Monday, February 27, 2023

One more session with area internet users. Highly interested about freelancing.



In Bangladesh you will find minimum 5 crore peoples where everyone is using touchphone or smartphone. Android or iOS is their favorite OS. Basically rich peoples uses iPhone or ios and middle class peoples use android os. 90% of them are highly interested about to earn money or revenue from online or Internet. But in Bangladesh 🇧🇩 there have huge bad peoples on online. They serve the  paid course but do not give the guarantee about to earn from online. Last I saw a person: made a paid course 2 years ago by 20$ but for the last 2 years he didn't received any work order. For that reason I thought to start free discussion. For the last 20 years : I am earning from online and spending. I didn't made any paid course. I didn't looked for money to anyone. Because it was my thinking that if I start free session : than it can be a worldwide freelancing style. 


You are giving the peoples course learning: but they are not earning from internet or from online. They are getting hopeless. They are saying freelancers, outsourcing workers or marketplace peoples are bad. Because they are taking course fee but the new freelancers are not getting work. From that point of view: I made a plan and preparation to make free discussion with the area, district and divisional boys and girls to know what is their problems and why they are not getting works? I have successfully identified these middle class persons got hurt for giving money to the course taker peoples.

So I believe the worldwide best freelancers will start giving free class, seminars and free training to the middle class and lower class peoples and will show the marketplace so that they can start earning. At least they can register free and they can start and try free. I believe if God helps them they will get good work. 


Sunday, February 26, 2023

Outside session with the new freelancers.


 In Bangladesh everyone have a beautiful and smart phone which we call touch phone. For the last 10 years there had huge numbers of ios and android cell phones. Every cell phones are Internet connected. Now a day I have taken an innovative idea about to get engage with the students or persons which are hardly trying to become a freelancer or outsourcing worker. 

I am working with freelancing and outsourcing websites for the last 20 years. From 2002 to 2011 I was part time freelancer and from 2011 to still now I am a full time freelancer and outsourcing worker. 

My innovative idea is to meet with the persons on a cost free way. I have already meet 200+ persons. When anyone come to me I offer a gift card about Internet scratch card. After that we start discuss about any freelancing and outsourcing  topics. 

If I open an office and there if I offer the peoples to come and visit with me: there a business mentality will works where the visitors pocket money will be my main target. I was trying to avoid that mentality and selected the open spaces beside the street shops or restaurant. Here showing gorgeousness is not necessary because I believe gorgeous merit supply. My method is : time + merit = money or earnings.  

Main discussion was about the world largest white hat seo marketplace & social media marketing. Its a sorrowful matter that world largest white hat seo marketplace does not allow social media marketing related services to publish. The classes and the seminars will be in the inner room and cost free for the new comers must be. 


Saturday, February 25, 2023

seoclerks username ninahid got verified with seoclerks and published his first service.



By online and live class plus real life meet: seoclerks username: ninahid got his profile verified and has bene published his first services. If you want to use custom payment method of seoclerks: you should need to get verify with seoclerks by national Id card number (you should need to become valid and verified voter of any country) and you should need to provide the valid utility bill of your national Id card similar. So congrats for Ninahid in seoclerks.

This service is about to get real and valid traffic or visitor from social media exchange website. Background of the users will be social media cookies. If you have any software or services about social media post management or social media related: than you can purchase this service. 


Saturday, February 18, 2023

My seoclerk journey 2011 to still now.


Once upon a time in Dhaka: 2011 I had lost my all freelancing account details with Gmail and Youtube account. I stayed on a single room in Dhaka near to quarter road and I was involved with a Bangladesh government project (contractual outsourcing) about machine readable passport. I was a verified worker on Odesk and Elance. Certainly in a night I had lost my full access. When I stay on day time work with Bangladesh govt. passport section than may be some thieves access my room (there have the spare keys) and collected all of my passwords from my laptop. It was out of my think that some one will collect my password. 


By loosing every account and access: on the next day I was crying on a field named shohrawarde uddyan at Dhaka. I was using first Bangladeshi touch phone named Symphony FT40. I got a notice from my senior brothers that stay with patience: you will get the solution. On the next day evening I was again scrolling the mobile touch screen and got seoclerks within the screen. I got the website is good and registered there for the first time with my popular username: masudbcl. The account was unverified and internal full name was different. I had withdrawn 6500$+ from that account. I had worked with that account for 4 years. 


