Wednesday, September 28, 2022

My shorts video on youtube shorts feed.

 Basically shorts feed is the main traffic source for Youtube shorts. If you are not hit on shorts feed than there have no chance to generate millions of views. But in my case I got shorts feed place with only 400+ views. So this is true that by taking some lower views also: you can take a place on shorts feed. Shorts feed make huge benefits for a channel: 

  • It generates extra attention, impression and views for the channel. 
  • It generates extra views for the channel and videos.
  • Some times it increases the another video views.
  • It increases the susbcribers also. 

See my only shorts based channel : masudbcl pigeon loft  .So you do not need to buy views from social media panel for shorts feed. If you have API facilities about low price: but also do not buy shorts views from social media panel. If you buy lareg number of views for your youtube channel from social media panel: than your channel will be infracted. Bangladeshi youtubers and worldwide youtubers have a tendency to buy large number of views from social media panel without any reason. 

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