Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Buy 4000 watch hours for Youtube Monetization Program from Youtuber masudbcl.

Before going to Youtube channel monetization services: You should need to know some basic qualifications about to get the monetization approval. Like:

  •  Your channel does not have any copyright strike. 
  • Your channel should need to have 4000 watch hours.
  • Your channel should need to have 1000 subscribers. 
  • You do not have any duplicate content. 
  • Your channel videos used music videos are not duplicate or copyright claim free. 

The more old youtube channel you have, the more flexibility you will get. Its my experience. You can buy 4000 watch hours from any one but you should need to know how the 4000 watch hours are coming. Like: You have bought 4000 watch hours by watching anyone PPC ad, but after some days those 4000 watch hours got vanished. Than your monetization will be disabled. without any prior notification. Now a day people buy or purchase 4000 watch hours from RDM software but maximum time Youtube will disable your channel after few months and those RDM software based watch hours will not be count. 

Which are the basic ways for getting 4000 watch hours without purchase?

  • Maximum time you will create the videos by trending topics based. On youtube left side you will find the trending section. If you are a good analyzer about the trending topics, than you will get huge number of views and watch hours easily. See Your youtube channel homepage left side: Explore section. There you will find the trending section. 
  • If you have large number of audience (Like facebook friends, Instagram followers or Facebook pages or any other social media platforms) there you can share your youtube channel and videos. In this way you can get 4000 watch hours within a day or a week or a month. The condition is within a year. 
  • If you know how to generate good and quality traffic for a blog post than you can divert your traffic from your blog post to the Youtube channel. In this way you can get huge number of views and huge number of watch hours.
  • Do not buy fake views and fake watch hours from any one which does not have practical experience about the 4000 watch hours.

From my personal experience, If you buy fake watch hours from any unknown sources, than you will get trouble in case of monetization program at the future time. Your channel can be disable at any time without showing any prior notification: because the watch hours came from unknown and unauthorized services. You need to buy the 4000 watch hours from those youtubers which are already earning from youtube monetization programs. If you buy the monetization watch hours from the persons which are not youtuber, they will never understand anyone feelings about you tubing. I saw huge youtube channel which get disable at the middle of time for buying watch hours from RDM software's or from unknown sources. 


Watch the top video tutorial playlist and get full details about youtube monetization program payment prooves. I had also bought 4000 watch hours before start from Youtube approved API services. So if you need 4000 watch hours as like as me: you can contact with me by email: 

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