Thursday, February 29, 2024

How much Youtube Monetization Program pays for 100 views RPM now?


Now a day: Youtube Monetization Program is not paying by the Estimated Monetization Playback based because the EMP stats are not showing within the Youtube Studio Analytics program. I didn't saw any confirmation video from any where but it can be say easily the EMP is not working. So Youtube Studio Analytics programs are paying by the RPM based. RPM= Revenue per Mille. So now if you generate large number of views: it can be a good payment for your video views. For the last 10 years: I can say  Youtube Monetization Program didn't paid for the every 1000 views based. They had paid only for the EMP based (EMP- Estimated Monetization Playback) based. Or what do you think? Did you any update or notification about this monetization EMP hide matter. I am describing my guess only. 

See on top image: 
197 views = 2.52$ 
Youtube Monetization Program always pay you as a 55%-45% ratio based. 
So here I got 2.52$ as a 55%.
Youtube cuts: 45%.
So how much youtube cuts from here: 
$2.52 x 45 / 55= $2.06

Than my total earnings are: $2.52 + $2.06= $4.58
So what is the total earnings are: $4.58 = 458 cents

Total views are: 197 
Lets calculate:
How much I am getting pay for every 1 view?
Total revenue/ Total views
458 cents/197 views = 2.324 cents= $0.023 x 109 bdt = 2.507 bdt 
Than you can say I am getting pay 2.507 bdt for every view.

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