Monday, February 12, 2024

Buy youtube shorts views. Lifetime Guarantee.

Youtube shorts are the short form of American video sharing website: Youtube. Shorts length is maximum 60 seconds. Starts from 02 or o3 seconds. But this is very much good if you use shorts video length from 14 seconds to 59 seconds. Because when you upload the video it will take 1 more seconds. Like if you made 14 seconds of videos and if you upload it to youtube than it will show as a 15 seconds. If you make any video of 59 seconds and if you upload it will show as a 60 seconds. 

Shorts has been released on 20 September 2020. You can ask: How much youtube shorts pay for every 1000 views? If you are a monetizer than the answer is: $0.05 to $0.07 and for every 1 million is $50 to $70. Youtube shorts basically designed for the vertical mood from any mobile. See a shorts example. 

If you want to buy huge number of shorts views than you should need to know the bought views will not give you any earning or revenue. But you can buy up to 1 billion of shorts views also. I can provide you application programming interface based youtube shorts views where the views are lifetime guarantee based. The services are: 

  • 5k-10k/day. Life time guarantee.$2 for every 1000 views. 
  • 50k/day. Life time guarantee. $3 for every 1000 views.
To purchase views from me, you can place a custom order to my profile for any amount. 

Why you will buy views?
Basically you should need to do white hat seo for your youtube shorts videos every time. Like use hashtag, do keywords research and use the right category. Do not use copyright content. But in some cases you can be need urgent views numbers. Larger number of views. In that case you should need to choice life time guarantee based views because your views can not be drop down. Like you start a work. But after purchase the views: few hours later views are gone or down. Than you will face a trouble. For that reason API server based lifetime guarantee views are best always.

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