Monday, February 28, 2022

Create Website #Sitemap | White Hat SEO #seotool seo software | #seo ...

If you do not create a sitemap with your website : xml version based than you will not get full crawling from google and many other search engines. If search engines are not able to crawl your website: than you do not have any chnaces for getting rank on search engine result pages. Search engine result pages always like to crawl to new websites or new things of website. When bot finds any new images, words and videos: than it add those to the databases. When any query performer makes a query on search engine search boxes: than these crawls or bots shows the latest and updates and top ranked result pages in front of the query maker. So sitemap is a structural language of extensible markup langauge where the sitemap main works are to collect the full website by some programming langauges and transfer the programming codes to the search engines or many other online programming databases which ehlps a lot for search engine programming. 

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Kwork a new marketplace website .


I have joined with Kwork : a new marketplace website. You can register free also. 

I saw some good features about this marketplace. Now a day there have huge new marketplace websites. 

Marketplace websites basically designed for getting new new freelancer: new new clients: new new works. If you know any online works or internet works and if you want to earn continuously from freelancer website: than you can register free on this website. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

How much youtube pays for one view? #youtuepayment | #youtubeearning |


360 views = $3.01. Currently youtube is paying me on this rate. $3.01 as a 55%. Rest of the 45% has been taken by youtube. Lets calculate how much youtube taken and how much I am getting for one view? 

$3.01 x 45 / 55= $2.46
$3.01 + $2.46= $5.47
$5.47 = 547 cents 
Revenue/views= per views earn
547/360=1.58 cents= $0.0158

I am getting pay: $0.0151 for per views. 

Friday, February 11, 2022

Buy unlimited facebook post like from Bangladesh.


Are you thinking and  tired about to get Facebook post likes from Bangladesh. For the long time Bangladesh API is hidden. I think that is got hecked by the Bangladeshi heckers and they only use that to get popular in Bangladesh but for having thief activities they are not getting success. Because thief activities are not counted on social media platforms. Recently this option is open now: to get likes from facebook social media. You can easily generate likes for your valuable facebook post by this API platform. Its very easy also.
You can try out. This program is facebook and most of the social media pproved method named: API Method. I think this options got heck out from the heckers. Waiting for the rest of the API fucntions will be heck out from the heckers also.  Join free with this world best social media API : smmlite

Thursday, February 10, 2022

White Hat #seo | Website Page Speed Test Tool | #seotool | #seosoftware |

Website page speed test is an important white hat seo. This SEO indicates to the search engine ranking factors about your website or blogs or e commerce websites is doing good or bad on page load or from page speed. If you have good page speed than your website will perform well in SEO ranking factors. Basically within 2 seconds if your website load fully than your website is good and doing well. But if you do not have speedy loading time than your website is not doing good. You have to increase your website load time. This youtube video will give you correct information and the process for doing good about your website or blog.