Thursday, February 29, 2024

How much Youtube Monetization Program pays for 100 views RPM now?


Now a day: Youtube Monetization Program is not paying by the Estimated Monetization Playback based because the EMP stats are not showing within the Youtube Studio Analytics program. I didn't saw any confirmation video from any where but it can be say easily the EMP is not working. So Youtube Studio Analytics programs are paying by the RPM based. RPM= Revenue per Mille. So now if you generate large number of views: it can be a good payment for your video views. For the last 10 years: I can say  Youtube Monetization Program didn't paid for the every 1000 views based. They had paid only for the EMP based (EMP- Estimated Monetization Playback) based. Or what do you think? Did you any update or notification about this monetization EMP hide matter. I am describing my guess only. 

See on top image: 
197 views = 2.52$ 
Youtube Monetization Program always pay you as a 55%-45% ratio based. 
So here I got 2.52$ as a 55%.
Youtube cuts: 45%.
So how much youtube cuts from here: 
$2.52 x 45 / 55= $2.06

Than my total earnings are: $2.52 + $2.06= $4.58
So what is the total earnings are: $4.58 = 458 cents

Total views are: 197 
Lets calculate:
How much I am getting pay for every 1 view?
Total revenue/ Total views
458 cents/197 views = 2.324 cents= $0.023 x 109 bdt = 2.507 bdt 
Than you can say I am getting pay 2.507 bdt for every view.

Note: Do not get any infraction on your youtube channel.
Always do SEO for your youtube channel.
Do social media bookmark and social media share as much as possible.
Do direct SEO with your youtube subdomain.

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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Video SEO.

 Video marketing for SEO

Within any kind of online promotion video content increase the interest and engagement. 86% of business use the video content for their marketing strategy. When you are reading any content and making and planning to do some thing with any new: there video representation is very much good for the audience. A details video can explain every thing about the new new promotion of your products.

What is video SEO?

Video optimization is simply some techniques to get index on Google and many other search engines so that any body search with your video content or with the keyword and  they will get the video top in the search engine result pages. Video optimization checks right keyword within the video, right title for the video, right description with video and the right keywords. There have huge and huge strategies where a video can get rank by several keyword based. 

How to do Video SEO? 

  • Research your keyword first.
  • Choose the right keyword with high search volume.
  • Make a nice video title. 
  • Add keywords within the video.
  • Write accurate and 300 words plus descriptions. 
  • Edit the video name with good keywords.
  • Transcriptions and captions for the video.
  • Make 15 minutes+ video.
  • Increase the search engine visibility.
  • Learn the audience and get them engage.
  • Promote your videos worldwide.
  • Make a beautiful thumbnail.
  • Make an end screens.
  • Choice the right category for your video.
  • Make playlist.
  • Collaboration with others.
  • Optimize video profile homepage and logo.
  • Keep your eye on video statistics

You can upload video to any platform like : 
  • Dailymotion 
  • Vimeo
  • Google Drive 
  • Any cloud server
  • Youtube
  • or any video upload websites.

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Sunday, February 25, 2024

Tiktok Ads.

 In this world: tiktok users numbers are 884.9 millions of users. Everyone of them are 18+ means they are all real and legit and valid internet users which we call tech savy. Out of Tiktok users : 57% are female. 

50%+ tiktok users are female. Tiktok ads refers to promote full page video content to the target audience. Tiktok is a good social media now. Tiktok users are mostly first music lover. Because without music tiktok video can not be happen. Tiktok ads are a kind of social media marketing. 

3 kinds of tiktok ads are available. 
  • Tiktok ads (single ads) 
  • Tiktok Group (Collection of single ads)
  • Tiktok Campaign: ( A collection of Tiktok group ads). 

There have several types of tiktok ads. 
In feed ads: One of the most popular ad is called in feed ads. Any tiktok user can manage this kind of ads from Tiktok ads manager

Tiktok Video Ads
Tiktok video ads are the very much common format of video ads. This kind of ads direct the users to the website also. 

