Sunday, February 25, 2024

Tiktok Ads.

 In this world: tiktok users numbers are 884.9 millions of users. Everyone of them are 18+ means they are all real and legit and valid internet users which we call tech savy. Out of Tiktok users : 57% are female. 

50%+ tiktok users are female. Tiktok ads refers to promote full page video content to the target audience. Tiktok is a good social media now. Tiktok users are mostly first music lover. Because without music tiktok video can not be happen. Tiktok ads are a kind of social media marketing. 

3 kinds of tiktok ads are available. 
  • Tiktok ads (single ads) 
  • Tiktok Group (Collection of single ads)
  • Tiktok Campaign: ( A collection of Tiktok group ads). 

There have several types of tiktok ads. 
In feed ads: One of the most popular ad is called in feed ads. Any tiktok user can manage this kind of ads from Tiktok ads manager

Tiktok Video Ads
Tiktok video ads are the very much common format of video ads. This kind of ads direct the users to the website also. 

Here have call to action button which will forward or redirect you to the ads website. Video ads will be show for the time advertisers paid. 

Spark Ads :
Spark ads are more engaging content. It will show until you left the ads or scroll the next video. 

Tiktok Image Ads:
Tiktok image ads are image ads which contain app name or brand name. 

Playable Ads:
Tiktok playable ads are great for engagement. 

There have many more kinds of tiktok ads compare of countries and categories. Some ads are still on the beta phase or testing phase. Though tiktok have a large number of video audience, so video audience based product promotion like teaser of movies, drama and female product based video ads can be super on here. By the tiktok video ads, you can collect large number of new audience which are not known with your production yet now. Tiktok ads manager have a video ads manager section: Tiktok video ads manager.


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