small Wi-Fi communities are available in here. I think several crore numbers of Wi- Fi connections are available around the Bengali states of Bharat (india). 

From ISP: its coming to the houses or buildings. From ISP its coming to the ONU in case of fiber optic cable. From ONU its going to the Broadband Router Modem Wi Fi network. For the single Wi Fi modem use onu and switch is not necessary. But for the high speed and for many people uses: ONU and Switch are necessary. So I use my broadband connections on this way.  From ISP--- ONU---Router----Switch---Flats Router. In this way I cover 6000 SQF (Square Feet) area by one broadband internet connection from a  good ISP.

For the near future: SIS: Satellite Internet System is coming to the world. Perhaps European and American peoples are already using that by the name of Starlink. There have no broadband cable connection from local ISP. There have direct connection from satellite to the router modem to the Wi Fi network. Still now the upload speed is low but the browsing speed is very much fast or super. I wish I will also use one which is 1 KM range based and 500 peoples will use the same router or modem. Worldwide SIS modem makers can make an idea about this area small small WI Fi connectivity to the each one SIS connectivity. In this way your brand can get popular also. 



Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Google announces to pay by Adsense Impression based ad revenue only from next year.

 Google Adsense announced by a blog post: from the next year (count down: after 17 days for the next year) they will pay only by ad impressions. They will not pay any one for ad click revenue based. You can ask why this decision come? I think there have a valid reason. There have a group in this world who makes a new method: Adsense Loading method. May be they forgot the advertisers thinking. At first you should need to know what is the adsense loading? The answer is: A large number of peoples will come to your website by an organic way and will stay with your website and another large number of people will click the Ads on a certain way or by following a valid rules. In this way any adsense publisher generated a large number of revenue but there advertisers didn't got any good number of sales, leads or sign ups. So the advertisers got disappointed and went off from Google Adsense. In this Google Adsense lost that advertisers for the life time. When advertisers set up the campaign: they pay separately for the ad impressions. For this reason I think:  Google had decided to pay the publishers only by Ad Impression based from the next years.

Previously it was known to us that to watch any ads for minimum one seconds from a human being is called ad impression. But now a day Google is saying the ad served options are called one impression.  Ad served is a vast matter. Some are like: 

  • You are not from Invalid Ip.
  • You are not from duplicate or pirated OS.
  • You are not from banned IP.
  • You are not from blacklisted IP.
  • You are not from banned area. 
  • You are not from an internet where degree and angles are not listed. 
  • You are not a bad user.
  • You are not harmful on internet.
  • You are not a Hecker.
  • Your PC does not have hackings set up.
  • Your website does not have illegal contents.
  • Your website are not search engine blacklisted.'
  • You are not a suspicious user.     
  • Finally you should need to become a human being must.

There have huge and huge reason why your ad impressions will not be count? Its totally depends on Google algorithm. You should need to become a honest user must. Your traffic or visitors are from human also must. Your audience are not robotic. Your traffics are not autoboot based. Your traffics are not from paid campaigns only. 

See the top image. Here the answer is: An impression is how much time the ad has bene displayed in front of you or How many seconds you had watched the ad? Ad impression does not count the ads click. Ads click is a different matter. Advertisers pays to the users for ad impression based also. Advertisers can set up the campaign for every 1000 ad impressions. 

Adsense pays for the both Ad impression and Ads click also. It depends on the different types of ads. For the past 20 years it was Advertisers option: they can set up for ads click or they can set up for the impressions. But on 2024 its mandatory for the advertisers to set up the impressions cost also. Because by the new structure of Google ads: impressions are every thing. 


Thursday, December 7, 2023

Why Adsense approved blogger blog stats are not counting on Adsense dashboard?


In this Blogging world: Blogger blog is very much popular to every blogger in this world. If you want to do free blogging: than there have no other first alternative except Blogger. Its very much popular for the unlimited hosting place. If you create any account with blogger by your Gmail, than you will get a free subdomain and an unlimited hosting space. There have another hosting service like self hosted blog. Self hosted blog means you need to buy hosting from another popular hosting services. Like: Namecheap, HostGator, Bluehost etc. 

