Thursday, November 9, 2023

Youtube ads and Google ads are not serving location based ads on Youtube videos.


Youtube is changing the video ad serve policy. See details: Youtube Advertising formats. See on top picture. If you go to youtube studio analytics program and select a content from the content tab: than you will find the edit section from top. Select: Edit. Select Ad settings. You will not find the previous format about Location ads. Now they are showing on a new format. 

Same situation on to the default upload section. There you will see the change also. The new video ad serving policy is saying that: Below 10 minutes videos will not serve the skip ads videos. On youtube: 10 minutes + videos are counted as a long form video. Below long form video (short form video) you will not find the skip ads section. But 8 minutes+ videos can show skip ads at the mid roll videos. 

Every Youtube channel is showing this notification at the top. You have to click and read the details about youtube advertising and change your video ad settings. 

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