Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Google announces to pay by Adsense Impression based ad revenue only from next year.

 Google Adsense announced by a blog post: from the next year (count down: after 17 days for the next year) they will pay only by ad impressions. They will not pay any one for ad click revenue based. You can ask why this decision come? I think there have a valid reason. There have a group in this world who makes a new method: Adsense Loading method. May be they forgot the advertisers thinking. At first you should need to know what is the adsense loading? The answer is: A large number of peoples will come to your website by an organic way and will stay with your website and another large number of people will click the Ads on a certain way or by following a valid rules. In this way any adsense publisher generated a large number of revenue but there advertisers didn't got any good number of sales, leads or sign ups. So the advertisers got disappointed and went off from Google Adsense. In this Google Adsense lost that advertisers for the life time. When advertisers set up the campaign: they pay separately for the ad impressions. For this reason I think:  Google had decided to pay the publishers only by Ad Impression based from the next years.

Previously it was known to us that to watch any ads for minimum one seconds from a human being is called ad impression. But now a day Google is saying the ad served options are called one impression.  Ad served is a vast matter. Some are like: 

  • You are not from Invalid Ip.
  • You are not from duplicate or pirated OS.
  • You are not from banned IP.
  • You are not from blacklisted IP.
  • You are not from banned area. 
  • You are not from an internet where degree and angles are not listed. 
  • You are not a bad user.
  • You are not harmful on internet.
  • You are not a Hecker.
  • Your PC does not have hackings set up.
  • Your website does not have illegal contents.
  • Your website are not search engine blacklisted.'
  • You are not a suspicious user.     
  • Finally you should need to become a human being must.

There have huge and huge reason why your ad impressions will not be count? Its totally depends on Google algorithm. You should need to become a honest user must. Your traffic or visitors are from human also must. Your audience are not robotic. Your traffics are not autoboot based. Your traffics are not from paid campaigns only. 

See the top image. Here the answer is: An impression is how much time the ad has bene displayed in front of you or How many seconds you had watched the ad? Ad impression does not count the ads click. Ads click is a different matter. Advertisers pays to the users for ad impression based also. Advertisers can set up the campaign for every 1000 ad impressions. 

Adsense pays for the both Ad impression and Ads click also. It depends on the different types of ads. For the past 20 years it was Advertisers option: they can set up for ads click or they can set up for the impressions. But on 2024 its mandatory for the advertisers to set up the impressions cost also. Because by the new structure of Google ads: impressions are every thing. 


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