Monday, May 20, 2024

Confusion about the full youtube video ads watch stats.


Sunwin Tai Xiu.


What is RPM views?

 RPM= Revenue Per Mille is a term of Youtube monetization program. As a youtuber : you can generate huge number of views like: 

  • Suggested views
  • Recommended views
  • Direct views
  • External views
  • Other sources views etc.
But if these views are not monetizable views than the revenue will not come. In another case for huge number of non monetizable views: the RPM of the youtube channel can be fewer or low. So lets discuss what is monetizable views?


Monetizable views mean in the views where youtube had shown or served the ads. Like: you are a viewer of my youtube channel any videos. After press the play button you get video ads. You had skip ads or you had shown the full ads. After the ad views you saw the video for 30 seconds minimum. That can be call monetizable views or RPM views because your video meet the advertisers qualification. Now you have large number of views but all of the views are not serving the ads to the audience. That is called non monetizable views means those views are not coming from the advertiser ad set up location. Like advertisers ads are not available on that area from where you are watching the ads or video ads are not available for that country from where you are watching the video of my youtube channel. There have another meaning of non monetizable views: that is called the channel is not monetized. From a non monetized channel views was previously called non monetizable views but now a day Youtube is serving video ads for every kind of videos wherever you are monetized or non monetized. 

So which kind of views are RPM views? 
The views which are generating revenue for you that is called Revenue per Mille views. So your video is always good for serving ads but on your channel category or with your video keywords the advertisers ads are not available. In that way your video is generating views but there video ads are not available. It is called non RPM views or non monetizable views. Because Youtube Monetization program is paying for the last 10 years as a: Skip ads+ 30 seconds method based. After video ads you should need to watch the video for 30 seconds minimum to become a view number for the video and channel. 

So if your video does not serve video ads: that views will be count must and will work with the channel RPM must. But for the last few months: I am observing a large number of views decrease the RPM of youtube channel. If you purchase the views that the infraction >=$0.01 will work for you. Like your channel RPM will stay $0.01 level or surround for buying or purchasing large number of views. It prooves that your channel is not generating large number of quality views. So here quality views are everything because quality views will must get the video ads. 

Can I see the full video ads?
Yes. You can see the full video ads but if the video ads are not compatible with you that you can skip ads. In this way: advertisers will not loss money for your video watch. If you press the skip ads than half of the ad cost or 1/10 of the video ad cost will be serve. Rest of the ad value will be return. See the down chart: there you will not find the full video ads show stats. 

So see here Full ad views statistics are not available. So worldwide youtubers follow a rule: skip ads+ 30 seconds. In this way youtubers will get pay. The full ad views goes where: may be in future it can be know from Youtube. So RPM views means: 

  • Your channel is monetized
  • Your channel videos have sufficient video ads.
  • Your viewers are watching ads.
  • The are pressing skip ads. 


Sunday, May 12, 2024

How much Youtube pays for 1000 RPM views?


Basically the balance was 14.28$. After deduction of Vat and Tax cut its showing 11.00$. Youtube Monetization program cuts 3 types of Tax cut. 2 types of Tax cut within the bill cycle period of 03-08 every month and 3rd types of tax cut (USA views Tax cut) within the 23-28. So lets see the calculation over here. Its already 12th May. So you can say easily the bill has bene added with Adsense. Now a day Youtube Monetization program is only paying for the RPM views. They are not paying the EMP (Estimated Monetization Playback) based. I was running the experiments. If any views come from non monetizable sources like from an exchange website where Youtube ads are not available: than those views are not counted for RPM value. But if you take the views from any sources where the Advertiser ads are available: those views are counted for the RPM value. But the question is: where is the ad value or skip ads value? 

For the last 10 years YMP was paying to the youtubers by the EMP value based. Like Skip ads + 30 seconds watch based. For the last 1 year + time: YMP is not paying the EMP based. They didn't gave any previous notification. So it can be come to the hesitation easily: who is running the YMP programs? I heard a gossip is that: this YMP team is suing my name or references also some times but I do not know them in real life. If you get any source or clue: you will simply ask them which masud: give us a JPEG? As far as I know: they do not know the picture. They know the format only. So if you say: which masud give us a picture? They will not reply. But if you say which masud give us a JPEG: than they will reply. I do not know accurately and honestly which team is running the Youtube Monetization Program in this world. 

