Tuesday, February 6, 2024

How much youtube pays for 100 views?


Youtube pays to their creators as a 55%-45% ratio based. Youtube pays means youtube partnership program or youtube monetization program. Youtube does not pay any amount for every view based at this time. Youtube pays upon ad view based. How much ad has been served or how much estimated monetization playback has been done? Youtube collect that stats and shows the stats with the youtube studio analytics program dashboard. So we make the calculations on 2 ways. At first we will see how much youtube pays for one view (Because they are showing the stats on the youtube studio analytics dashboard with the views numbers). 

Lets see the top image: 
132 views= $0.80 
Youtube cuts 45% always from the youtubers earning. 
$0.80 x 45 / 55= $0.65
Than the total earnings are: 
$0.80 + $ 0.65 = $1.45= 145 cents

How much I got paid for every view?
Total revenue/ Total views
145 cents/ 132 views= $0.01098= $0.011
$0.011 x 106= 1.166= 1.12 bdt 
You can say I am getting pay per views 01 cents. 

Now lets check how much I am getting paid for per EMP? 
Total EMP is 56. 
Total revenue (After youtube cut 45%) = 145 cents
Total revenue/ Total EMP
145 cents/ 56 EMP= 2.589= 2.59 cents= $0.0259= $0.026 
$0.026 x 106 bdt = 2.756=2.76 bdt 

So you can say I am getting $0.026 for per EMP from Youtube partnership program. 

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