Monday, February 19, 2024

EMP Estimated Monetization Playback number is not showing on Youtube Studio Analytics.


Youtube studio analytics program is not showing the EMP: Estimated Monetization Playback numbers as like as previous. Its only showing the RPM. RPM means revenue per mille. It means how much money you are earning for every 1000 views. Youtube studio analytics program often got change. Previously it was clearly mentioned that for every 1000 thumbnail impression every youtuber will get pay minimum 1$ from Bangladesh. But now its showing different. 

Without any prior notification Youtube studio analytics program off the per 1000 thumbnail impression payment. At the same time Google has been announced the new google ads structure. Like for the last 10 years youtubers got paid for every 1000 thumbnail impression payment. If you question the Google: than you will get the answer is 6$ for every 1000 views. But previously Google said that: 1000 impression or thumbnail impression is 1$. 

New Google Ads structure announced that: Google will pay only by ad impression based. They are going to close the ad clicks revenue within few months of 2024. Now a day peoples are getting paid for per 1000 impression based on Google ads.


Now see the first image how much Youtube paid me for the 76 views? Its: 76 views= 1$. Youtube always pays to the youtubers: 55%-45% ratio based. So youtube cut 45% from here. 

$1.00 x 45 / 55= $0.81
Than my total earnings for 76 views: $1.00+ $0.81= $1.81= 181 cents. 

Lets calculate How much I got paid for every view? 
Total revenue (cents)/ Total views (number)
181 cents/ 76 views= 2.38 cents or $0.0238

Than how much I am getting pay for per view by bdt? 
$0.0238 x 106 bdt= 2.52bdt 

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