Here have call to action button which will forward or redirect you to the ads website. Video ads will be show for the time advertisers paid. 

Spark Ads :
Spark ads are more engaging content. It will show until you left the ads or scroll the next video. 

Tiktok Image Ads:
Tiktok image ads are image ads which contain app name or brand name. 

Playable Ads:
Tiktok playable ads are great for engagement. 

There have many more kinds of tiktok ads compare of countries and categories. Some ads are still on the beta phase or testing phase. Though tiktok have a large number of video audience, so video audience based product promotion like teaser of movies, drama and female product based video ads can be super on here. By the tiktok video ads, you can collect large number of new audience which are not known with your production yet now. Tiktok ads manager have a video ads manager section: Tiktok video ads manager.


Friday, February 23, 2024

Google Inc should be more alert about the publisher payment.

Anybody can earn a large number of dollar or amount from Google Adsense Inc. Google Adsense run text or video or app monetization program around the worldwide every country by adsense. Google have a large number of advertisers collection which comes to publish ads (Text ads, Video Ads or App ads) through Google Ads. Any website or Youtube videos or App can get large number of ads (Text ads or video ads or app ads) by their website or youtube channel quality or by the website app traffic or visitors quality. By the Google algorithm if any Website or youtube channel or app gets large number of views: there ads will come also good number based. If ads come few and views or visitors are high than the publisher will take loss. 

Google Algorithm can serve large number of ads to any sources. Anybody can earn good number of earnings also. But I think any group or any organization can earn also a good number of revenue. As for example: if some political person earn good number of revenue and run their personal politics within any country than they are big number of harassments for the inner country people.  By getting payment from Google Inc. any group or any political groups can change the inner country of politics which the country people didn't thought previously after the country of establishment. So by my think, google can take a precaution like before pay any large amount like more than 10,000$ to any one: Google Inc. should need to verify those persons personally or by Interpol internet investigation services or team.

Google Inc. does not have any rights to change the country inner politics for any country. Peoples of the country can give a large volume of blame for Google where google will loss the advertisers for the lifetime. Because no advertisers will like it for any kind of politics by their spending money. Though Google offer monetization works for any one :so for the large amount of revenue @Google should need to check the person profile or social profile : where the money will go or for which purpose they will use it. Anybody can have multi brilliancy and beside Government job or beside private service job: for an extra good number of earnings: they can do work with Adsense Inc. But before pay Google should need to verify that person and the country law that they are allowed for the payment by that country law. Though Google makes business world wide: so they should need to take care for the person or social profile verification by local police station. 

At the same time: it should need to get clear that: any criminal which have reports against them in police station will not get pay from Google Inc. For this purpose; by payment google can take the help of Interpol. Interpol can verify anyone by the person local police station. if any peoples are drug addicted and a large number of drug addicted : they also can not get payment from international incorporations. If yes than peoples will say each other (The peoples which are not working) Google is trying to change the country situation or politics, Google is trying to help a political party or person or they can say easily google is trying to help the addicted peoples. It means if these are true: than these peoples are getting payment from Google and making corruption or international corruption which will not bring any good for the future time. 

I do not believe all country same government. I believe every country separate government. If anybody does not have valid voter number for any country: those are also not allowed to get google payment because the inter world society will ask the Google reputation? valid citizen means the person should be voter must. Every good peoples or free peoples (freelancers), outsourcing workers and bloggers or writers or freelancer based people can get the earning easily but Google Inc. can not pay any country listed politicians, or drug addicted peoples or local police station criminals which are listed also.  

Note: the very much important things are: terrorist and terrorism based people. If they get large number of money from adsense than they will buy firearms to murder the peoples. So I will request to verify every one personally (by the help of Interpol) before giving payment from any kind of California incorporations.

Thursday, February 22, 2024

How much Youtube RPM pays for 100 views?

