Saturday, December 2, 2023

Video discovery ads youtube previous Trueview video ads are now In-feed video ads.

 Previous Youtube Video Discovery Ads are now In-Feed video ads. In-Feed video ads focus your brand, product or services for your youtube channel target audience. Its appears on Youtube Search Results, Youtube Watch Next and Youtube App home feed. See an example of Youtube Video Discovery Ads. 

Youtube Video Discovery Ads to In-Feed Video ads change will not affect your campaigns. Viewers will find the In feed video ads from the related videos search. When viewers search related videos than they will find this change ads : In-Feed video ads. Also this ad is available at the scroll through the Youtube Home Feed or search for content section. 

Previous video discovery ads are now In feed video ads. This change deliver information to the viewers actively consuming the relative content. Makes use comfort to watch more videos from your brand, like, Share or subscribe to your channel. Youtube video discovery ads previous name was Trueview Discovery Ads and now known as In Feed Video Ads. Its a video advertising format offered on youtube. This ad appear on the top of relevant search result pages. Also available in the desktop or mobile home page. 

In Feed Video Ads run cost per view (CPV) based. The average cost for an in feed video ads is $0.10. These ads are more budget friendly. This In feed ads are very much suitable for small and middle sized businesses. 

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