Lets calculate how much I got paid from one youtube channel with a fewer youtube views. I shall calculate by depends on 14.28$ because I had earnt that. 
Total views: 5.9K 
Total revenue: 14.28$ (as a 55%) 

Youtube always cut the revenue of 45% from the youtubers. So the total revenue is: $14.28 x 45 / 55= $11.68 
So the total revenue is: $25.96 

So Lets calculate how much I got paid for every 1000 RPM views? 
Total revenue / Total views
$25.96 / 5.9k 
$4.40 for every 1000 RPM views. 

RPM= Revenue per mille. 

I am staying with a confusion. Like: when any video have ad play than that video is going to count for RPM value. But the question is when any ad get run with the video: than the video will get pay 2 things: one is ad views and second is RPM value. So it can be say easily: the views which are coming without skip ads: those are not getting count for the RPM value. Like: I had run several thousands views from a sources to my videos. Those views got counted but the RPM value went down from top to bottom. Like from 5$ to $0.50 for every 1000 RPM views. It can be say easily: the youtubers are not getting pay the skip ads value for their video play and a hacker or the YMP team are stealing that funds because advertisers are paying regular for their ad run value with the quality videos. See the down picture. Now a day YMP does not show the EMP stats as like as previous.

See here the RPM is showing but the YMP is not showing. Does @Youtube know this that a gap is available in here by the name and fame of Youtube brand.  RPM= Revenue per Mille( 1000 views based). If any video generate 1000 views and got a revenue value that is called revenue per mille based. So basically a view can get count only by 30 seconds based. So if you are benefit from this article of mine: please feel free to give me a view on my Youtube channel. 

If you want to see EMP based payment prooves than you are highly requested to see my Youtube payment proof related video tutorials. 

[Note: If the hack happens and the balances are going to the infraction level: than it should need to know every one that: youtubers will not be able to work with those infraction balances when the hack will be vanish. So the country and administrations which are giving the support to the hackers: they will pay this large numbers of billions of dollar and they will use that infraction balances (if it is happen). As a youtuber and for having long time online connectivity (from 1995-2024) its my decision. Because I am also hampered in here. So the country is responsible which are helping the USA incorporations websites hackers for the future time demerge ]charges for worldwide youtubers or monetizers.]

Saturday, May 11, 2024

Difference between Intentional viewers and social media panel viewers.

Intentional views or viewers are not an established term on social media. The illiterates person will say: intentional views and international views are same. I am trying to say a group history in this world. They are all on social media and every body have them social media profile. In case of Youtube: they do not use any youtube accounts. So they watch Youtube by not logged in and SEO views are not counted in some factors. Like if they search the video and if they do not stay logged in: than that stats will go for the direct or external views. But in case of logged in with youtube app: it will be count as an organic views because the person had searched the video and than came to watch to play. 

I was discussing about that social media group which they are distributed huge numbers of cities around the worldwide. They all are intentional. because their mentalities are that: we will go to the top most cities and we will watch the video where RPM and CPM is high. In this way they are trying to enrich a youtube channel but for a certain comes and regular watch for the same category and few number of channel video views: their viewers are counted as an intentional: because they are saying they are getting 1$ only for every 100k views. 

Think the group have 50 million youtube users around the worldwide. They always use the same broadband IP in case of real views. They select a keyword which is not available with the advertisers keyword list. After that on a schedule time they launch a video after successful upload. Their videos are all about high resolution. Like 1 hour video is 12 GB which is a large amount of data or content. Moreover they use pirated software for the editing. So there have no way to run the advertisers ads. Moreover they come on a certain time all together and say that they got 50 million views after video publish. But they are saying they are not getting dollar like 100k views 1$. Basically advertisers ads is not finding any raw content to run the ads. Ads run previous condition is raw content. This kind of views are called intentional views. 