Youtube monetization program is paying by RPM based now. RPM = Revenue per mille based. Previous Estimated Monetization playback number is not showing on the stats. So you can say now a day youtube is paying by the RPM based. See on the top image. Total: 83 views $0.99 as a 55%. Youtube Monetization Program or YMP always pay as a 55%-45% ratio based. So here YMP cuts: 

$0.99 x 45 / 55= $0.81 
Total revenue= $0.99 + $0.81 =  $1.8  = 180 cents
100 cents= 1 dollar 

Lets calculate how much I am getting pay for one view:
Total revenue/ Total views 
180 cents / 83 views= 2.16 cents= $0.0216

Than how much I am getting pay for the bangla bdt for every view? 
$0.0216 x 106 bdt = 2.2896= 2.29 bdt 



Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Why adsense tax info is showing singapore?


@Google @Adsense Inc. has been designated to submit the tax information for his his whose whose country. At first the tax cut was not present with adsense. I have already received 9 payment with Bangladeshi tax info. 

I have Bangladeshi tax number and I have submitted that with adsense 3 years ago. Receiving payments regular also. Here the screenshot is showing Singapore tax info. I am from Bangladesh. I am not from Singapore. The payment has been issued and will be available on Bank account but this red mark sign is drowning for every adsense account in Bangladesh. What does it mean? Is Bangladesh tax info is not allowed by adsense. Bangladesh is surrounded by India. So Indian tax info can be submit. I think for Bangladesh this Singapore based info submission criteria should be change to Bangladesh and India. 




Tuesday, February 20, 2024

How much youtube pays for the animals or pet channel?


Youtube always pay their creators as a 55%-45% ratio based. See the top image about my pet related youtube channel: masudbclpigeonloft. Here you are watching: 

Total views: 47.5k = 47500 
Total revenue (55%)= $33.19 
Total revenue (Youtube cut 45%)= $27.15 
Than the total earnings from my pet related youtube channel: 

$33.19 + $27.15 = $60.345= $60.35 
100 cents = 1$ 
$60.35 x 100 cents= 6035 cents 
Total views= 47500 

Than how much I am getting pay for every 1000 views? 
60.35$ / 47.5k '=$1.270

In this world every body have a pet or birds on their house. Pet or animals loves to stay close or near to human or within the house. Its a tradition or fashion for the upper world but its also available to the middle class and lower classes of peoples. In case of middle class or lower class peoples: the pet or animal stay around the houses. Some times they murder the insects or birds or small size of animals. Like, Dog, cat and Birds. For the huge family they are the members of their family also. Pet live within the family as like as a regular member. Some times they are good trained in case of toilet or bathroom works, incase of sleep and in case of taking food. 

I pet birds on my building roof. There I have a small room or shade for the pigeons. My pigeon loft ae is 5 to 6 years. I love white pigeons. Out of 60 pigeons: 2 pigeons are my best friend. If you want two watch the pigeon related youtube channel: than you can watch on top picture and click the picture to enter the pigeon youtube channel. I made a youtube channel about pigeons and I made that monetize also. See the top 1st picture. There you are watching 13 views: 13 cents. Youtube always pays their youtubers as a 55%-45% ratio based. So on top I had earnt $0.13 x 45/55= $0.10 + $0.13= $0.23. Total views 13 and total revenue. Than how much I got paid for every one view. 

Total revenue/ Total views
23 cents/ 13 views= $0.018 x  106 bdt= 1.908 or 1.91 bdt. It means I am getting 1.91 bdt for every one view. 

See all of my pigeons on my youtube channel: masudbcl pigeon loft or @whitepigeons

Monday, February 19, 2024

EMP Estimated Monetization Playback number is not showing on Youtube Studio Analytics.


Youtube studio analytics program is not showing the EMP: Estimated Monetization Playback numbers as like as previous. Its only showing the RPM. RPM means revenue per mille. It means how much money you are earning for every 1000 views. Youtube studio analytics program often got change. Previously it was clearly mentioned that for every 1000 thumbnail impression every youtuber will get pay minimum 1$ from Bangladesh. But now its showing different. 