Huge bloggers in this world love Bluehost Blog. Bluehost hosting is very much popular. I have also used this hosting in real life. I had enjoyed the hosting speed very much. I suggest every one to use Bluehost blog in case of self hosted blog. Bluehost Hosting services have an affiliate program. Anybody can join with this affiliate program and can earn by selling Bluehost services.

Now see on the top first image. There you are watching a stats of Blogger Blog. I have a blog which you are reading now named masudbcl. This is a blogspot and after registration I got free blogspot domain. If you type than you will also find this blog. So if you create a blog with Blogger blog which is not self hosted blog; than you will find a free subdomain and unlimited hosting. Now the question which I was trying to say that: the blogger blog stats are not showing the same stats on Adsense dashboard. 

I know blogger blog from 2006. Previous time every blogger views easily comes to the Adsense dashboard I saw. But from after 2013 the blogger views are not getting count on Adsense dashboard. I have adsense and Google analytics enabled with my blogger blog. The views which are getting count by Blogger blog and the Adsense impressions which are getting generate on blogger blog: those are not showing on Adsense dashboard at Bangladesh side. For SEO and for the SEO keyword based articles and for search engine algorithm : any one can find your blog or blog posts from the worldwide any country search engines. The visitors or traffic which stay for some time on Blog can be count as a @blogger blog views. That views will be count by @Adsense also. 

In case of Blogger Integration with Adsense: the traffic module should be same. Because for having Adsense ad: Blog is getting ad on every pages or post pages on blog. Adsense have integration with blogger blog. So the website should need to show the same or accurate page views. Both dashboard will show the same. Because the views are getting count by Blogger dashboard. For having integration the same views will be show to the Adsense dashboard also. Previous time (2006-2013) I saw this thing: when any visitor came to blogger blog: it shows the same to the adsense dashboard. 

Blogger blog, AdWords, Adsense, Google, Youtube, Youtube Monetization Program everything gets control by Gmail in this world. I think instead of Gmail we should need to get another email services providers login. Previously it was present and I had enjoyed. Still now miss those services. Now a day Blogger have Earning integration but they have only Adsense payment system. Can Blogger integrate some new earning system like PPI (Pay Per Impression) or Blogger Ads section personally. IT will make the blogger blog popular in this world. Still now any one can receive the email by method. But from 2006 to still now Blogger is integrated with Adsense only in case of Earning Tab. Here some new payment system should be come from Blogger Inc. I personally suggest PPI.

Saturday, December 2, 2023

Video discovery ads youtube previous Trueview video ads are now In-feed video ads.

 Previous Youtube Video Discovery Ads are now In-Feed video ads. In-Feed video ads focus your brand, product or services for your youtube channel target audience. Its appears on Youtube Search Results, Youtube Watch Next and Youtube App home feed. See an example of Youtube Video Discovery Ads. 

Youtube Video Discovery Ads to In-Feed Video ads change will not affect your campaigns. Viewers will find the In feed video ads from the related videos search. When viewers search related videos than they will find this change ads : In-Feed video ads. Also this ad is available at the scroll through the Youtube Home Feed or search for content section. 

Previous video discovery ads are now In feed video ads. This change deliver information to the viewers actively consuming the relative content. Makes use comfort to watch more videos from your brand, like, Share or subscribe to your channel. Youtube video discovery ads previous name was Trueview Discovery Ads and now known as In Feed Video Ads. Its a video advertising format offered on youtube. This ad appear on the top of relevant search result pages. Also available in the desktop or mobile home page. 

In Feed Video Ads run cost per view (CPV) based. The average cost for an in feed video ads is $0.10. These ads are more budget friendly. This In feed ads are very much suitable for small and middle sized businesses.