On another hand: they are not publishing their video earning stats. So peoples are not understanding how much they are earning as a monetizer. Intentional views are not available for running ads. Like: One advertiser have 50 million ads on that time or at the same time. If they all see that ad: advertiser will not get any sales or leads. For that reason advertiser will ultimately left the Youtube ads platform and Youtube will loss the advertisers. So what is the organic views?  When you have Youtube cookies or history available: when you are watching the contents as per your interest and upon search based and when you are calling to watch your content from the channel watch page : than it can be count as an organic views. But if you do not come as an organic way than ads will not come or for having record of IP address: ad value will not be count because ads didn't not got the organic views which are very much necessary to get the sale or leads.

Intentional views will not generate any dollar for you from the revenue program. Their IP addresses are recorded and their cookies or histories are not available. Its called some times black listed. Advertisers come to get benefit from the ads program. @Youtube always see the advertisers benefits first because they are the business. So do not try to become an intentional views: always try to become an international views.

Social media panel viewers are a kind of organic. Not full 100% organic. Social media panel viewers (except bot viewers) are also coming from the worldwide viewers or from the worldwide web browsers algorithm: they are not organic keyword search based but they are API (Application programming interface) protection based. SMM panel viewer will not generate any dollar for you because that is revenue protected. Youtube revenue does not allow the API views but they allow the numbers to show under the video. You can get recommended views, suggested views, Explore views, Direct views from social media panel which can play an important role for the youtube SEO algorithm.

Thursday, May 9, 2024

What is Youtube returning viewers?


Youtube is the world largest video streaming platform. If you want to learn youtube accurately: you should need to know huge and huge definitions honestly. Here you can know what is youtube returning views. Youtube have huge and huge video upload facilities. Its called they have a server of unlimited data upload based. But as far as I remember, when Youtube first come to this world: there had a decision about 40GB upload facility for every Youtube user or account. When you upload videos on Youtube, the basic and second think is to get views. For getting views every Youtubers have personal strategy.

To generate views or to get views you should need to know Youtube SEO algorithm : How youtube video works and run and get the views? When anybody have your video link and press the play button and watch the video stream for 30 seconds minimum that is called a viewer. Every viewer on the youtube video link is the first time called new viewer. When a viewer return on the video for any purpose to watch for the second time that is called returning viewers. So in a video how much viewers got returned that is very much important SEO. Because in this SEO world every thing has been designed for one time read or study or like or comment or share or upload or download for only. You can not upload one video for 2 times: basically you will not do this.

Returning viewers means there have some thing special on to your video. Your video have any special or attractive message for the viewers so that viewers got returned on to the youtube videos and this is very much important SEO and important algorithm to increase the revenue for youtuber in this world. You know what is youtuber? When a youtube content creator or video uploader earn from Youtube Monetization program or Youtube affiliate program or Youtube partnership program that is called Youtuber.

My good returning viewers based Youtube channel name is: masudbcl pigeon loft or @whitepigeons. Youtube viewer algorithm is very much important to get success on youtube earning. If you are eligible to generate a big audience than you are 50% advance on Youtube. But you can not generate intentional audience. Like you are a nation all together 8 crore peoples. Out of 8 crores peoples: 3 crores peoples lives on abroad. World have 220 countries. Your 3 crores peoples are available as a citizen or as a worker or as an employee to this 220 countries. You are a youtuber. You are planning to upload a video. After upload of the video: in a moment from 220 countries 3 crores peoples are started watching continuously that video. That video will not generate any huge or good revenue because the viewers were intentional or pre planned. You cna generate good revenue only with the regular viewers which are coming on a regular based to your youtube channel and which have another youtube watch or upload or activities record. The main thing: You should need to become human 100%. You can not become a species: because always there have God behind of Internet. God only track the records of human and their activities. Only human can become the returning viewers. Do not become an intentional viewer: there have 2 harm. The channel which are you are watching and the channel which you are from watching?

Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Youtube is not showing channel and videos rpm.


Youtube monetization program always showing 2 days later statistics for the last 10 years. Recently like 1 year ago they had stopped to show the EMP (Estimated Monetization playback). Now for the last 3 days they are not showing the channel RPM (Revenue Per Mille) stats and also videos RPM in the details section.  