Without any prior notification Youtube studio analytics program off the per 1000 thumbnail impression payment. At the same time Google has been announced the new google ads structure. Like for the last 10 years youtubers got paid for every 1000 thumbnail impression payment. If you question the Google: than you will get the answer is 6$ for every 1000 views. But previously Google said that: 1000 impression or thumbnail impression is 1$. 

New Google Ads structure announced that: Google will pay only by ad impression based. They are going to close the ad clicks revenue within few months of 2024. Now a day peoples are getting paid for per 1000 impression based on Google ads.


Now see the first image how much Youtube paid me for the 76 views? Its: 76 views= 1$. Youtube always pays to the youtubers: 55%-45% ratio based. So youtube cut 45% from here. 

$1.00 x 45 / 55= $0.81
Than my total earnings for 76 views: $1.00+ $0.81= $1.81= 181 cents. 

Lets calculate How much I got paid for every view? 
Total revenue (cents)/ Total views (number)
181 cents/ 76 views= 2.38 cents or $0.0238

Than how much I am getting pay for per view by bdt? 
$0.0238 x 106 bdt= 2.52bdt 

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Sunday, February 18, 2024

Best web hosting for magento.

 Magento is a PhP based ecommerce platform and its open source network. Magento source code is open source code.  Magento came to Adobe Inc by the cost of 1.68 Billion at 2018. More than 150k online stores are available on Magento open source e commerce based platform. 

Magento used for to create the online shop or flexible shopping cart system for any kind of online store. If you want to create an online shopping store than Magento will be the first choice. Magento provides the full e commerce solution. Magento have the great customization facility. Magento works for the e commerce platform and its a CMS (Content Management System). Magento have the robust framework for online store. 

Magento open sources is free for android. After downloads you should need to arrange the rest of the integration system and you should need to pay the developer cost and hosting cost. Magento have the facility or integration of CRM (customer relationship management software) and ecommerce platform. 

Whatever you are trying to make a ecommerce website or store or magneto online platform: you need to purchase a hosting server first. Before that you need to buy a domain also and integrate it with the hosting server after purchase. There have plenty of web hosting server for magneto. 

  •   A2 web hosting: This is very much popular for managing magneto VPS web hosting. The performance is great. A2 hosting page loading speed is very much high. 
  • InMotion: InMotion hosting is very much long popular and its have a very much fast and quick server to response for the websites and for the online store. Magento also likes this hosting server. 
  • Nexcess: Its cloud hosting server and very much popular for the flexibility and for the speed. Nexcess have very much wide range of price list. 
  • Hostinger: Hostinger does not have very much dedicated server for the Magento but it have dedicated server and facilities for the ecommerce store.
  • Managed Magento 2 Hosting: Its have numerous facilities like good performance, Security and support is super. Its have managed cloud hosting server which are designed for Magento ecommerce store. 
  • Cloudways: Dedicated server for Magento hosting. 5 hosting plans are available. Its have own infrastructure. Fast cloud hosting for Magento. 
  • Hostgator: You can avoid it because its have shared hosting plan for the Magento ecommerce website. HostGator is always best for any kind of website. 
  • SiteGround: Free installation facilities. Perfect for Magento stores. Configure server facilities. 
  • GoDaddy: Several kinds of prices list. Dedicted server. Free DDoS attack protection with every package. Large scale of hosting server.
  • Bluehost: Always favorable for the wordpress user. Bluehost is also good for the Magento Ecommerce store. Blue Host server is very fast. 
  • Rackspace: Performance optimization. Multi cloud solution. Pay as you use plan. Managed hosting solution also. 
  • Simpleservers: Shared Hosting. Fast Magento server. Magento 2 optimization available. Free Installation. 
  • Fast Comet: Shared hosting plan for Magento. Balance of cost and performance. High speed hosting. Free domain. 
  • Webscale : Cloud hosting solution for ecommerce. Webscale is previous Magemojo. Best Magento hosting plan. Magento 2 platform web hosting solution is available.
Magento 2 is the mostly use online powerful tool to create online ecommerce store by Magento. Magento 2 open source version is free to use and to create a free e commerce store. Magento commerce is a paid version. There have another name Adobe Commerce. 

