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How much youtube pays to the youtuber masudbcl.

How much youtube pays for one ad view? The answer is : Youtube Monetization Program pays 55%-45% ratio based to the youtuber. So if any advertiser setup ads on Google Ads or Youtube ads for one ad: $0.01- than YMP will pay you $0.0055 and will cut $0.0045. Do not believe any youtube channel statistics without showing inside. Any youtuber can say any amount by not showing statistics. Any youtuber can make corruptions also by saying that they are earning from YMP. But in real life before believe you must should need to check or see Youtuber Youtube studio analytics programs dashboard. Otherwise Youtuber can arrange money from any through and can use the brand names of Youtube Inc. Like drug addicts or religious terrorists (I have mentioned these 2 categories of peoples because they always need huge money. They can earn money from outside but they can say the names of Youtube Brand as a youtuber. Youtuber means when you are earning from only youtube monetization program or by using Youtube affiliate programs) peoples can arrange fund from any through and can say locally that they are earning from YMP. Before saying it they can purchase large number of views from any social media panel where youtube views are available. 

Now a day: Youtube Monetization Program is paying through adsense. Adsense payment system is different country to country. In case of Bangladesh: Adsense pays by Bank wire transaction only. There have no other system is available for Bangladesh except bank payment system. But another country have another payment system with banks. Like within Bangladesh huge peoples are saying that they are earning from Youtube Monetization program- they are leading rich life style but they do not show their channel statistics that how much they are earning from YMP. They request views to the society. Society peoples watch their video and video ads. For watching video ads, they are getting payment every time. But at the end of the month: they are not showing how much they are getting and from which country adsense they are using and how adsense is sending the payment to the related country of the youtubers.  

If you have good earnings from YMP than you have to show that to the worldwide youtubers. In this way you will get more promotions. More and more youtubers will come to you and watch your video and video ads and you will get pay more. I am not attacking any youtubers but I am trying to say that you should need to show your earning statistics when you are requesting views from the national or international society. After watch the video and video ads, people wants to know how much they get paid for their video ad views and its not a bad ask. I am not a drug addict and I am not a religious terrorists. I am trying to say that if they use the brand of Youtube name as a youtuber, than what will be the decision of Youtube? May be they will be banned for the lifetime. 

Every youtuber of this world should need to have valid voter number. Every youtuber should need to become a valid citizen of any country. If you are not a citizen of second country, than you can not use the second country content in this world. Like You are from Pakistan. You have Pakistani or Indian valid citizenship. You are staying on Bangladesh. You have Pakistani or Indian valid nationalism. You have Pakistani or Indian adsense and Pakistani or Indian bank accounts. Your youtube content is Bengali. Than you should need to become a citizen of Bangladesh because Pakistan Language or Indian language and Bangladesh Languages are different. So if you have a Pakistani or Indian youtube channel and the content is Bengali or Bangladeshi: than Bangladesh can be lose important revenue or remittance. Because that content can be use for another Bangladeshi or Bengali youtuber for having mother term languages. Otherwise it makes question to the society peoples and the society peoples will not get any satisfactory answers. In case of working with another country content: the youtuber should need to take proper permission from the working country.  One or two travel blog or some content blogs are not question. The continuous and serial contents are the questions. I can make any content on youtube but I can not attack or harm the society feelings. This paragraph I am saying as an example. In case of Language issue: cultural ministry legal permission is necessary. If any Bangladeshi youtuber wants to do work with Pakistani contents: than as for the example Pakistani/Indians ministries permission is necessary. @Youtube should need to be more keen about to use one country citizenship and another country contents or language. Because by my personals experience I am feelings : it can be any time dangerous issue for any society. Every country content is that country property.

Lets see how much Youtube is paying me in first picture.


Here you see 171 views= $1.11
Youtube always pay: 55%-45%. 
Lets see how much Youtube cuts as a 45%.
$1.11 x 45 / 55= $0.908= $0.91
Than total earnings are: $1.11 + $0.91= $2.02= 202 cents 

Lets see how much I am getting pay for one view.
Total revenue/ Total views
202 cents/ 111 views= 1.81 cents= $0.0182
It means I am getting pay $0.0182 for every one view.


Here you see 21 views= $0.14
Youtube always pay: 55%-45%. 
Lets see how much Youtube cuts as a 45%.
$0.14 x 45 / 55= $0.0937= $0.094
Total earnings= $0.14 + $0.09 = $0.23

Lets see how much I am getting pay for one view.
Total revenue/ Total views
23 cents/ 21 views= 1.09 cents= $0.019

Search Youtube: masudbcl or @whitepigeons

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