Wednesday, November 29, 2023

What is Youtube Video ads? Ask by Youtuber masudbcl.

Youtube Video Ads : At the time of youtube video play time or before the video play time or middle of the video play time or finish of the video play time or down to the video or top right side of the video webpage : Youtube Video Ads get show every time to every youtube viewers. 

Within the video: there have 2 kind of video ads. When one video ads come within the running video by breaking the screen that it can be call video ads also. Basically Youtube have 2 kinds of ads: one is Skip Ads and another is non skip ads. 

Youtube Video Ads : Skip Ads are the functional video ads which can come at any time on the video play time. Before start the video, in the middle of the video and at the last of the video. Skip ads can be any time length based like advertisers set the video ads time. It can be 30 seconds or 1 minute or 5 minutes or 10 minutes or more+. After 05 seconds of video ads play: you will get skip ads button. When you press the skip ads button: than it will be shown as an Estimated Monetization Playback to Youtube Studio Analytics program. 

Non Skip Ads are those video ads which can not be skip at the time of video play. If you do not pause the video: you must should need to watch the non skip video ads and the main video will start play after finish of the non skip video ads. Non skip video ads are very much popular because it makes force to the viewers to watch the video ads must. Because if you do not finish the video ads than the paused video will not be start automatically. 

Several types of video ads:
  • In stream skip ads.
  • In stream non skip video ads.
  • In feed video ads.
  • Bumper ads.
  • Out stream ads.
  • Masthead ads.

In stream Youtube Video Ads: In stream ads are designed to people to click through the ads. Within Youtube Video watch page: down to the video or top right side of the video page. Any kind of video ads within the video page which are clickable through ads or call to action based: that is called in stream ads. After click you will be redirect to the new website page must. There if you spend some time by visiting some more pages:  than you will be count as an ad viewer. 

Several kinds of Youtube Video Ads will give you revenue. Now a day Youtube run video ads with every video. If you are not a monetizer than not a problem. When Youtube Ads get any new advertiser and Youtube Ads have some urgency to run the ads: than Youtube Video Ads will apply the personal algorithm and will run the ads with top qualified videos. There Youtube videos are monetizable or not: that is not a problem for Youtube. If you browse Youtube videos on any category: you see the videos 

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