Sunday, February 26, 2023

Outside session with the new freelancers.


 In Bangladesh everyone have a beautiful and smart phone which we call touch phone. For the last 10 years there had huge numbers of ios and android cell phones. Every cell phones are Internet connected. Now a day I have taken an innovative idea about to get engage with the students or persons which are hardly trying to become a freelancer or outsourcing worker. 

I am working with freelancing and outsourcing websites for the last 20 years. From 2002 to 2011 I was part time freelancer and from 2011 to still now I am a full time freelancer and outsourcing worker. 

My innovative idea is to meet with the persons on a cost free way. I have already meet 200+ persons. When anyone come to me I offer a gift card about Internet scratch card. After that we start discuss about any freelancing and outsourcing  topics. 

If I open an office and there if I offer the peoples to come and visit with me: there a business mentality will works where the visitors pocket money will be my main target. I was trying to avoid that mentality and selected the open spaces beside the street shops or restaurant. Here showing gorgeousness is not necessary because I believe gorgeous merit supply. My method is : time + merit = money or earnings.  

Main discussion was about the world largest white hat seo marketplace & social media marketing. Its a sorrowful matter that world largest white hat seo marketplace does not allow social media marketing related services to publish. The classes and the seminars will be in the inner room and cost free for the new comers must be. 


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