Basically we do not know who is the owner of Youtube Monetization Program on Youtube. It can be say easily that its come from the outside or its a 3rd party program. Some times I feel confusion about that 3rd party peoples are the valid citizens of this world (means they have valid voter numbers or not for any country) because they do not gives any previous notice before showing off any services. Before show off EMP - it was very much necessary to show a notification. Without any kind of prior notification to show off the sections or services is a kind of non professionalism. I didn't expect it from Youtube inc on my entire 30+ years of internet usage life.

8th May: 2024. Time: 6.48 PM 
Now youtube is showing this status update.

11.55 PM. GMT+6.00 
Now its showing OK.

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Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Youtube Audience Retention Bangla video tutorial.

Its a Bangla video tutorial. But if you watch my youtube channel: masudbcl there you will find the huge English videos which can help you about Youtube SEO. Youtube audience retention is very much necessary for getting good SEO for your youtube channel. The basic audience retention is: 30% minimum. 50%-60% is very good. So if you say you have more than 60%+ audience retention: than youtube SEO will help you to get good revenue. 

How to identify the Youtube audience retention? 
Answer: Total Watch time (for any video) / Average View Duration x Total views. 


Saturday, May 4, 2024

Youtube shorts feed.

In this world there have huge websites where huge menu or sub menus available. Huge numbers of ads are available also. There have large numbers of readers are available online also. There have a kind of readers which always loves to read the website latest news only. They do not like the ads with news and some times they feel huge trouble to read the latest articles about the website. To solve this problem RSS made a syndication system where a reader can read the website news only- the main contents only. Its some times called the feed also. 

Youtube is one of the world largest video streaming platform. Youtube have developed a feed also: that is called Youtube shorts feed. Its like a bar or row where some videos are coming continuously to the viewers to watch. Youtube identify personally which video will go for the shorts feed for a day or for a week or for a month. If youtube likes any shorts feed that will collect huge number of views. Basically youtube count views numbers : 0-999. Its an algorithm. But now a day You will find 99% videos are k based like 1k or 100k or 1000k or 10000k or 1M or 1M or 1 B. Here the matter is: This KMB are not numbers. KMB= Killo Millo Billo. Bangladesh does not have any videos by the number of Billion views yet now. 

See the top picture. You see the shorts feed are the main traffic source for my video. By that algorithm 0-999 views are the quality views because KMB are not numbers. So when any kind of fake views come and large number of fake views come that it can be say as a KMB. Otherwise the views numbers will be 100,1000,10000,100000,1000000 or 10000000 in case of real and organic views. So You can say Youtube shows the real views by the numbers only: not by KMB. 

See the numbers are here. Its called the real views numbers. So the views which I had received for my shorts video last day; those are all real. Not any fake views. When views comes from shorts feed that is called shorts feed traffic. Youtube have huge traffic sources. One of the main traffic sources for shorts videos is feed traffic source. Its a bar or its a row. 

Benefits of Youtube shorts feed:
  • Represent your channel which will increase your channel real subscribers numbers.
  • Generate views for the next shorts or your channel any videos.
  • Increase likes numbers.
  • Increase SEO score for the good comments.
  • Can stay for long time on the shorts feed.


Friday, May 3, 2024

Adsense new rules about Sexually Explicit Content Policy and Spam Policies.


From May 2024: Google adsense is publishing new updates about sexual explicit content. It means every one we are blogger should need to stay alert about the sexual content when we are writing for the future time. Adsense can mark trouble with the sexual explicit content. When we write about sexual content than we should need to know Adsense will give an extra eye to our content from May 2024. I do not see Adsense works with sex or porno websites in this world from 2006 to still now. I am using adsense or with the adsense from 2006. 

I am a freelancer blogger and youtuber. For my work purpose I always visit the websites and I always see the adsense ads from my personal interest. If adsense allows porno related content at the future time: than it will be dangerous popular. But may be as like as youtube: they will not allow content publishers which are direct porno or sex related. Some days ago Youtube have the same updates: Sexually Explicit Content Policy and Spam policies. From now before uploading any youtube video: you should need to mark an additional field about synthetically alerted. As far as I know: Google Adsense will never allow the porno or sex related industry for their content monetization. But if you search on google about porno or sex: You will find huge xxx or porno related videos.