Sunday, February 4, 2024

Google adsense Bangladesh CPC is not low. Per click $0.14


In case of Google adsense, huge peoples complain in this world is that Bangladesh CPC is low. Some times $0.01 or $0.02. But this is not true from my experience. See on top image. Adsense always take 32% from the publishers revenue. Its their rule. After giving 32% I got 1.97$ from Bangladesh for the 21 ad clicks on to my blog. Adsense is huge strict program in this world. If you certainly come to my blog and click the ads: that will not be count. 

If you certainly visit 1 or 2 pages and makes a click those will not be count also. You have to act as a real visitor in this world to get count. So if you visit any blog or websites where have adsense ads: you need to visit slowly and full page scroll and read the content and stay minimum 30 seconds to 01 minute. In this way you will be count as an organic visitor. Another most powerful method is to come to the blog or website by searching from google. Like: Search google: masudbcl 

So you will find my blog or website on first: named So lets calculate how much I got for the 21 clicks. 
See: $1.97 for 21 clicks. 
Lets calculate: How much adsense cut from 21 clicks. 
$1.97 x 32 / 68=  $0.92
Total revenue= $1.97 x $0.92 = $2.89 = 289 cents 

Total clicks = 21
Lets calculate: how much I got paid for each click. 
Total revenue/ Total clicks 
289 cents/ 21 clicks=13.76 cents = $0.1376= $0.14 

Than you can say for every ads click I got 14 cents. 

Always remember if you want to visit any website where google adsense ads are available: there do not click 1 more ads over there. Because if you do not click the ad by your own interest than that will not be count. Google always analyze your browser and device cookies and will serve the best ads for you which is very much necessary for you in the internet world. We suggest minimum 10-15 Page visit (each page or post stay minimum 1 minute) and than your ads click to stay with some minutes within the ad website can be count. Now a day Google announced that the ads click structure is going to change the impression value only. means within 1 or 2 months the ads click value will not be count. At the same time: the invalid clicks and views and impressions will not make a major problems: it will go to the left side brand and safety section. You are warmly invited and requested to visit some posts from my blogspot blog right side: achieve section. Search google: masudbcl. To place Google ads: Simply visit Google Adwords.

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