Thursday, February 15, 2024

Why blogger analytics and adsense analytics are different? The main hack.


Blogger analytics are very good: everyone knows that. Adsense analytics are good also. Bloggers are accessible by the Gmail and Adsense are also accessible by Gmail. See top my blogger analytics and also see down the adsense analytics. See on top: my today visitor is 834. My adsense visit is: 180 today. So there have a big difference between blogger and Adsense. But blogger and adsense have an integration about the payment tab. Blogger have the earning tab. 

Here the adsense page views will be 834 also. Because adsense track every page views. Page views has been counted by the blogger analytics. Blogger came to this online world before the adsense world. Blogger analytics are very strong also. So adsense can not avoid the blogger stats on here. The page views analytics should be same must. At first when I was a user of Adsense 2006 with blogger: than I saw the same statistics of blogger account and adsense account. But now a day Adsense is not showing the same page views from the blogger. Any kind of views which are coming from real IP and real person those should be count by Adsense. Adsense can not avoid the real views for the website or blogs. 

For having Adsense Integration with blogger blogspot: the statistics of Blogger and the statistics of the Adsense should be same. There have no way to avoid it. If not same: than worldwide peoples will make a confusion about adsense. Adsense is a California USA based incorporation. They are highly reputable. They should need to show the same statistics where I can generate more and more impressions. 

I should need to mention one thing. At first I make this blog at 2006 by the same address: and from the Gmail of: After 05 years later a group has been suspended the blog address. After 07 years at 2017 I got this blog address is available for the claim again. I had claimed the blog by the Gmail address: and from that day I am using this blog. I think the main hack has bene hidden on this equation. How a blog address can be claim by 2 Gmail addresss? 
How a blog address can be make by 2 times?
How a suspended blog came again for re claim?
Why this blogger stats and Adsense stats are not same?
Why adsense is not allowing the blogger stats?

@adsense is going to change the ad structure. But before that @Google Adsense should need to allow every kind of good traffic. Where the traffic is coming from that is not a question? The every kind of traffic or visits or views are good: that is the question. Google can not avoid this issue. Because this is the reputation of Google Inc in this world. 

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