Monday, August 27, 2018

Likes planet. One of the most important social media exchange.

Likes planet is one of the most important social media exchange platform in this online world. They give huge social media platform exchange and signal increasing facility. I got huge social media signal from here and got success. They have specific country based social media exchange facilities. Any body can use their service to increase the social media point and by social media point you can increase the signal of any social media platform including Facebook, Twitter, You tube, Instagram and many other platforms. 

On the next point I shall inform you details with video that how do you earn point or how do you set up the order. Social media exchange platform is one o the most important platform for increasing social signal on social profiles. To join with this social media exchange click any top picture or click any down picture. After that register yourself. 

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Ionicware- Paylution payment solution.


One of the payment method of ionicware by paylution. Hope there will be some more payment option will add with the Ionic ware. Paylution is one of the best payment solution to transfer the amount directly from any where to any where within this world. But you must need to get reference. I got the paylution by the reference of Ionic ware and Hyper wallet. I have hyper wallet merchant account id also. 

I have just been set up the Paylution with Ionic ware Inc to transfer directly to my bank account. Previously I was able to transfer with SWIFT. My last SWIFT transaction was missed. The transaction has been done from the sender side 100% OK from my country end it was not successful. For that reason I have been thinking some more new payment system.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Payoneer is a huge develop based banking system now a day.

I have been working with freelancing and outsourcing for the last few years. Basically has been started from 2004 by O desk and many other websites and regular maximum earning was 2$. From 2004 to still now I have been placed order for getting Payoneer card for minimum 10 times to Payoneer. To get a pre paid Payoneer mastercard from Payoneer is free by any marketplace. You can check the down screenshots and there you will find the information that on Bangladesh I didn't received the 3 payoneer pre paid mastercard after giving every information accurately and correctly by my passport and by my national ID card also. It seems like a pre plan way some one was not giving the card to my hand on Bangladesh like I am enemy for some one. Now yesterday Payoneer assured me that they had issued a new prepaid mastercard by my name and they had used the registered postal service (DHL) and they will give me the DHL tracking number so that I can track my card where the card is available. Just think that from 2004 to still now- How much time I had been tried to get a pre paid payoneer mastercard in this world of Bangladesh. By this time several crore of Payoneer cards has been issued on Bangladesh but I was a bad lucky guy on this country of Bangladesh where payoneer assured me minimum 10 times they had been sent the card to me but from Bangladesh end I didn;t received. Why some peoples are such as this types of cruel with human without any necessity.

It will be victory for me because I have been trying to get a payoneer pre paid mastercard for the last 14 years. Now Mymensingh have DHL postal service and I can receive it from my local station easily. I have been doing freelancing and outsourcing work professionally for the last 7 years. One prepaid Payoneer mastercard will help me very much to lead my freelancing and outsourcing life. I have international mastercard from local bank account where I am also able to collect my money via SWIFT transaction. But recently I have missed a SWIFT transaction on Bangladesh. From City Bank Inc has been assured me with 11 reference number that the money has been cleared from their side  but on Bangladesh I have been called several time on the Local bank and they said they didn't received the money. It was an astonishing matter for me because at 2011-2012 time I have received huge payment by SWIFT transaction to DBBL bank on Bangladesh. Some days ago the payment which I had missed- it was a payment of 53$. Later I had shown the full documents to a lawyer. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Did you become a member of Google Usability.

I got the link of Google Usability yesterday from one of my friend and I have been started to fill up the registration form and finally got  a confirmation that they will let me know about more section of my profile and also has been requested to inform my friends. On this full survey will take half an hour time and they will collect every information from you about your digital life. About your android or about your smartphone or about your tablet or about your Laptop. You can also try from here : Google Usability

After few steps you will find a confirmation letter from Google also to your inbox. 

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Friday, August 3, 2018

We want Justice - Slogan, Slogan and Slogan from the core of the heart- by the all students of Bangladesh.

We want justice- A slogan has been coming from the core of the heart- from the core of every student about the accident of 2 student murdered by a Bus Driver on Dhaka Airport Road. The students were from Shahid Ramizuddin Cantonment College. The world most dangerous roads are available on Bangladesh. On a calculation- by average- everyday 64 persons has been getting murder on road accident overall the nationwide. 50%+ Buses are unfit- they are not fit for the roads and highway. Only long road buses are some how well but their drivers are not expert. There are huge and huge corruption news has been coming out from the Road and Transport authority about to give inexperienced  peoples as a driving license. 

The parents know what is the feeling by lose child. The friends know what is the feelings about to lose of friends.