Tuesday, February 13, 2024

How much youtube monetization program pays for every 100 views?

If youtube algorithm loves you than you can get huge number of views. If youtube algorithm loves you you can get large numbers of organic views or suggested views or recommended views or by trending views. Youtube have personal algorithm. That is call MLP (Machine Language Program) or in programming language we call it auto. Like you have to think that Youtube is a brain. There Youtube algorithm works with the real and honest techniques only. It will not work with pre format set up and or pre format plan. Like: You have 1 crore people audience. You gave an announcement before publishing a video on there. Every body is ready to watch your video and after your publish the video : everybody went to the channel page and watched your video a to z fully. You get the views numbers. All accurate and human. Traffic will be all direct because all of the peoples come from the direct channel search. If people comes to you by the organic keyword search where video result page is available there you will get real organic views which will increase your channel position to the youtube directory by some keywords and by the specific category. But if you have chance to manual set up your videos to the youtube algorithm section:  like you set up for recommendation or you set up for suggested views or you set up for the trending section: than the youtube algorithm will not works for your youtube channel accurately. So there have no chances to touch the youtube manual set up to the trending or recommended or suggested section. If you set up all of the sections to the MLP or Automatic : than youtube will analyze all of the channels accurately and the best algorithm catcher will work accurately. 

In Bangladesh: I see and heard that: After publishing youtube videos : youtuber buy a large number of views from the social media panel. Their thinking's are that: now we are buying higher number of views. Later we will get the real views here the large number of views are everything: this is not a good idea. The good idea is to get the original views by slowly or mediumly. Immediate buy large number of views makes your video as an infraction. Infracted video can not generate large number of revenue. Because there youtube algorithm will not work accurately. After that you can say: you have a large number of investment by buying views from social media panel. But Youtube will not take care your video to give you good revenue. I heard huge peoples or youtubers are saying: they are getting1$ for every 100k views which is quite impossible if you do not buy views from social media panel which called infraction. 

If  you want to get pay good from youtube monetization program : than you should need to know that youtube algorithm hackers are not touching your channel or videos for the manual feature, trending, recommendation, suggestion or for any pre plan section. Any kind of manual touch without hashtag videos can make your channel infraction for long time.

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