Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Video SEO.

 Video marketing for SEO

Within any kind of online promotion video content increase the interest and engagement. 86% of business use the video content for their marketing strategy. When you are reading any content and making and planning to do some thing with any new: there video representation is very much good for the audience. A details video can explain every thing about the new new promotion of your products.

What is video SEO?

Video optimization is simply some techniques to get index on Google and many other search engines so that any body search with your video content or with the keyword and  they will get the video top in the search engine result pages. Video optimization checks right keyword within the video, right title for the video, right description with video and the right keywords. There have huge and huge strategies where a video can get rank by several keyword based. 

How to do Video SEO? 

  • Research your keyword first.
  • Choose the right keyword with high search volume.
  • Make a nice video title. 
  • Add keywords within the video.
  • Write accurate and 300 words plus descriptions. 
  • Edit the video name with good keywords.
  • Transcriptions and captions for the video.
  • Make 15 minutes+ video.
  • Increase the search engine visibility.
  • Learn the audience and get them engage.
  • Promote your videos worldwide.
  • Make a beautiful thumbnail.
  • Make an end screens.
  • Choice the right category for your video.
  • Make playlist.
  • Collaboration with others.
  • Optimize video profile homepage and logo.
  • Keep your eye on video statistics

You can upload video to any platform like : 
  • Dailymotion 
  • Vimeo
  • Google Drive 
  • Any cloud server
  • Youtube
  • or any video upload websites.

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