Tuesday, February 20, 2024

How much youtube pays for the animals or pet channel?


Youtube always pay their creators as a 55%-45% ratio based. See the top image about my pet related youtube channel: masudbclpigeonloft. Here you are watching: 

Total views: 47.5k = 47500 
Total revenue (55%)= $33.19 
Total revenue (Youtube cut 45%)= $27.15 
Than the total earnings from my pet related youtube channel: 

$33.19 + $27.15 = $60.345= $60.35 
100 cents = 1$ 
$60.35 x 100 cents= 6035 cents 
Total views= 47500 

Than how much I am getting pay for every 1000 views? 
60.35$ / 47.5k '=$1.270

In this world every body have a pet or birds on their house. Pet or animals loves to stay close or near to human or within the house. Its a tradition or fashion for the upper world but its also available to the middle class and lower classes of peoples. In case of middle class or lower class peoples: the pet or animal stay around the houses. Some times they murder the insects or birds or small size of animals. Like, Dog, cat and Birds. For the huge family they are the members of their family also. Pet live within the family as like as a regular member. Some times they are good trained in case of toilet or bathroom works, incase of sleep and in case of taking food. 

I pet birds on my building roof. There I have a small room or shade for the pigeons. My pigeon loft ae is 5 to 6 years. I love white pigeons. Out of 60 pigeons: 2 pigeons are my best friend. If you want two watch the pigeon related youtube channel: than you can watch on top picture and click the picture to enter the pigeon youtube channel. I made a youtube channel about pigeons and I made that monetize also. See the top 1st picture. There you are watching 13 views: 13 cents. Youtube always pays their youtubers as a 55%-45% ratio based. So on top I had earnt $0.13 x 45/55= $0.10 + $0.13= $0.23. Total views 13 and total revenue. Than how much I got paid for every one view. 

Total revenue/ Total views
23 cents/ 13 views= $0.018 x  106 bdt= 1.908 or 1.91 bdt. It means I am getting 1.91 bdt for every one view. 

See all of my pigeons on my youtube channel: masudbcl pigeon loft or @whitepigeons

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