Wednesday, February 14, 2024

How much youtube pays in Bangladesh. $20,000 for 1 million views.


In Bangladesh you can generate 500$ to 20000$ for every 1 million views. See the top image of Google search. Youtube Monetization program pays 55% of the total revenue of any youtube channel and youtube cut the 45%. Now a day Bangladeshi youtubers youtube views rate is high. As an experiment you can target 10 youtube channel of Bangladesh and you can watch the studio analytics program dashboard or inside. Without watching any youtube channel you can not believe the channel is earning how much? Because here is the stats are: 1 million views earnings are 20,000$. Lets see the calculation: 

20,000$= 20,000 x 100 cents= 200000 cents
Total views are 1 million= 1000k= 1000x1000 persons = 1000000 

So how much Bangladeshi youtuber is getting for every one view? 

Total revenue/ Total views 
200000 cents/ 1000000 persons 
0.2 cents or you can say: $0.02 for every views. 

So now you can say this is very much easy for my youtube channel: as a Bangladeshi youtuber I am getting the same. Lets see the last stats of my youtube channel : masudbcl 

See the top image. There stats is: 
160 views and $1.35 as a 55%. 
Lets calculate how much youtube cut from here?
$1.35 x 45 / 55= $1.10 
Than total revenue= $1.35 + $1.10 = $2.45= 245 cents

Lets calculate: How much I am getting for per one view? 
Total revenue / Total views
245 cents/160 views 
1.53 cents or $0.0153

How much I am getting by Bangladeshi bdt for every 1 view. 
$0.0153 x 106 bdt = 1.62 bdt 

By the first calculation per views are : $0.02 x 106 bdt= 2.12 bdt. Than it can say easily the other Bangladeshi youtubers are getting 2.12 bdt for every one view. But after cut of 45% (youtube charges) how much they are getting paid: it can be say only after watching the channel studio analytics program. 

Note: Overall youtube channel does not have same statistics. All about you should need to know who is controlling 'Ads funnel" to get equal ration for every channel. Some channels are getting good number of video ads and some youtube channels are not getting good number of video ads. May be its for the controlling of Ads funnel. If Ads funnel should be stay automatic: than youtube algorithm will works personally and survival for the fittest method based all worldwide youtubers will get the ads equally and upon quality. if quality less Youtube channel provide the highest number of ads for having control with Youtube ads funnel or if there have any ads funnel hacker: than a clear difference can be observe over the nationwide. So this is highly recommended to the Youtube to set up the ads funnel to Youtube algorithm based fix so that no body or no country can control or can change the ads funnel. Ads funnel will not work with the highest numbers of upload based. Ads funnel will work to the SEO of youtube channel and videos. Ads funnel is a kind of property of SEO in this world. I hope every youtubers of this world will get good revenue. I mean Youtube and youtube facilities are equal to every one. 

Youtube Ads Funnel should need to work honestly and accurately for every .youtuber in this world. Ads funnel is the funnel who collect video ads from different sources like from AdWords or from Youtube Ads or from the third party and serve the video ads to the youtube channels. This serving should be 100% honest and automatic based because Youtube algorithm will calculation which channel have the ads funnel keyword similarity and which channel will serve which video ads? Its totally programmatic and algorithm based. There should not have any manual control. 

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