Thursday, February 15, 2024

Why blogger analytics and adsense analytics are different? The main hack.


Blogger analytics are very good: everyone knows that. Adsense analytics are good also. Bloggers are accessible by the Gmail and Adsense are also accessible by Gmail. See top my blogger analytics and also see down the adsense analytics. See on top: my today visitor is 834. My adsense visit is: 180 today. So there have a big difference between blogger and Adsense. But blogger and adsense have an integration about the payment tab. Blogger have the earning tab. 

Here the adsense page views will be 834 also. Because adsense track every page views. Page views has been counted by the blogger analytics. Blogger came to this online world before the adsense world. Blogger analytics are very strong also. So adsense can not avoid the blogger stats on here. The page views analytics should be same must. At first when I was a user of Adsense 2006 with blogger: than I saw the same statistics of blogger account and adsense account. But now a day Adsense is not showing the same page views from the blogger. Any kind of views which are coming from real IP and real person those should be count by Adsense. Adsense can not avoid the real views for the website or blogs. 

For having Adsense Integration with blogger blogspot: the statistics of Blogger and the statistics of the Adsense should be same. There have no way to avoid it. If not same: than worldwide peoples will make a confusion about adsense. Adsense is a California USA based incorporation. They are highly reputable. They should need to show the same statistics where I can generate more and more impressions. 

I should need to mention one thing. At first I make this blog at 2006 by the same address: and from the Gmail of: After 05 years later a group has been suspended the blog address. After 07 years at 2017 I got this blog address is available for the claim again. I had claimed the blog by the Gmail address: and from that day I am using this blog. I think the main hack has bene hidden on this equation. How a blog address can be claim by 2 Gmail addresss? 
How a blog address can be make by 2 times?
How a suspended blog came again for re claim?
Why this blogger stats and Adsense stats are not same?
Why adsense is not allowing the blogger stats?

@adsense is going to change the ad structure. But before that @Google Adsense should need to allow every kind of good traffic. Where the traffic is coming from that is not a question? The every kind of traffic or visits or views are good: that is the question. Google can not avoid this issue. Because this is the reputation of Google Inc in this world. 

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

How much youtube pays in Bangladesh. $20,000 for 1 million views.


In Bangladesh you can generate 500$ to 20000$ for every 1 million views. See the top image of Google search. Youtube Monetization program pays 55% of the total revenue of any youtube channel and youtube cut the 45%. Now a day Bangladeshi youtubers youtube views rate is high. As an experiment you can target 10 youtube channel of Bangladesh and you can watch the studio analytics program dashboard or inside. Without watching any youtube channel you can not believe the channel is earning how much? Because here is the stats are: 1 million views earnings are 20,000$. Lets see the calculation: 

20,000$= 20,000 x 100 cents= 200000 cents
Total views are 1 million= 1000k= 1000x1000 persons = 1000000 

So how much Bangladeshi youtuber is getting for every one view? 

Total revenue/ Total views 
200000 cents/ 1000000 persons 
0.2 cents or you can say: $0.02 for every views. 

So now you can say this is very much easy for my youtube channel: as a Bangladeshi youtuber I am getting the same. Lets see the last stats of my youtube channel : masudbcl 

See the top image. There stats is: 
160 views and $1.35 as a 55%. 
Lets calculate how much youtube cut from here?
$1.35 x 45 / 55= $1.10 
Than total revenue= $1.35 + $1.10 = $2.45= 245 cents

Lets calculate: How much I am getting for per one view? 
Total revenue / Total views
245 cents/160 views 
1.53 cents or $0.0153

How much I am getting by Bangladeshi bdt for every 1 view. 
$0.0153 x 106 bdt = 1.62 bdt 

By the first calculation per views are : $0.02 x 106 bdt= 2.12 bdt. Than it can say easily the other Bangladeshi youtubers are getting 2.12 bdt for every one view. But after cut of 45% (youtube charges) how much they are getting paid: it can be say only after watching the channel studio analytics program. 

