Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Why adsense tax info is showing singapore?


@Google @Adsense Inc. has been designated to submit the tax information for his his whose whose country. At first the tax cut was not present with adsense. I have already received 9 payment with Bangladeshi tax info. 

I have Bangladeshi tax number and I have submitted that with adsense 3 years ago. Receiving payments regular also. Here the screenshot is showing Singapore tax info. I am from Bangladesh. I am not from Singapore. The payment has been issued and will be available on Bank account but this red mark sign is drowning for every adsense account in Bangladesh. What does it mean? Is Bangladesh tax info is not allowed by adsense. Bangladesh is surrounded by India. So Indian tax info can be submit. I think for Bangladesh this Singapore based info submission criteria should be change to Bangladesh and India. 




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