Sunday, February 11, 2024

How much youtube pays for 100 views?

You know Youtube Monetization program pays 55%-45% ratio based. Youtuber get 55% and Youtube cut 45% always from the youtuber earning. Youtube shows the earning stats every time after 2 days. See the image and see the top right side about the date: 08th february. No body knows the reason why youtube shows the earning stats after 2 days every time. Youtube shows the views stats within short time or instantly. I am with Youtube from the first date. I can remember first time youtube affiliate program still now. Some times I think youtube partnership program can be open for the worldwide all incorporations like Bing, Live, Microsoft, windows etc. 

See the top image about the calculations.
151 views $0.79 
Lets see how much youtube cut from here?
$0.79 x 45 / 55= $0.64 

Total earning= $0.79 + $0.64 = $1.436= 144 cents
Lets see how much I am getting for per view? 
Total revenue/Total views
144 cents/151 views= 0.95= $0.01

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