Monday, February 27, 2023

One more session with area internet users. Highly interested about freelancing.



In Bangladesh you will find minimum 5 crore peoples where everyone is using touchphone or smartphone. Android or iOS is their favorite OS. Basically rich peoples uses iPhone or ios and middle class peoples use android os. 90% of them are highly interested about to earn money or revenue from online or Internet. But in Bangladesh 🇧🇩 there have huge bad peoples on online. They serve the  paid course but do not give the guarantee about to earn from online. Last I saw a person: made a paid course 2 years ago by 20$ but for the last 2 years he didn't received any work order. For that reason I thought to start free discussion. For the last 20 years : I am earning from online and spending. I didn't made any paid course. I didn't looked for money to anyone. Because it was my thinking that if I start free session : than it can be a worldwide freelancing style. 


You are giving the peoples course learning: but they are not earning from internet or from online. They are getting hopeless. They are saying freelancers, outsourcing workers or marketplace peoples are bad. Because they are taking course fee but the new freelancers are not getting work. From that point of view: I made a plan and preparation to make free discussion with the area, district and divisional boys and girls to know what is their problems and why they are not getting works? I have successfully identified these middle class persons got hurt for giving money to the course taker peoples.

So I believe the worldwide best freelancers will start giving free class, seminars and free training to the middle class and lower class peoples and will show the marketplace so that they can start earning. At least they can register free and they can start and try free. I believe if God helps them they will get good work. 


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