After opened the account I went to Old Dhaka area and went to mymensingh current area : Kewatkhai Mymensingh. I was working good and after 2 years of later: Dhaka mass people revolution has bene held. A group of bisexual or gay or AI types of peoples hijacked me virtually ( I was not engaged with them virtually). I had shifted again in Dhaka. I didn't said them I was doing work regular. I said them I am not earning good. Than they said to stay on Dhaka and to start retry. I thought if I am able to earn good I would stay. But accidentally when I keep the seoclerks account logged in with laptop than those virtual group may be badly used my account inbox(Like sending bad picture to my clients) and I got infractions without any prior reason. Continuous 3rd time infractions made me disable from the account where my withdraw records are 6.5k+ as a 80%.SEOclerks were taking 20% always. I got hurt by certainly lose of that account. I had contacted and I got an answer: I am not able to do work with that username: masudbcl 

Secondly made an account by the username: centjoseph and with my real full name. Within 24 hours I got again disabled. This time got confusion. I got sure that some one within that flat has bene used my account and sent nude pictures may be to my clients or made any thing where I got the infractions within 24 hours. This account was not verified also. Though the accounts are not verified : there have always chance to open a new account. On the next day I have moved to mymensingh. Here I had opened a third account and made all kinds of verification like email, phone number, secondary passwords, security questions, National Id verification and later Bank statement verification at 2017-18 time. This account username is: centurion . Here my full information's are real and verified. Previously I was in a bad area named Mirpur 12 Dhaka. This 3rd account I am using by removing myself from that area and in mymensingh now from 2015 to still now. 


SEOclerks have the affiliate program from the first day of their start. When I have joined with seoclerks at 2011 that was their first day also or nearly first week. I have joined immediately. I got the affiliate link and I had shared with my worldwide friend circle from my facebook account feed. My current facebook account was: masudbcl01 I am definitely sure huge number of peoples or buyers or affiliates or sellers has bene joined under my referral link. The most dangerous things was: thieves has bene stolen my seoclerks account logged laptop (HP) and touchphone (Samsung) at 2015. Than I went to the local police station and made a GD entry with police station. After that I had arranged 10,000 bdt and bought another new Samsung phone and recovered the seoclerks account asap. All verifications were set up. At that time the account delete or suspend option was not available with seoclerks profile. 


 Pollobi Police Station officers said me to keep my mobile numbers open. They will arrest the criminals and they will call me. Still now my cell phone is open. On the next day I have bought a second hand laptop and started works again. Still now working with seoclerks and recently seoclerks admin made the highest level of affiliate seller around the world. Now working as a levelx5 affiliate seller. Waiting for the more facilities open with my running profile. Hope you will also enjoy with the world largest white hat seo marketplace. See all of my works and proves with this video tutorial playlist on my Youtube channel: masudbcl. I octenyl upload videos about seo, white hat seo, seoclerks, seo tips, seo tricks and many more. Anyone new can learn and earn the skill and can sell the skill to the world largest seo marketplace: seoclerks.

#seo software Rank watch Tutorial Dashboard. #seotools

Rank watch is one of the best seotool or seosoftware where you can rank any keyword in local search engine. Rank watch have a worldwide popularity about the local seo. If you want to get rank locally with any search engine basically with Google. I am preparing a video tutorial playlist about rank watch on my youtube channel: masudbcl. You can see.

Saturday, February 4, 2023

#seo. rankwatch video tutorial. #keywords overview. #seotools

Rankwatch is an SEO software platform that offers a range of tools and features to help businesses and digital marketers improve their search engine optimization efforts. It provides data-driven insights, analytics, and recommendations to optimize websites for better visibility and higher rankings in search engine results.

Some key features and functionalities of Rankwatch include:

1. Keyword Research: Rankwatch helps you discover relevant keywords for your website and target audience. It provides keyword suggestions, search volume data, competition analysis, and helps you track keyword rankings over time.

2. Rank Tracking: The platform allows you to monitor your website's search engine rankings for specific keywords. You can track your rankings on various search engines and in different locations. Rankwatch provides historical data, trends, and insights to help you evaluate your SEO performance.

3. On-Page Optimization: Rankwatch offers tools to analyze and optimize on-page elements of your website. It helps you identify issues like missing meta tags, duplicate content, broken links, and provides recommendations for improvement.

4. Backlink Analysis: The platform allows you to monitor and analyze your website's backlink profile. It helps you identify high-quality backlinks, toxic or spammy links, and provides insights for improving your link building strategy.

5. Competitor Analysis: Rankwatch enables you to analyze and compare your website's performance with your competitors. It provides insights into their keywords, rankings, backlinks, and other SEO metrics. This information helps you identify opportunities and develop effective strategies.

6. Site Auditing: Rankwatch offers a site auditing tool that scans your website for technical and on-page SEO issues. It helps you identify and fix issues related to site speed, mobile-friendliness, crawlability, duplicate content, and more.

7. Reporting and Analytics: The platform provides customizable reports and dashboards to track and measure your SEO performance. You can generate detailed reports with key metrics, trends, and recommendations to share with clients or team members.

Rankwatch is designed to be a comprehensive SEO platform that provides a wide range of tools and features to optimize websites for better search engine rankings. It caters to businesses of all sizes, digital agencies, and SEO professionals.