Friday, February 23, 2024

Google Inc should be more alert about the publisher payment.

Anybody can earn a large number of dollar or amount from Google Adsense Inc. Google Adsense run text or video or app monetization program around the worldwide every country by adsense. Google have a large number of advertisers collection which comes to publish ads (Text ads, Video Ads or App ads) through Google Ads. Any website or Youtube videos or App can get large number of ads (Text ads or video ads or app ads) by their website or youtube channel quality or by the website app traffic or visitors quality. By the Google algorithm if any Website or youtube channel or app gets large number of views: there ads will come also good number based. If ads come few and views or visitors are high than the publisher will take loss. 

Google Algorithm can serve large number of ads to any sources. Anybody can earn good number of earnings also. But I think any group or any organization can earn also a good number of revenue. As for example: if some political person earn good number of revenue and run their personal politics within any country than they are big number of harassments for the inner country people.  By getting payment from Google Inc. any group or any political groups can change the inner country of politics which the country people didn't thought previously after the country of establishment. So by my think, google can take a precaution like before pay any large amount like more than 10,000$ to any one: Google Inc. should need to verify those persons personally or by Interpol internet investigation services or team.

Google Inc. does not have any rights to change the country inner politics for any country. Peoples of the country can give a large volume of blame for Google where google will loss the advertisers for the lifetime. Because no advertisers will like it for any kind of politics by their spending money. Though Google offer monetization works for any one :so for the large amount of revenue @Google should need to check the person profile or social profile : where the money will go or for which purpose they will use it. Anybody can have multi brilliancy and beside Government job or beside private service job: for an extra good number of earnings: they can do work with Adsense Inc. But before pay Google should need to verify that person and the country law that they are allowed for the payment by that country law. Though Google makes business world wide: so they should need to take care for the person or social profile verification by local police station. 

At the same time: it should need to get clear that: any criminal which have reports against them in police station will not get pay from Google Inc. For this purpose; by payment google can take the help of Interpol. Interpol can verify anyone by the person local police station. if any peoples are drug addicted and a large number of drug addicted : they also can not get payment from international incorporations. If yes than peoples will say each other (The peoples which are not working) Google is trying to change the country situation or politics, Google is trying to help a political party or person or they can say easily google is trying to help the addicted peoples. It means if these are true: than these peoples are getting payment from Google and making corruption or international corruption which will not bring any good for the future time. 

I do not believe all country same government. I believe every country separate government. If anybody does not have valid voter number for any country: those are also not allowed to get google payment because the inter world society will ask the Google reputation? valid citizen means the person should be voter must. Every good peoples or free peoples (freelancers), outsourcing workers and bloggers or writers or freelancer based people can get the earning easily but Google Inc. can not pay any country listed politicians, or drug addicted peoples or local police station criminals which are listed also.  

Note: the very much important things are: terrorist and terrorism based people. If they get large number of money from adsense than they will buy firearms to murder the peoples. So I will request to verify every one personally (by the help of Interpol) before giving payment from any kind of California incorporations.

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