Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Finally I am successful with Payoneer.

Payoneer- One of the main bank withdraw source from freelancing and outsourcing website. There are huge and huge websites on this world who allows Payoneer as a first payment method. Alternatively there have huge and huge payment source also like Bank Withdraw, Direct bank Transfer, Skrill, Neteller, Web Money, Perfect Money, (Access facility proof etc.  I have been trying to withdraw my earning from freelancing and outsourcing website by Payoneer prepaid mastercard from 2003. From 2003 to 2017- every year- one prepaid master card - minimum 15 prepaid payoneer logo mastercard I have been requested from Payoneer head office but I didn't received any card on Bangladesh. My local area Post office was inside of the Bangladesh Railway mymensingh quarter- Postal code was 2201. More over I have been tried with Bangladesh Agricultural University (Postal code 2202) and Dhaka Mirpur Address, Dhaka Keraniganj Address, Dhaka Mohammadpur address, Dhaka Agargaon address and Dhaka Demra address. Every time I have been getting clearance from Payoneer head office that the cards have been arrived but the cards were not coming to my hands. Every times the cards were shipped successfully and the cards are not coming to my hand. I was disappointed several times and I was not finding any way to withdraw my regular earnings from the freelancers websites. Lots of the peoples were getting the cards in hand successfully but what was the problem with me in Bangladesh- I was not understanding. At 1998 I was a valid voter of Bangladesh Government but I was not successful to cast my vote on my choice sign. Some one else has been cast my vote illegally and without my permission.I went inside of the voting center and asked the officer about my vote and got the answer your vote has been counted before you come- I got astonished. Later I had informed it to the Bangladesh Army related officer and they made a photographic national ID card database and I was successful to cast my vote at 2008. To cast my vote for a favorable political party I have traveled 500 KM+ and was not slept for the whole night at 2001. But on the voter list my name and my house building address was present. At 2006 I got the verification from Bangladesh Police about to make an international passport. At 2011 I have converted my manual passport to Machine readable passport. Also got a NOC- No Objection Certification number from a renown ministry of Bangladesh. At 2008-2009 time I have been received the NID- national Identity Card number also which were acceptable by the worldwide and which was made by the Bangladesh Army. Later I have discussed the full matter with Payoneer and said the full matter that intentionally I am not getting any mastercard by my house address. So what can I do? They said they would try to create an alternative system. Later Payoneer made a bank system to withdraw money from freelancing website to Payoneer Bank- Payoneer bank to Bangladeshi local bank. Again I had requested about the payoneer card issue- that I want to get the card by any cost. They had answered me- they had implemented a system where any body on this world can receive the Payoneer card by a minimum amount of Balance and by DHL courier service. After that I got a satisfaction finally I shall receive the card to my hand. Some days ago by DHL courier I have been received my card on my permanent building address and also got the verification from the freelancing website. It was very much necessary to buy some thing from online but access facilities of (Access proof: from 2011 - can make me less trouble. If you search any one to Payoneer card department that how much card has been issued by my name - than you will get the proof? Some days ago I have also received the yearly 7000$ expense facilities based dual currency Mastercard from another bank and now I made the first transaction by Payoneer card to my personal bank account and within a very much first and speedy time it was successful. 

I have cast my vote at 2008 by the system with Photograph based National ID card and with the valid voter registration number. Now I have 3 more permanent address(Dhaka Keraniganj, Dhaka Uttara and Comilla Homna based exclude mymensingh current based)and recently I have also received the Smart ID card from Bangladesh Election Commission. But I do not know still now that why the previous system didn't allowed to cast my vote on the voting center and why the continuous 15 prepaid mastercard from Payoneer to my several addresses of Bangladesh has been missed. Hope one day will get the answer. 

This country situation will be change its my hope. 


Finally SEOClerks makes me happy and successful. One day I shall search and identify the reason on this country of Bangladesh why I have missed the continuous prepaid mastercard logo based card on Bangladesh (2003-2017). 

I have the last 3 cards missing proof. On 2011-2013 I have been used SWIFT transaction from freelancing website to Bangladeshi private bank of Dutch Bangla Bank Limited. But I have lost my freelancing websites- Odesk and Elance login details (As a word got hacked). But now a day after a long term struggle for the last 7 years I have been working some how smoothly. If my struggle makes any benefit to the local culture on Bangladesh- than I am happy.