Note: Overall youtube channel does not have same statistics. All about you should need to know who is controlling 'Ads funnel" to get equal ration for every channel. Some channels are getting good number of video ads and some youtube channels are not getting good number of video ads. May be its for the controlling of Ads funnel. If Ads funnel should be stay automatic: than youtube algorithm will works personally and survival for the fittest method based all worldwide youtubers will get the ads equally and upon quality. if quality less Youtube channel provide the highest number of ads for having control with Youtube ads funnel or if there have any ads funnel hacker: than a clear difference can be observe over the nationwide. So this is highly recommended to the Youtube to set up the ads funnel to Youtube algorithm based fix so that no body or no country can control or can change the ads funnel. Ads funnel will not work with the highest numbers of upload based. Ads funnel will work to the SEO of youtube channel and videos. Ads funnel is a kind of property of SEO in this world. I hope every youtubers of this world will get good revenue. I mean Youtube and youtube facilities are equal to every one. 

Youtube Ads Funnel should need to work honestly and accurately for every .youtuber in this world. Ads funnel is the funnel who collect video ads from different sources like from AdWords or from Youtube Ads or from the third party and serve the video ads to the youtube channels. This serving should be 100% honest and automatic based because Youtube algorithm will calculation which channel have the ads funnel keyword similarity and which channel will serve which video ads? Its totally programmatic and algorithm based. There should not have any manual control. 

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

How much youtube monetization program pays for every 100 views?

If youtube algorithm loves you than you can get huge number of views. If youtube algorithm loves you you can get large numbers of organic views or suggested views or recommended views or by trending views. Youtube have personal algorithm. That is call MLP (Machine Language Program) or in programming language we call it auto. Like you have to think that Youtube is a brain. There Youtube algorithm works with the real and honest techniques only. It will not work with pre format set up and or pre format plan. Like: You have 1 crore people audience. You gave an announcement before publishing a video on there. Every body is ready to watch your video and after your publish the video : everybody went to the channel page and watched your video a to z fully. You get the views numbers. All accurate and human. Traffic will be all direct because all of the peoples come from the direct channel search. If people comes to you by the organic keyword search where video result page is available there you will get real organic views which will increase your channel position to the youtube directory by some keywords and by the specific category. But if you have chance to manual set up your videos to the youtube algorithm section:  like you set up for recommendation or you set up for suggested views or you set up for the trending section: than the youtube algorithm will not works for your youtube channel accurately. So there have no chances to touch the youtube manual set up to the trending or recommended or suggested section. If you set up all of the sections to the MLP or Automatic : than youtube will analyze all of the channels accurately and the best algorithm catcher will work accurately. 

In Bangladesh: I see and heard that: After publishing youtube videos : youtuber buy a large number of views from the social media panel. Their thinking's are that: now we are buying higher number of views. Later we will get the real views here the large number of views are everything: this is not a good idea. The good idea is to get the original views by slowly or mediumly. Immediate buy large number of views makes your video as an infraction. Infracted video can not generate large number of revenue. Because there youtube algorithm will not work accurately. After that you can say: you have a large number of investment by buying views from social media panel. But Youtube will not take care your video to give you good revenue. I heard huge peoples or youtubers are saying: they are getting1$ for every 100k views which is quite impossible if you do not buy views from social media panel which called infraction. 

If  you want to get pay good from youtube monetization program : than you should need to know that youtube algorithm hackers are not touching your channel or videos for the manual feature, trending, recommendation, suggestion or for any pre plan section. Any kind of manual touch without hashtag videos can make your channel infraction for long time.