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Freelancer and outsourcing marketplace website can be a safe place for huge amount transfer or transaction.


In this world there have huge freelancer and marketplace websites. I heard a sound from a country police department. They were saying Freelancer marketplace website is very much safe place to transfer money from one country to another country. Lets see, how it is possible? 

Maximum freelancer marketplace websites are worldwide. In case of worldwide: any country people can be join easily with a buyer or seller option. If you have any credit card than this is very much easy to verify your profile as a buyer or seller. Like : your mind is dishonest and you are planning to transfer some illegal amount of money from another country. Than at first you will target a website where registration and verification is safe. Now the world is digital. There have many ways to get verification from the website authority by submitting fake national id card also. After submission to the national id card : you put the fake name to the NID database (hackers attack). After 2 or 3 days later, when the website verification is ok- you had removed the name from the main database.

If you have any kind of control with any country database: than it is very much easy to collect free mastercard or credit debit cards from the websites which are giving the facility to get it from online to house address shipment. After getting the card you may verify yourself with the other websites also as usual where you need it very much. Like you have applied for a payoneer mastercard and you have received it by courier. After that you had used it to verify paypal. After verify you get huge money transaction facility from paypal to paypal. But payoneer didn't verify you: either you are a valid national id card holder or you have a valid voter number from the country. In this world: now a day: you can say UNDP : PERP & FINIDC department have only the valid voter number database for every country or for the main main country. So before giving the buyer access and facility with any freelancer and outsourcing marketplace: the buyer should be verify by the country valid voter number from valid voter database.

Buyer side for every freelancer marketplace should be voter number verify. Because if any buyer is illegal and get the facility of the website to stay verify : than that buyer have huge chances to transfer the fund from another country seller account which is previously verified. Like if any buyer is not a valid citizen of any country but the person have valid freelancer or marketplace buyer account: than that person is using this website for the illegal transaction which can make the arms attacks, which can make the peoples are terrorists also, which can make the peoples are drugs delivery matter or some more illegal works. If the seller is verified and get illegal offer from any one from the outside of the marketplace: than they can submit fake data to complete the freelancer and outsourcing website and can collect the money easily. because 100% country does not verify the seller when they are getting paid because freelancer and outsourcing world dollar withdraw system is remittance for every country which is very much necessary for doing business with USA.

I have personal and practical experience to collect orders from outside and I have used the marketplace website to receive payments from the outside client but the works were legal and freelancing related. But if any buyer pays huge amount of money within the marketplace website by legit works there have bad possibilities also because for any kind of works buyer can pay any kind of amounts. For the last few years: I have been hearing the sounds that some terrorists and some criminals which does not have valid voter number for any country but they are saying they are buyer or client for the freelancer and outsouricng marketplace websites. There huge numbers of sellers are working but their buyers are not verified. May be those buyers are terrorists. may be those buyers are criminals for any country also. Before giving the buyer account by my suggestion police verification is necessary also because for the safety and security of world crime: every buyer should need to show the police clearance certificate before creating the account or before going the transactions.

Note: MY suggestion is to verify the buyer of any kind of money transaction websites with 2 more documents must. One is valid voter number and second is : police clearance or Interpol verification. Both can be done by online but both ways freelancer and outsourcing world can be get only valid voter as a buyer. Not any fake buyers with the fake works. Huge crime can be possible if freelancer and outsouricng and marketplace websites does not have proper verifications for the buyers types of peoples. As for example: 10,000 buyer transfer funds to one seller and that one seller is pre planner terrorist (hidden) and he had successfully completed 10,000 projects and 10,001 peoples were a team. After the works: they had transferred the money or withdrawn the money and made a crime. In that case who will take the liability or responsibility? I believe to avoid terrorist attack or to avoid crime international: freelancer and outsourcing worker (buyer and seller both) should be more verified by Police verification and by the valid Voter database. I heard 10 years ago a virtual shoutout conversation: there they were planning to transfer money from one country to another country by using freelancer and outsourcing websites and none of them had any valid voter number (like as for example).

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