Wednesday, September 28, 2022

My shorts video on youtube shorts feed.

 Basically shorts feed is the main traffic source for Youtube shorts. If you are not hit on shorts feed than there have no chance to generate millions of views. But in my case I got shorts feed place with only 400+ views. So this is true that by taking some lower views also: you can take a place on shorts feed. Shorts feed make huge benefits for a channel: 

  • It generates extra attention, impression and views for the channel. 
  • It generates extra views for the channel and videos.
  • Some times it increases the another video views.
  • It increases the susbcribers also. 

See my only shorts based channel : masudbcl pigeon loft  .So you do not need to buy views from social media panel for shorts feed. If you have API facilities about low price: but also do not buy shorts views from social media panel. If you buy lareg number of views for your youtube channel from social media panel: than your channel will be infracted. Bangladeshi youtubers and worldwide youtubers have a tendency to buy large number of views from social media panel without any reason. 

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Somaj or samaj is a bangla word or words. See the meaning.

 Bangladesh have national ID and voter Id database. There you will not find a name by the name of somaj. So its not a person name. Its a kind of society or community in this country of Bangladesh. In basic sense when huge peoples are same mentalitified than that group name is samaj or somaj. But its not well formated in this country of Bangladesh. The same mentality people will stay together in this country of Bangladesh is called somaj or samaj. There have huge society or community which have valid registration with bangladesh govt as an organization. but there have a group badly in this country of Bangladesh which does not have voter Id and national id and they address themselves to the world by saying somaj or samaj. Than the world looks for the ID. But they are not able to show that and Bangladesh get troubles. Because those peoples have no address and no body knows where they are from but they are moving in front of all. So those are banned on Bangladesh. They have to go to the NML: No mens Land.

There have no president or prime minister or member of parliament or city corporation mayor or upazilla chairman or union ward member or ward commissioner on somaj or samaj. There have president or prime minister member of parliament or city corporation mayor or upazilla chairman or union ward member or ward commissioner within the country with valid national id and voter Id. If you do not have valid voter Id and national id than you are not a bangladeshi citizen. if you do not have valid passport for any counry than you are not this world citizen. So do not get confuse by hearing the name of somaj president or somaj prime minister. somaj or samaj is not a country name. Its a kind of society or peculiar society. Basically every bad works are availabnle on somaj. So religious people does not maintain or believe the somaj or samaj.

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Where is the do not show ads section for blogspot monetization?


Every body knows the adsense and blogspot monetization system. If you clcik the left side of blogspot than you will see this image. But you will not find a tab where you can stop the ads show on your blog. There have an option is called remove adsense from blog. Blogspot should need to generate a new tab where anyone will be eligible to stop or pause ads serve or show to the blog websites as per wish.

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Adsense for youtube Tab. Youtuber masudbcl.


2 months ago youtube has been announced on every youtuber gmail inbox that they are going to launch a new tab on Youtube studio analytics program by the name of Payment Tab. Before that adsense is showing another youtube tab newly on everyone adsense dashboard. I got also a new tab on my adsense dashboard. The top image is the proof. 

I have received 8th payment from youtube monetization program to my adsense account. You can see all of the payment proof related videos together on my youtube channel : masudbcl


40,000 views 26$ from pigeon related youtube channel: masudbcl pigeon loft.


My pigeon related youtube channel: masudbcl pigeon loft is not getting huge revenue but the earnings are not bad. Its the total earnings with my youtube channel: masudbcl pigeon loft for this year. Maximum views are shotrs views which come automatically from youtube shorts feed. 

Here the video views are 22000. You know youtube shows the video ads maximum time with youtube videos. So you can say I am getting 46$ for 22000 views as a 55%. You know youtube pays 55%-45% to their creators. Yoputube pays huge also to the shorts feed but I am not getting. I am getting some 5$ from only one shorts video. 

This is the total shorts video for thism year 2022. You can see all of my pigeon related videos by going to this shorts video.  Yesterday morning this pigeon gave me a dare. certainly he got left out from my pigeon loft. Basically my pigeon loft white pigeons do not go outside. But he ran out for 20 minutes on outside. This is the most beautiful and lovely pigeon of  my loft. He loves me very much. I didnt believed he would left me. But 3/4 times of round circle fly he came to my loft roof. Than came to the loft near and I caught him accurately. I was very happy. For the first time I see a white pigeon from my loft comes to me.  

Monday, September 12, 2022

Youtuber masudbcl first #shorts earning from youtube monetization program.


See the proof about my first #youtubeshorts earning from youtube moneti\ation program. I have a youtube channel: masudbcl. I am earning from youtube monetization program. You can see the full payment proof related videos on my youtube channel: masudbcl or see from down below. 

The #shorts video which are earning for my youtube channel: masudbcl :

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